Phillies Ballgirls Rock the Vote

With All-Star voting in full swing, I figured it would be a great opportunity for the ballgirls to do a little voting.  So here are the Phillies Ballgirls’ votes for the 2008 Phillies Baseball Superlatives.  Enjoy!

Best Companion on a Deserted Island: Jimmy Rollins

rollins.JPG“Things can get a little boring out there on a desert island, and Jimmy has quite a way of keeping things interesting. He is always joking around and is quite charismatic. Plus he has his own record company so he can keep me entertained with his rap game.” Justine
Honorable Mention: Cole Hamels
We figure his wife Heidi could give him some great tips for “Surviving” on an island!
(Sorry Cole, I’m sure you’ve heard that one before…)

Best All-Around: Tie between Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley
“Jimmy is always staying positive, an outgoing team leader.  Even if his baseball skills fade (let’s hope they don’t) he will still be right up there, the heart of the team.” Alison
“Chase is never in a long slump, always stays positive, has a good arm, a good bat… what more can I say?” Christy G.

Class Clown: The Phillie Phanatic

“I love the belly circle.  It gets me every time… seriously!  I can’t help myself when the Phanatic circles his belly!  I just crack up!” Christy O.
Honorable Mention: Brett Myers
“Have to give it to him…the prank he pulled on Kyle was classic!” Debbie

Most Likely to Succeed: Chase Utley

“Chase Utley because it seems that he improves every season (especially his defense) and he is extremely consistent at the plate.” Sam

Mr. Congeniality: Jamie Moyer

“The definition of congeniality is the capability to get along well with anyone. It’s obvious that Jamie has this quality simply because of his years of service in Major League Baseball. On top of that, he is the first and last player to sign autographs down at the park every single day. He makes sure everyone gets one; it just shows that he really understands that the game is just as much about the fans as it is the players.” Teresa

Best Dressed: Jimmy Rollins 
“I would have said Cole, but he showed up to an interview wearing a turtleneck sweater… that was pretty bad. Jimmy is always looking his best.” Katie
Honorable Mention: Phoebe Phanatic
“Her Chanel look is a timeless classic.” Elena

Best Smile: So Taguchi
“Next time you’re at a game, check out So’s headshot. His smile is infectious.” Teresa
“He’s got one of those smiles that when he smiles you smile and you don’t even realize you’re doing it.” Gina

Most Fun to Watch: Chase Utley
“Whether he is at bat or on the field… you know something good is going to happen.” Irena

Best Arm: Shane Victorino
“He gives up his body on defense and has an arm like a cannon!” Lindsay

Best Bat: Chase Utley 
“Ryan Howard’s swing is pretty incredible, but what I admire about Chase is how short his swing is. He generates so much power from such a short path; that is the ultimate goal for any hitter.” Teresa

Best Playmaker: Jimmy Rollins
“A playmaker to me is someone who can change the momentum of the game in one play or one swing of the bat, so my vote goes to Jimmy Rollins.  It’s apparent that he can set the tone for the whole team.” Sam

Best New Addition to the Team: Brad Lidge

“So far, so good! He’s unhittable!” Lauren

Most Improved: Pat Burrell
“Hands down Pat gets my vote. I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that his contract expires this year, but Pat looks like a new player. Not only is he crushing the ball at the plate, he is making some stellar plays in the outfield. Who would have thought people would be mentioning his name and whispering the words MVP after it?” Justine

Don’t forget to vote your favorite Phillies player into the 2008 All-Star game.  Fill out a ballot next time you are at the ballpark or vote online at





I definately have to agree with most, actually all, of these votes!!! They are so true!!
I love your blogs, Jocelyn! I always look forward to reading a new one! They are always so entertaining! Keep up the good work! =D
— from a very devoted phillies and phillies ballgirl phan =)

I also enjoy your posts. Keep up the great work and the awesome community service. You guys are doing an awesome job promoting the Phillies in the community and giving back. Hope the Phillies keep this up for years to come!

Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. Do you agree?
– Mlbogs Air Jordan

I definately have to agree with most, actually all, of these votes!!! They are so true!!

Nice blog and the article are simply superb. The article posted was very informative and useful. You people are doing a great job. Keep going.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

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