October 2008


PHILADELPHIA_There is a serious medical outbreak facing the Philadelphia community, taking children out of school and keeping dedicated employees from their jobs.  Symptoms include goosebumps, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and sudden, uncontrollable urges to drive to Florida.

No, it’s not the bird flu (although we did hear a 6’6″ 300 lb green bird had something to do with it). It’s called Phillies Phever, and it’s sweeping the nation. 

After the game 1 World Series win, the epidemic is only expected to spread. Medical experts claim there is only one cure for the disease: A parade down Broad Street. 

In case you have been living under a rock (or were one of the five people watching pre-season basketball) the Phillies won game one of the World Series last night–securing their first World Series game win since October 21, 1993.

Here are the reactions of some of the ballgirls:

Winning game one last night was huge for the Phillies, especially being on the road. I was ecstatic when Chase hit his two-run homer in the beginning of the game and set the tone for the Phils! I sat on the edge of my seat until the final out. One down and three to go until our grand parade down Broad Street!!! LET’S GO PHILS!!!!!!

This was so exciting!  It really brought me back to 1993, when I stayed up late with my parents to watch the games as a little 5th grader.  When Chase hit the homerun in the 1st inning, I got chills!  This really could happen…we could be champions!

Lauren, Debbie, and I were working at the Penn’s Landing showing of Game 1 of the World Series.  After more than 2 hours of handing out rally towels to very bundled up fans, our services were no longer needed and I was ready to go home, warm up, and watch the game from my couch. 

When I got in my car, I tuned my radio to 1210AM.  The Phillies were batting when I pulled into my driveway, so I decided to sit in the car and listen to Chase Utley’s at-bat.  Homerun!!!! I could not believe it; I was screaming and going crazy in my car! I ran inside to watch the rest of the game, but I was so glad I didn’t miss Chase Utley’s homerun!

Last nights win was huge.  Cole Hamels was superb, Chase Utley was clutch, and we are now only three wins away from our final goal.  Now that all the first game jitters have come and gone, we have to pick it up, keep the momentum going, take one more win on the road and come back home to Philly to finish it off. 

This is an incredible time to be a Phillies’ Phan, you can just feel the energy any place you go…I think I have permanent Goosebumps from all the excitement.  And as for how I’m feeling, well the Great Tug McGraw said it best: “Ya Gotta Believe”….and I do, 100%.  Go Phils!!!!!!! 

My day was dedicated to the Phillies yesterday. I was at the rally at City Hall with some fellow ballgirls and alot of fans. Mayor Nutter and Dan Baker got the phans so pumped up!

I was really excited to watch the game with my friends. We were all jumping and screaming when Chase hit the 2 run homerun. My friend Kyle stood for the whole game because he was so nervous & excited. My friend Matt was cooking hotdogs and hamburgers and burnt all of them because he couldn’t take his eyes off the TV. We are all very excited to watch the Phils take on the Rays in game 2 tonight!

Christy O.
For the entire day I was nervous and excited for Game 1 of the World Series!  My school had a Phillies Spirit Day and all of my kids wore their Phillies t-shirts.  Some kids even had their rally towels with them.  After the day was over and it was finally game time, I was more than ready to cheer on the Phils!  As soon as Utley hit the 2-run homer in the 1st inning, I knew that the Phils would win.  I can’t wait for tonight’s game and I especially can’t wait for the team to come back home and for the Philly fans to really show our support!

Christy G.

I watched the game with my family and boyfriend last night. It was so much fun because we all had our rally towels in hand and Phillies gear on, even though we were just sitting on our couch in the family room! When Utley hit the first homerun of the game we went nuts waving our rally towels like crazy. It feels like a normal game at first, but when you hear the announcers say, “This is the World Series, who will be the world champions,” it gives me goosebumps!!! I am so excited and overwhelmed. I believe we will go all the way, and I am so proud our team and will keep waving my rally towel like a crazy fan because I BELIEVE! Let’s go Phillies!!!

Game 1 was amazing!  I knew we were going to win it before it even started.  When Utley hit his home run, you could feel the energy being drained from the Rays.  Cole’s performance was outstanding!  To keep a team that crushed the Sox twice to 2 runs shows how good the Phillies really are.  LET’S GO PHILS!


