Welcome and Happy New Year!


I?ve gotten to do a lot of amazing things as a ballgirl (I brag, I know): dance on the dugout with the Phillie Phanatic, celebrate with Phillies players after clinching the division, sit on the field during a NLDS playoff game, attend Jimmy Rollins? MVP press conference?the list goes on and on.

But I have to say that my favorite Phillies event thus far was visiting the Ludlow school last Monday to deliver toys, eat pizza, and just hang out. 

Let me tell you, these children are special.  It was just such a pleasure to meet such a great group of smart, funny, energetic kids.  They were a little shy at first, but once they got some juice boxes and pizza in them they really opened up.   

They could not have been more excited about their gifts of footballs, walkie talkies, and Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  We had some very spirited games of monkey in the middle and one of them even helped me perfect my spiral (OK, not so much perfect as improve? I had a long way to go)!

I assumed that going down there and passing out toys would be a great service to do for these kids, but really it was a great service for me.  In the midst of running around pushing through crowds to get Christmas shopping done, visualizing punching the people that stole my parking spot (even though I clearly had my blinker on), and having nightmares about the credit card bills to come, these kids reminded me that the simplest thing can make someone?s day? and that watching someone?s face light up at a little surprise is better than anything you could unwrap.  I know, I?m cheesy.  But the kids were really just that amazing.

So that?s what I?m looking forward to this season.  Those little opportunities where by giving a kid a foul ball, or raising money for a great cause, or taking a picture with a fan, we ballgirls can make someone?s face light up.  Because honestly, I think that?s the greatest power we have.

I?m also looking forward to having a baseball card where my hair isn?t really scary looking, but that?s a different story altogether.

My other ballgirl veterans are looking forward to a variety of things as well.  Teresa wants to ?form new friendships with the girls that have been newly selected for the 2008 Ballgirls team; I hope to be a role model for them when it comes to involvement in the Philadelphia community.?

Christy is looking forward to ?Being a captain of some of the most talented ballgirls I know, the friendships I will make,  the new uniforms, our charity events, and most of all what takes my breath away… being on a Major League Baseball field… its something about the sounds, smells, fans and the history of it all.?  How poetic!

Debbie says, ?With one year under my belt, I know now not to take anything for granted because the season, appearances, charity events, and softball games were all over before I knew it or before I was ready for it all to end, which I didn?t.  I almost didn?t know what to do with my time, just kidding, but without the Phillies it just didn?t feel the same!  This team, the 2007 ballgirls and the fans made last season one I will never forget, and I know in 2008 it can only get better!

?I look forward to meeting all the new girls and only hope they get to experience the same intensity I felt last season because there is a lot more to being a ballgirl than most people know!!  I am so excited to be a part of something that gives Philly fans something to cheer about?this is our year, I can feel it!?

As for Miss Lindsay B., ?I’m most looking forward to pre-game!  I love the excitement on the field before a game.  I get butterflies in my stomach with Dan Baker on the mic and the players warming up.  My favorite thing is running from home plate to our spot on the line.?

And Justine?  She?s looking forward to living in Philadelphia full time so she can finally make it to all of these events!

Well, it?s clear that none of us can wait for the end of March!  As we bide out time until spring comes, we?ll be busy promoting our favorite team at local events (look for us on Monday Night Live on Jan. 21 and at Comcast SportsNet Kid?s Fest on Jan. 26).  In the meantime, I?ll keep you posted!

Have a Happy New Year!!


I am thrilled to see your blog! I bought and watched Goosebumps yesterday and saw your feature on it. As a lifelong Phillies fan I can tell you your contribution to the community last year was the best the Phillies ball girls have ever had. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you at Citizen’s Bank Park and in the community!


Yeah Joce! What a great blog! You did a marvelous job. Only, now all of our Phillies Phaithful will expect permanent brilliance out of you! Don’t worry, you got me!

You should make a career out of writing! 😉

Awesome Im really excited to see the Phillies ball girs get some love. You girls do a great job both on the field and through your numerous charity efforts. I like that you now have a blog so I can keep up with all the exciting escapades of my favorite ball girls in the game. Keep up the great work girls!

Hello could you give me more information on the comcast sports net kids fest? I would love to take my son. Thanks

I love you! When does your next column come out? I so want to be a ballgirl… do you take 31 year old mothers??

What a great blog! I can’t wait to feel my own goosebumps on the field. I hope to see everyone at the Kid’s Fest event.

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