Happy Earth Day!!

These days, even oil companies are trying to be environmentally friendly.  Grocery stores continue to offer more organic and locally grown produce, clothing companies are using organic and recycled fabrics, and more and more television stations are promoting “green” programming (Get Fresh with Sarah Snow on FitTV is my favorite).

Therefore, in honor of Earth Day (and our favorite green mascot) we are dedicating this week’s blog to the environment.  I’ve asked each of the ballgirls what they do to “be green.”  The best part is, not only will most of their ideas help you save the environment… they’ll also help you save some cash (which means more money for Phillies tickets)!

Lindsay B.

1) I use a tote bag at the grocery store and take old plastic bags back to be recycled.
2) I also (though not by choice) have been walking to many of the places nearby that I used to drive to.  
3) My roommate and I didn’t turn the heat on until December and it’s been off since the middle of March! 


1) I only use earth friendly cleaning products and energy-saving light bulbs in my house.
2) I keep my heater at 67 degrees so I save energy.
3) I pay all of my bills online. It saves trees and eliminates the need for gasoline to be used by delivering the bill to me and then delivering my check to them.
4) I recycle all of my printer cartridges to reduce waste.

Christy O.

1) Whenever I can, I walk instead of driving.
2) I’m also a crazy paper recycler!  As a teacher, I don’t let any of my fourth graders throw their papers in the trash. They have to put it in the recycling! And I mean it!
3) I also try to pick up trash (especially hot dog wrappers) from the field during the games (but I think that all of us ballgirls do that)!!

1) I’ve changed all my light bulbs to new energy conserving ones (you know, the ones that look like spiral staircases).
2) I unplug my appliances whenever I’m not using them.
3) I use solar panel light fixtures to light the walkway to my house.
4) I plan to purchase Energy Star appliances as soon as I can afford them!


1) I use public transportation to get to the ballpark instead of paying a million dollars on gas and letting my car sit in the lot!
2) If I am sitting around the house I use cloth diapers on my daughter, Jacodi.
3) When my garbage goes out on Tuesdays I always have a nice size pile of recycled goods!

1)  I always fill a water jug up instead of using bottled water. 
2) I also open my windows wide to get a fresh breeze in my room as an alternative to using the air conditioner. 

1) I switched from 2-ply to 1-ply toilet paper, because the 2-ply is deceiving, and you end up using more than you need. 
2)  I hardly ever use my heat or air conditioning. Because I live in a high rise, it doesn’t usually get unbearably hot or cold, so I’ll either use an extra blanket when it’s cold, or open the window and use a fan when it’s hot. 
3) I also don’t leave lights on when I leave the room. 
4) Once I can afford it, I’ll buy a more fuel-efficient car!

1) I do not own a car (some say it’s not by choice but I like to think that my low income is a great catalyst to my green capabilities)! I take public transit to and from work, every day. Yes, every day. In addition,
2) I am also a proud member of PhillyCarShare, the most comprehensive car-sharing network in and around Philadelphia. When I do sign out a car, I try to make sure it is a hybrid; my favorite is the Toyota Prius.
3) At home my house has an energy-efficient washer and dryer, which keeps our energy usage and bills to a minimum. 
4) I also like to shop at Whole Foods grocery store, a store that is dedicated to solely organic and healthy foods.

As for me:
1) Whenever the weather permits, I run outside instead of using a treadmill.
2) Instead of buying bottled water I bought a Brita filter and use reusable plastic cups.  I do the same with my coffee.
3) I try to combine errands (going to the bank and the grocery store) so I make one trip instead of a couple. Better still, it saves me money on gas!

The Phillies are also making an effort to be more green as well.  A special announcement is coming soon so be on the look out. 

We’d also love to know what you do to help the environment.  Please leave your comments and ideas below!

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My classroom is “Going Green” and we’ve been using the Ballgirl’s tips to initiate a school-wide effort. So far, their favorite is Lauren’s advice to use one-ply instead of two-ply toilet paper! 🙂

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