For more World Series info, check out http://philliesinsider.mlblogs.com/

Phillies World Series Rally By The River on Wednesday

           Fans of all ages are invited to celebrate Game 1 of the World Series with a “Phillies Rally By the River” on Wednesday, October 22, at the Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing. Hosted by the Penn’s Landing Corporation, the free event will feature the Phillies-Rays game, which will be broadcast on a 17′ x 27′ LED video display. Game time is 8:29 p.m.

           Gates will open at 6:00 p.m. Guests will be able to purchase a variety of snacks and beverages (non-alcoholic and beer). Fans are also welcome to bring their own blankets or chairs. No coolers, outside alcoholic beverages or glass containers will be permitted. For more information, parking details or directions, please visit www.pennslandingcorp.com

            Penn’s Landing Corporation is the non-profit organization responsible for funding and producing public programming on the Great Plaza, Philadelphia’s Delaware Waterfront Park. All events produced by Penn’s Landing Corporation are FREE to the public and on the Great Plaza, the heart of Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia’s premier riverfront entertainment destination.

            For more information and event details, please visit www.pennslandingcorp.com  The Penn’s Landing Corporation website is a virtual resource for the waterfront which can help visitors plan to easily park, play and stay all day at Penn’s Landing.


More Then Just a Game

People who say, “It’s just a game,” don’t get it.  Sports are so much more than a few innings or a few outs.  They bring people together across countries, cultures, and generations.  They give men and women the opportunity to be heroes on the field, and give children role models to emulate off the field.  They give us a way to escape the day-to-day grind, bring cities together, and help us create memories that we will be talking about for decades.

Nowhere is the power of sports more evident than in movies. Even the toughest men tear up as they watch Kevin Costner and his father have a catch in Field of Dreams.  We cheer when we watch two races come together to beat the competition in Remember the Titans, and cry when Betty Spaghetti finds out her husband died in A League of their Own.  We understand how important the Eagles are to Frank and Vince Papale’s relationship in Invincible, and feel the true pride of a father when a friend tells Frank, “That’s your boy.”

We feel so strongly because we understand that during huge turning points in our history, sports played an integral role.  For the men in Remember the Titans, it was a time to push new boundaries and promote integration after the tumultuous civil rights movement, for the women in A League of Their Own, it was an opportunity to retain some sense of normalcy as the men of America fought across the ocean in World War II.

I asked my fellow ballgirls to share their favorite sports movies.  Their answers are below!  (Big shocker that most of them are baseball movies.)

My favorite sports movie of all time is A League of Their Own. I think growing up it was really empowering to see the way those women stepped up, and the great things they accomplished. They were supposed to be these pretty things in skirts that provided entertainment while their men were away at war. But they really proved that they could play ball and they drew a large following. My favorite being when Dottie is thinking of quitting the Rockford Peaches and Jimmy says to her: “Baseball is what gets inside you. It’s what lights you up, you can’t deny that.” Dottie says: “It just got too hard.” Jimmy then replied: “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.”

My favorite sports movie of all time has to be Field of Dreams. It’s not a clich motivational movie, but it does have an inspirational message about the game of baseball. The characters have such dedication to the sport, not to mention a great respect for its history. Plus, I LOVE Kevin Costner!

I would have to say that my favorite sports movie of all time is Rudy!  I could watch that movie over and over again and never get sick of it!  Not only is the movie inspiring, but I’m sure anyone could relate to what Rudy goes through to accomplish his dream, in one way or another!  I know I get the chills every time I watch it.

OK, so I know everyone is going to say this, but DEFINITELY A League of Their Own!  “Marla HOOCH- HOOCH!”

A League of Their Own.  No matter how many times I’ve seen it I still always laugh out loud when Marla Hootch is introduced on camera from 50 feet away and I still always cry when Betty Spaghetti learns that her husband died in the war. Also, I just love that there is a movie celebrating women’s roll on the baseball diamond.

I have a lot of favorite sports movies, but I am a big fan of college football so I will have to say Rudy. It’s definitely an underdog story (who doesn’t love an underdog?) It’s the type of movie that gives you Goosebumps. The Sandlot is also a great movie! I mean you learn how to make the perfect S’more from Ham Porter!

My favorite sports movie would have to be The Sandlot.  When I was little I remember having the biggest crush on Benny the Jet Rodriguez.

Christy O.
My favorite sports movie of all time is definitely The Waterboy!  I know that it’s a little ridiculous and silly, but Adam Sandler is hilarious!

My favorite sports movie of all time….Cool Runnings!! All I have to say is….Doug E Doug and John Candy….I love that movie because it is hilarious, but it’s also very inspirational.  The guys didn’t care what other people thought of them or how poor some of their runs were.  They just kept on giving it their best!

