The Phillies Ballgirls Take on the Runway

It finally happened. At last, my years of religiously watching America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, and The Hills have paid off!

Last weekend the Phillies Ballgirls participated in our very first real runway fashion show thanks to our friends at the Macungie Chapter of Relay for Life.

fashionshow1.JPGHeld at the gorgeous Bear Creek Mountain Resort in Macungie, Pa., the show featured the works of several designers including fashions by Project Runway alumna Marla Duran, classy-chic designs by White House/Black Market, fun and affordable clothing from Francesca’s Collections, dresses from fashion designer and illustrator Lara Bly, and gemstone jewelry by designer Heidi Huff.

Because we had a 9 a.m. Sunday wakeup call, the girls and I stayed overnight at the resort in two suites, seven to a room. We hung out, laughed over games of Catch Phrase , chowed down on snacks, and told each other some crazy, funny stories.

Unfortunately we didn’t get much sleep… after staying up until 2 a.m. giggling (we are girls, after all) we awoke to the shower running at 5 a.m., and with seven girls per room it never stopped! Soon we were all awake, and after loading up on coffee, we met in the ski lodge with for hair, makeup and a few rehearsals.

The rehearsals were funny. It’s hard walking and striking a pose without bursting out laughing… especially when people are watching, you’re wearing your own comfy clothes, and a photographer is snapping pictures of you at every turn. We had to weave our way through a room of tables and stop to pop our hips and give a fierce look at the end of each row… of course, it was hard keep a straight face when I started envisioning the Phanatic working the runway in a designer gown!

Then we sat for hair and makeup.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to have my hair and makeup done! Most of us women know, it takes a lot of effort and energy to look cute on a daily basis, so any opportunity we have to let someone else cute-us-up is a fabulous thing!

The lovely (and extremely animated) women at She spa and salon gave us high-fashion hair. Faux-hawks with hot pink and teal streaks, chic chignons, braided tiaras, punk-inspired knots, and for me, a teased and curled ’40s-style do… quite a stretch from my normal blonde, pin-straight style.

Our makeup was just as dramatic. Green and blue eye shadows, bright red lips, dramatic eyeliner, and piles and piles of mascara! For us part-time tomboys, it was quite a change, but so much fun! I felt like a little girl playing dress-up again.

Soon the show began. For Marla Duran I wore two dresses, one black and white knee-length dress with a red cinched-in waist, and one ’60s-inspired flowery design in bright blues and greens. The other girls had different styles… short black cocktail dresses, jackets and skirts with matching floral prints, even a bright citrus dress in vibrant oranges and yellows.

Marla’s show was a little challenging since several of us had to walk twice in the same line… that meant doing one of those dramatic reality show quick changes, which was nerve-wracking and exciting all at once. I was totally convinced I was going to walk out onto the runway with my dress tucked into the back of my underwear. Fortunately for me (and the folks in the crowd who were eating their lovely lunches) it all went off without a hitch (or a flash).

Next came Francesca’s Collections, a young, bright, fun collection with nothing costing more than $50. I wore navy dress pants made of a comfy sweatpant material with a red and white flowered jacket and gold (yes, gold) heels. Other girls sported sassy sundresses, bright jackets, and elegant cocktail dresses. Best of all, we all had bright, fun accessories to match.

Our third collection was from the always chic White House/Black Market, which provided knee-length dresses, elegant floor-length frocks, classy tops with skirts and Bermuda shorts and cute bags for business or pleasure. We also got to wear beautiful jewelry from Heidi Huff who was such a fun, enthusiastic person to have around. Her necklaces and bracelets added a delicate elegance to each of our outfits.

Finally, we sported dresses by Lara Bly, who not only designs each dress, but also paints a portrait of it. If I ever have a ball to go to, or a fancy cocktail party, Lara is the person I would call. Each dress had its own personality. There was a green Tinkerbell dress for Lindsay, a sparkly mermaid dress for Christy, a bohemian two-piece number for me, a white Grecian gown for Gina, and a fun, flirty brown and red cocktail dress for Alison.

By the time we were finished, I think I rocked that runway a dozen times, but it was well worth it. The fashion show was yet another opportunity that I never thought I would have and another amazing experience that my job with the Phillies has brought me.




It was a blast working with all of you at the fashion show last Sunday! Shots of the event are available on my lightbox site and will hopefully be making an appearance in Valley Social Magazine soon.


Our legs look great!

Yet another fantastic story- you’re so cool!

It’s nice to see the Phillies organization supportion another good cause. Glad you guys don’t do your hair and make up like that for games though!

Hey, hit me up and I’ll help you fix that photo so it uses 550-thumb and popup and people can see you all! Also I loved the Earth Day post and especially the part about running (I’m a marathoner) and the Brita filter…will get one!


I wish I had an answer to that, because I’m tired of answering that question. Do you think so?
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