Congratulations to the 2008 NL East Champion Phillies!!!

For the second year in a row, the Phillies are NATIONAL LEAGUE EAST CHAMPIONS!!  For us veteran ballgirls, this is the second time we’ve had the opportunity to see great baseball as the Phils race to the finish, feel the excitement of the fans as they wave their white sea of rally towels, and watch the players (and Elvis, Pat Burrell’s bulldog) celebrate on the field. 

I know this moment is one that I will be talking about over and over again for the next forever.  I’ll talk about Jamie Moyer coming out when it mattered (for the second season in a row) and pitching 6 incredible innings. I’ll talk about Jayson Werth’s homerun and the fact that Brad Lidge almost gave me a heart attack (and definitely gave Sam a panic attack–she was hyperventilating behind me).  I’ll tell people about Jimmy Rollins’ final throw from his knees, Utley and Howard turning the double play, and fireworks shooting into the sky.  And I’ll tell them about the usher at the top of the section who took me quite off guard when he picked me up and started jumping up and down.

In the words of Saturday’s centerfield banner…WORLD SERIES OR BUST!!!!

Sam and Lindsay were there with me watching it all happen… their thoughts are below!

Jimmy Rollins was right when he said that, “It wouldn’t be the Philly way, It doesn’t matter what sport– we don’t make things easy.” That is definitely what I was thinking in the 9th on Saturday when the bases were loaded and one of the Nationals best hitters (Ryan Zimmerman) was up to bat. But, when Jimmy Rollins made the sliding play and turned two, I was so excited (along with 45,000 other fans) that the Phillies had just won the NL East as well as clinched a playoff berth.

The atmosphere that the fans created really made the moment “Goosebump” material. The rally towels waving, the high fives all around, and a few hugs showed the excitement in CBP. It’s really hard to describe how I am feeling right now, but I can say that I’m pretty confident the Phillies will get the job done against the Brewers in the NLDS. I think that our pitching rotation is strong, our offense is producing runs, and our bullpen is reliable. I know baseball is a game where nothing is guaranteed and anything can happen so I am really anxious to see how this series unfolds and hopefully it will end with some more Goosebumps and bear hugs!!!

Having experienced last year’s champagne-popping party, I had some pretty “high hopes” for the Phillies 2008 NL East clinching celebration. Maybe it was that all the guys wore goggles this year as the champagne and Budweiser poured through the clubhouse, or the fact that the grounds crew’s hoses didn’t get turned onto the thousands of devoted Phillies fans cheering in the stands, but this year’s celebration had something that last year’s was lacking; confidence.  When the fireworks exploded over our heads, I wasn’t saying to myself, “I can’t believe this,” like I was last year.  This time, I COULD believe it.  If felt like we (fans and players alike) deserved this more than any other team.  And this time, we know what to expect.   You heard it in Chase and Ryan’s post-game speeches, there’s more to come. So, what I felt right then as “2008 NL East Division Champs!” flashed on Phanavision was, “Bring it on, we’ve been waiting for this.”

For more inside scoop on the NL East Division Champs, check out Larry Shenk’s blog at


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