Christy G.
I like For the Love of the Game. I don’t know why, I just love it. “Clear the mechanism.”

My favorite sports movie would have to be Remember the Titans.  I appreciate the team unity that was displayed amongst the trials and tribulations of the integrated football team.  I also enjoy looking at Denzel Washington!

World Series…Here We Come


In 1993 I watched the Phillies win the pennant from the 16th row of Veteran’s Stadium.  I held up a huge cardboard sign that said, “Go Dutch, Dude, Kruker, Wild Thing and Tommy Greene.”  I made sarcastic tomahawk chop gestures with the rest of the Phillies fans and laughed hysterically when the Phanatic came out dressed as Jane Fonda.  I remember slapping hands and cheering with grizzly-looking Philadelphia men who would have seemed scary any other day, but felt like friends that night.

I was 11, and I remember riding home in the back of our Explorer listening to the Phillies talk about gum and wingtips and the World Series.  15 years later it is still my all-time favorite sports memory (the 2005 OSU Penn State football game is a close runner up) and one of my best memories of my father. 

This year was a little different.  There was no crowd of screaming fans, and sadly, the Phanatic never appeared dressed as Tommy Lasorda with an Ultra Slimfast in hand. 

The funny thing is, I was even more excited.  We had some great characters in 1993.  Kruk and Mitch Williams are more beloved in Philadelphia cheesesteaks and Tastykakes.  But this year we have a group of men who you can’t help but love and respect.  To see Utley crawl to second base in game 4, or watch Victorino fly to the centerfield wall to make catches that seem superhuman, or see a veteran like Matt Stairs hit a homerun so hard that the ball still hasn’t landed… that’s why we watch post-season baseball.  And to have guys like Howard, Rollins, Hamels, Lidge, Burrell, and Utley to cheer for… well that’s why we love it.

Of course I wasn’t the only ballgirl cheering my heart out last night.  Here’s how the other girls celebrated:

What an incredible year to work for the Phillies…a year that has led us to the Fall Classic! I carefully chose my surroundings for Game 5 of the NLCS. (No, it was not a padded room!) I watched it with some of the biggest Phils fans I know, my boyfriend and his roommate. Their house is right in the middle of the city, so we got to hear not only the cheers and honks from outside, but also the fireworks! Phillies Phever is in full effect today, and we’re hoping to carry it right into the last game of the World Series. It is an incredible feeling to be here in the city during such a great time! GO PHILS!!

Ordinarily I would have gone out and watched such an important game with friends or all the ballgirls,  but because these games have started so late (and I get up at 5:30 a.m. to teach high schoolers), I decided to watch on my couch.  (Plus, I was extremely nervous about this game, and sometimes it is better to watch it without a huge crowd.) 

Right after they caught the pop-up to end the game, the first thing I did was breathe a huge sigh of relief, and then I jumped up and screamed!  I live right in Center City on a high floor of an apartment building, and I face south towards the stadiums and all of south Philly.  I immediately ran out to the balcony and saw tons of fireworks lighting up the sky.  I looked down onto I-95, and all the cars were honking their horns at once as they drove by.  Somewhere on South Street, a large crowd of people was banging on pots and pans, and on Broad Street, people were screaming and cheering.  This all went on into the early hours of the morning, and I got to watch the entire city celebrating from my balcony.  It left me wondering how much crazier it will be once we win the World Series!
This has been such a great ride, and I feel so fortunate to be so close to the action, not only because of where I live, but because I have this unbelievable opportunity to represent a team that I have lived and died with since before 1993.  After feeling the terrible agony of defeat 15 years ago as a 5th grader staying up late to watch Game 6 only to cry my eyes out when it was over, I am really hoping for that championship the city has been waiting for.  GO PHILLIES!!!

Having to wait until 8:22 p.m. for the game to start was brutal, but thankfully the superb pre-game coverage on Comcast (and pretty much every news station) helped pass the time.  I had a few friends over and we all congregated around the bar in my basement as the first pitch was thrown to Jimmy Rollins. 

Well I’m not sure if anyone else felt like I did but I just knew Jimmy was due for that game changing play and the next thing you know his dominating swing crushes one over the fence!!!!!!!  I couldn’t believe what I just saw and the weirdest part was, after scoring the first run of the game, I just knew we were going to the World Series.  And as the game went on, all I could do was admire the players for what they have accomplished so far and what they have to look forward to, I don’t think I blinked at one point for a good 5 minutes. 

