Have You Seen Us Lately????

The end of July was jam packed with Phillies special events including Christmas in July, Phillies Photo Day, and Monday’s Phillies Phestival.  Add in a two-hour rain delay on Sunday, and things got even busier!

Fortunately for us, even the longest work day is usually a lot of fun with the Phils.  On Friday we stood at the gates in our fabulous Santa outfits and collected toys for the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center in Philadelphia. 


Thank you so much to everyone who donated!!  After the 7th inning we danced on the dugout to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.”  

Yes, just another day at the office chock full of Christmas costumes and a furry green Phanta Claus.

Saturday brought Phillies Photo Day, with thousands of fans lining up to meet their favorite Phillies players.


It was wonderful to get to go out and meet so many diehard Phillies fans, sign some autographs, and take some pictures.  Hopefully everyone managed to collect all of the ballgirl’s baseball cards and get pictures with their fave Phillies players!  Those fans tough enough to brave the heat were rewarded with an amazing game, and some offensive streaks guaranteed to show up on Sportscenter.

Sunday meant a 1:30 game, with a 117 minute rain delay!  Fortunately our boys pulled out a win…it made the wait worthwhile for all of the fans who were crammed up on the concourse for nearly two hours with very little breathing room.  Most of the sold-out crowd waited out the delay and screamed and cheered their Phils onto a 12-10 win!

Then Monday morning Teresa and I had the wonderful opportunity to appear on CBS 3 at 6:20 and Fox News on 8:40 to talk about The Phillies Phestival!  This year the event brought in $758,000 which is an all-time record high.

See you in August…it’s time for a nap!

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