When the score was 5-1 I was so restless, I felt like I needed to go for a run to release some energy but of course I couldn’t miss anything, so I drafted my mass text message and had it ready to send the second we win!!!!!  Then finally the bottom of the 9th was here and Lidge took the mound; no need to go any further because he does have the nickname Brad “Lights Out” Lidge for a reason.  I was so overwhelmed with every emotion it really is hard to describe but I do know that I had the biggest smile on my face from the last out until well….still!  Seeing the excitement on their faces had me teary eyed and I honestly just wanted to cry….not because I was sad but of course because I was so happy for them, for Philadelphia, and for all our amazing fans that supported us this whole season no matter what happened the game before. 

Baseball is a game that brings people together and with all the negativity in the news about the troubled economy, Philly fans finally have something to smile about and to look forward to!  I am so grateful to be a part of it all and so excited for Wednesday, the start of the World Series.  We still have some work to do but there’s no doubt in my mind the next time you see the ballgirls (other than at the rally’s or on the field) will be cruising along Broad Street on our float!!!  GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!         

You know when you catch yourself smiling like a fool? Smiling like a 9-year-old girl that just meant her favorite Jonas Brother? That was me last night when the Phillies clinched the pennant.

I was at Chickie and Pete’s in Bordentown New Jersey with some friends.  We were pretty relaxed throughout the game but once the 7th inning came I started to get nervous. We had a countdown on how many outs we needed before we won, which turned into a countdown on how many strikes Brad Lidge needed to close the game out. Once Carlos Ruiz hit caught the last out the place went nuts (there were even rally towels)!!!

Then off it was to Broad Street with my brother and a few of his friends. I have never experienced anything like the celebration that was going on. Walking around, you really got a feel for how important this was to the city and it was also amazing to see how a game can bring so many different people together. It is now the day after and I am still cheesin’ like a fool, but in the back of my head I know we still have to win 4 more games until another celebration can happen on Broad Street!!

I was not nervous at all for game 5 of the NLCS. I was so confident that we would win that I was already telling my 7th and 8th grade students that they would be watching the Phillies play in the World Series. I was at my friend’s house watching the game. The six of us had some food, drinks and were all wearing our Phillies shirts. We all watched game 4 together and when we sat down to watch game 5; we all sat in the same seat as game 4. I guess we figured sitting in the same seats would bring the Phillies some luck.

When J-Roll led off with a home run, I felt a rush of relief come over me. We dominated the whole game. Cole could not have pitched any better and our offense was really hitting the ball. When we got the final out, I was so happy that I couldn’t even talk! I really thought I was dreaming. I am so happy for the Phillies and for the phans! I am really glad that the ballgirls and I got to be apart of the whole experience! 

Go Phils!! Bring on the World Series!!

Christy O.
For game 5 I was well-rested and ready to watch!  I’m not going to lie, I think I really needed that break from baseball on Tuesday night.  Anyway, I was very prepared for Wednesday’s game…my family and I ordered take out and we sat in front of the TV and watched J Roll hit a lead off homer.  While some of my family members started to make their way to other TVs in the house to catch the Debate, I stayed in my same spot on the couch and kept watching. 

Even though the Phils were winning, I knew that I had to watch they entire game in order for them to really win.  Admittedly, I did go up to bed and watch the last two innings in my room because these 8:22 PM game starts are a little late for us teachers and basically anyone who needs to get up early for work!  But, I did have my rally towel in bed with me as I watched the Phils win the pennant!  And even thought I had the intention of getting a good night’s sleep, I could barely even fall asleep because I was so excited!! 

I was anxiously waiting for the start of game 5. When the Phillies had the night off between game 4 and 5 I didn’t know what to do with myself. Finally, the game started and once I saw J Roll hit a homerun to start off the game, I had a wonderful feeling that it was going to be our night!

As our lead continued to increase throughout the game I was feeling really confident. I started jumping up and down clapping when the final out was made and the team gathered around the mound hugging and congratulating each other. I almost couldn’t believe what I had seen. It had been a long time (15 years) since I had witnessed the Phils clinching the NL division, and I was soaking it all in. I think I slept that night with a smile plastered on my face. It is an amazing feeling and I am so lucky that we can all be apart of it!! I truly think the best is yet to come!! Let’s go PHILS!!!!

Well, yesterday was an amazing day!! I started my evening by preparing a new Phillies gameday meal called the “Phanatic Pasta and Chicken” dish. I’m not one to brag but this dish was amazing: chicken, pasta, green peppers, onions, 3 chesses, and black olives—you gotta taste it. Anyway now that our tummy’s are full my husband and I camped out on the couch and remained glued to the TV set. My heart almost fallout of my chest when Jimmy Rollins hit a lead off homer!!!! It was soooo awesome!!! That’s when I knew we had this one in the bag!! We are in the World Series and it just doesn’t get any better than that—Actually, it will once we win the World Series—Let’s Go Phillies!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, we did it! The Phillies have won the pennant! My night spent watching game 5 was filled with the hoopla of being a college student. After many offers to go watch the game in a setting full of fans, I had to sadly decline, for I had my very first mid-term of Junior year which would take place at 10am the next morning. Me being the procrastinator that I am, I barely studied and was left with multi-tasking between rooting on my Phils and studying for my Communicating Leadership test. Needless to say that didn’t last very long and by the 5th inning I joined my roommates at a bar/restaurant on campus.

From Jimmy Rollins’ first at bat of the game I just had the feeling that we were going to win. As Carlos Ruiz made the last out, the place simply irrupted! Screams of joy were let out and the place quickly emptied into the streets! As anyone does in a celebration as large as this one thousands of Temple Students poured onto Broad Street. Phillies chants were heard for blocks. People were carrying signs and waving rally towels. People were shouting from the top of bus shelters. It was pure insanity! But all for the love of the game of course!

Mobs of students ran up and down Broad St. chanting and cheering. Police officers had a strong presence, but there was no need for action for all of the celebrating was done tastefully! We started the victory lap at Cecil B. Moore and Broad Street. We then took the celebration to the center of campus at the well-known “bell tower.” From there the chant that filled the night was “To City Hall!!!!” Yes, Phils Phans I was among the thousands of students that walked the treacherous 3 miles from Temple’s campus to City Hall at 1am. However, this is a night I simply will never forget. I can tell my kids years from now that the night the Phillies clinched the pennant, I along with thousands of other Phils Phans made the victory walk to city hall!

From city hall we then continued on to Locust St. “Four more games!” was the chant that could be heard throughout the streets. For a moment I honestly thought we would continue down Broad to CBP.  Fortunate enough for my legs, we did not continue the journey. It was an incredible display of the heart that the city of Philadelphia has for the Phillies. Right now they are our “golden boys” and we are only four games away from that parade on Broad Street. I get chills just thinking about it, and I am so fortunate that I get to be a part of this amazing journey! This is our year I can feel it. As I reached my house at 3:00 a.m. I waved my rally towel one last time before realizing that I had to once again continue to study for my mid-term. Needless to say it was all worth it! And hey, we have waited 15 years for this, thigns like this only happen once in a lifetime in Philadelphia! Lets do it! LETS GO PHILS! LETS GO PHILS!


For Game Five I was at Fieldhouse with a big group of friends.  It was great, as we walked in John Fogerty’s “Centerfield” was blasting over the speakers and everyone inside was decked out in their Phillies finest.  It set the stage for one of the greatest nights of my life.  All of us were wearing our Phillies gear too and I made sure to provide some rally towels for those particularly exciting moments.  It didn’t take long before I was high-fiving strangers and hugging bartenders and Jimmy’s homerun was only the beginning. With the runs piling on and Ryan breaking out his bat, I settled into a table facing a a giant television to watch the final innings.  I kept my phone handy so as not to miss any calls from my dad who would simply chant “let’s go Phillies” and to exchange text messages with my fellow ballgirls.  All of a sudden it was the ninth inning and time for Light’s Out Lidge to enter the game. 

The last out wasn’t even recorded yet and already we were being showered with beer as if we were in the clubhouse ourselves.  Before long the moment I will forever remember had arrived. Chooch had the third out in his catcher’s mit and the celebration was on.  What followed, for me, was a shameless combination of tears and hugs paired with screaming and jumping up and down while trying to call home to my parents.  The text messages poured in and it was Justine who said it best, “pinch me”.  Was this really happening?  As a life-long Phillies fan, I was around for the 93 Phils, but I was all of 11 years old.  Now, not only was I celebrating my favorite team’s victory and trip to the World Series as a fan, but also as a Ballgirl.   Eventually, I was able to pry myself away from the TV screens and put down my rally towel since I would have to make it into school the following day.  However, the excitement that was contained within the walls of Fieldhouse was only magnified in the streets of the City.  For me, the celebration had to end but my plans for the parade down Broad Street have only just begun.

*Author’s note: I resisted all urges to replace “ph” with any words beginning with the letter F.


Wow where do i begin? THE PHILLIES ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!

Last night when we won the NLCS I was glued to my television. To be quite honest every single game this series I’ve been glued to the TV. School has been pretty intense in terms of the amount of studying I have to do, but NOTHING could keep me away from watching the guys dominate.  Don’t worry I made sure I studied when commercials came on! haha

The win last night just made me think about how lucky I am to get to be apart of this. Not only do I get this experience myself, I get to share it with fourteen other girls that have been more like big sisters to me.   I just keep thinking to myself “Oh my gosh, we’re going to the world series” Being a ballgirl has surpassed my expectations for any job.  If the salary beat being a nurse I’d definitely change my career🙂

I loved watching the teams reaction last night. They seemed so focused still even after the win.  They are ready for this World Series and we are ready to support them!  I watched the news this morning and saw that fans were waiting for the players to arrive at the airport.  I was so jealous that I had to be in class. I cannot wait until this series begins..I can just see the World Series logo being painted at the ballpark right now..I’m pretty sure it was in my dream last night….Ya Gotta Believe!!!!  LETS GO PHILLIES!


For more inside scoop, check out http://philliesinsider.mlblogs.com/.   


NLCS Game 2


Because I am lucky enough to see so many games from the field as a ballgirl, it’s rare that I get to sit in the stands and watch a game as a fan. 

Friday I got to do just that.  I sat up in the 400-level and cheered and screamed and waved my rally towel like there was no tomorrow.  I sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” ate ballpark food, and cheered for Red in the Septa bus race. 

The stadium was shaking with excitement.  It was a gorgeous October afternoon, and everyone was fired up!

The Dodgers took an early lead, but the Phillies came back with a vengeance.  Nothing was more exciting than watching Brett Myers get strike after strike and hit after hit.  Things died down a bit after Manny’s three-run homer, but when Lidge came out and made another save, the stadium erupted and fans were screaming, jumping, and waving their rally towels like crazy.  Gina and Katie were at the game, and they described there experiences below!

So it’s game #2 of the NLCS series, and of course it’s 1:00 p.m. and I’m rushing to leave my house.  Surprisingly, I made it to the ballpark on time.  Sam, Justine, and I worked the pregame party, OctoberPhest, with Mr. Greengenes and gave out pins and koozies to the fans!

On the field that night was crazy!  The stadium was packed and it was so cool to see the rally towels.  I could not figure out if I was nervous or if I was just really excited. I think it was a mixture of both.  Katie and I walked together to put my chair on the left field line, and she ended up knowing one of the fan’s nieces that sat in my section.  The fans in my section were great! They cheered for me when I had to run and get the Dodger’s jackets 5 times in one inning!! I was so tired!!

I love having the support of the fans, it makes being a ballgirl so much fun.  The game was great and the catch Shane Victorino made was one of the most awesome plays to see.  I’m so happy we won the game, and I’m hoping they’ll be more to come. LET’S GO PHILS!!!

I was very lucky to be able to work the first baseline on Friday’s game 2 of the NCLS. As I was driving to the ballpark, I kept telling myself not to be nervous. I didn’t sleep well the night before because I was half nervous and half excited to be working on the field. Walking up to the ballpark and seeing the pre-game OctoberPhest Rally going on, it seemed to calm my nerves instantly. Mr. Greengenes were rocking out and the crowd was singing along, some ballgirls were throwing out Phillies items out to the crowd, and everyone was wearing their Phillies shirts. It was just a cool thing to see right before walking into the ballpark.

As I walked out onto the field, the energy from the crowd was amazing. Everyone was waving their rally towel. It was looked awesome. As I took my seat on the first base line, my adrenaline was pumping. I was not only nervous about getting in the way of a fair ball or fielding a foul ball, I was nervous about the game in general. I really wanted the Phillies to go 2-0.

My favorite part of the game was when Shane Victorino caught the ball in centerfield. The crowd went nuts! I ran around and high-fived everyone around me. I loved all of the chants the fans were saying. I found myself yelling, “Beat L.A.” along with them. The energy from the crowd was there from the first pitch to the last pitch. Everyone was cheering, chanting and waving their rally towels. It was really a great experience and one I will never forget!

NLCS Game 1

It’s probably the most overplayed story in the news right now… the reputation of Philadelphia fans.  Sure, we might be skeptics, and we might boo players when they don’t live up to our expectations.  But we love our teams and we love our players.  We are truly sports “phanatics.”

Never was that more evident than during Game 1 of the NLCS at Citizens Bank Park on Thursday night.  When Chase Utley hit a two-run homerun to tie the game at 2-2, I was standing on the concourse with a trash bag full of bottles for our Green Team recycling program.  All around me the crowd exploded.  Fans were screaming, jumping up and down, and waving their towels like mad.  Strangers were hugging and high-fiving like old friends.  Fireworks erupted and burst into the sky.  It was so loud, the person next to you could have screamed in your ear and you wouldn’t be able to hear them. 

When Pat Burrell came up two batters later and hit a bomb to make the score 3-2, things just got crazier.  Those cheers were much louder than any boos I ever heard at Citizens Bank Park…even when Barry Bonds was playing.   

Laura and Irena were on the field Thursday night, and they share their experiences below!

Having the opportunity to work the first game of the NLCS was the most exciting experience of my life. As I was walking to the stadium before the game it felt like I had butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. That feeling did not go away for the entire game! The sight of the entire stadium waving their white rally towels and hearing the chants of “BEAT L.A.” sent goose bumps down my spine.  After Utley and Burrell hit their homeruns the place was really rocking with excitement! Philly Phans are truly the best fans in all of baseball! I have so many great memories from the entire Phillies season, but being a part of the NLCS is something I will never forget! GO PHILS!!!


I have to say that I’ve had a pretty good life so far, but being on the field during game 2 of the NLCS was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.  I was nervous when I first sat down, but when I realized the experience I was about to share with 46,000+ people, those feelings soon left and were replaced with excitement.  Being on the field was like watching the game with thousands of my closest friends.  The fans were amazing that night.  They would even applaud when I ran to get a pitcher’s jacket!  The best moments of the game were when Utley hit a 2-run home run to tie the game 2-2.  Then Burrell comes up and hits a single run home run to give us another run, making it 3-2.   There were high-fives all around that night.  A few fans even hugged me!  Having one of the best seats in the house that night was more than I could have ever asked for and it turned out to be one of the best nights of my life.

2008…is this finally OUR year???

It’s hard not to notice the differences between this year’s post-season experiences and last year’s.  For another, there’s an air of experience floating around Citizen’s Bank Park.  The players aren’t ready to settle for 8th place, and neither are the fans.

Of course, all of this has the ballgirls talking too.  Below, two of our veteran ballgirls reflect on their post-season experience 2007, and their “high hopes” for 2008!



Last year when we clinched the division championship I was lucky enough to be in the midst of the celebration. All of us ballgirls huddled in the grounds crew room beneath the field as we watched the debacle of the Mets and the final out of the Phillies game, which secured us the NL East Championship. The sight of the sea of white rally towels gave me chills that carried over until this season. Every time I would see a clip of last season with the fans waving those white towels high and with pride, all of the feelings I felt that day would come rushing back. That day still stands as one of the best days of my life (that is until I get to experience a World Series parade down broad street🙂. 


Last year the celebration was much different then the one we experienced this year. The Phils were the underdogs and winning the NL East was something that was completely unexpected. The result was pure chaos and celebration here at Citizens Bank Park because for the first time since 1993 the Phillies were heading to the playoffs.


This year I was once again fortunate enough to be here as we clinched the division title for the second consecutive year. As the last nerve racking inning came to an end and the celebration began, I turned to fellow ballgirl Sam and said “we did it!, we did it again!” This years celebration however was more of a tribute to the fans. The players and organization acknowledge what the hard work and dedication of the season has brought them, but they also realized how much unfinished business they had. October baseball in Philadelphia was cut extremely short last year, but this year the Phils believe they have much more October left in their season.


Last year, I sadly was not around for the playoffs because I had to return to college at the University of Pittsburgh. But this year I am now living in Philadelphia and was able to be on the field for the very first playoff game on Wednesday night. Lindsay and I did many media appearances in the early morning hours. So needless to say I was waving my rally towel since the sun came up Wednesday morning.


It is evident how bad the Phillies Phans want a World Series. On Wednesday OktoberPhest (the phillies pre-game pep rally and block party) kicked off. There was an incredible crowd of phans that came out to show their support. We sang high-hopes and once again waved those rally towels in the air. Goosebumps came across my body as the crowd watched the regular season high-lights and Scott Palmer fired up the crowd. As I stood during the national anthem fireworks filled the sky and the chills ran down my spine. The crowd was loud as can be and once again the ballpark was rocking with white towels. The feeling is truly indescribable, but if you were lucky enough to be at the park that day you know exactly what I am talking about. This is it…this is October baseball, and we are in it ’til the end! GO PHILS!


Christy G.


Working the first game of the playoffs this season was like a dream come true. Growing up I played baseball with the boys and always wanted play in the major leagues.. obviously as a girl that will never happen. As far as I am concerned this is the closest I will ever get, and for it to go all the way to the playoffs feels amazing. Sitting down the line fielding foul balls, hearing the screams of the fans, and seeing the rally towels fly was absolutely breathtaking.  I didn’t want it to end. Just thinking about it still gives me goosebumps! It is a feeling and experience that I will never forget!!!

Don’t forget to check out http://philliesinsider.mlblogs.com/ for more updates on your Phils!!!

2 Games Down….

Luck doesn’t come easily to Philadelphians.  So when we win the first two games of the NLDS series (and take one from C.C. Sabathia that even the most fervent Phillies fans never dreamed of) it’s only natural that some of the players get a little superstitious. 


They may not admit their behavior to fans or teammates, or they may try to justify it by calling it a routine–A-HEM, BRAD LIDGE–but if your rituals are working for you, why stop?  (Lord knows they’ve worked for Lidge this season.)


I asked the girls what “routines” they have before they work the lines at Citizen’s Bank Park.  Their answers are below.



I am not at all superstitious.  But I sometimes fear jinxes, so I will never point out if they are doing really well before the game is over, just in case I jinx the outcome. 



When I know I’m going to be on the field, I like to go over possible scenarios in my head of what to do if the ball gets hit to me in fair territory. It sounds dorky but when Major Leaguers are hitting the ball as hard as they can down the foul line, it’s NOT as easy as it looks to evade collisions! I’m a little superstitious; of course, I won’t step on the line. And I only make left turns… kidding.



This might sound strange, but I have to wash my hair before every game I work, whether it’s on the field or green team.  After working in an office all day I have to run home and pretty much do my morning routine all over again?!?  The first thing I do when I get home after working a game is eat a light dinner.  Yeah, normally not until 11pm or later….it’s my own fault, I could always eat dinner before I go to CBP but because I have to wash my hair I really don’t have time to do both!!!  I grab a quick snack and run out the door….



I don’t have many rituals but I always make sure I have a hat, a stack of baseball cards and at least 3 sharpies.



I don’t have many pre game rituals, but I always go to the bathroom right before the game starts. I also never drink water after 4 p.m.so I wont have to go to the bathroom while I’m on the field. After the game I usually go home and watch baseball tonight.


Christy O.

Ok, this sounds a little weird, but when I’m getting ready to work a game, I like to make sure that my chair is in the perfect position.  I don’t like when it’s too close to the wall or too far away from the wall…it has to be just right for me to feel comfortable and ready to be the ballgirl for the game! 



As a ballgirl, I don’t consider myself very superstitious, but as a college swimmer I definitely had a routine. I like to make sure that my body is ready to perform at its best, physically and mentally.  Stretching and warrming up is very important.  I also make sure I am focused and have very clear goals in my head that I can work for. I also used to have my ipod ready with my favorite pump-up music.


Christy G.

Before each game I need my gum and water to take my mind off of game time nerves!

I also never touch the chalk lines!



As a runner in college I definitely had a routine before big meets.  I would listen to live Version of Jay Z Unplugged featuring the Roots as LOUD AS I COULD, eat a bowl of oatmeal with toast, and take a long, hot shower.  I then began to visualize myself running and competing in my races that day.  The first thing I do when I get home is to soak in the bath with some Mcdonald french fries. 



When I go to park, I always park on the same side of the parking lot. I always have this weird feeling that if I don’t park on the right hand side of the parking lot, something bad will happen. During the national anthem I like to stand right next to the Phanatic at home plate. If one of the Green Team girls are between me and the Phanatic I always feel as if its just not a good sign!

As a softball player, the only thing I really did was kick the dirt behind both of my feet each time I stepped in the batters box. I once had a teammate that made you uncross all of the bats that were leaning on the fence before she got up to bat because she thought it was bad luck!


Do you have any superstitions or pre-game rituals?  Tells us about them in the Comments section below!