2 Games Down….

Luck doesn’t come easily to Philadelphians.  So when we win the first two games of the NLDS series (and take one from C.C. Sabathia that even the most fervent Phillies fans never dreamed of) it’s only natural that some of the players get a little superstitious. 


They may not admit their behavior to fans or teammates, or they may try to justify it by calling it a routine–A-HEM, BRAD LIDGE–but if your rituals are working for you, why stop?  (Lord knows they’ve worked for Lidge this season.)


I asked the girls what “routines” they have before they work the lines at Citizen’s Bank Park.  Their answers are below.



I am not at all superstitious.  But I sometimes fear jinxes, so I will never point out if they are doing really well before the game is over, just in case I jinx the outcome. 



When I know I’m going to be on the field, I like to go over possible scenarios in my head of what to do if the ball gets hit to me in fair territory. It sounds dorky but when Major Leaguers are hitting the ball as hard as they can down the foul line, it’s NOT as easy as it looks to evade collisions! I’m a little superstitious; of course, I won’t step on the line. And I only make left turns… kidding.



This might sound strange, but I have to wash my hair before every game I work, whether it’s on the field or green team.  After working in an office all day I have to run home and pretty much do my morning routine all over again?!?  The first thing I do when I get home after working a game is eat a light dinner.  Yeah, normally not until 11pm or later….it’s my own fault, I could always eat dinner before I go to CBP but because I have to wash my hair I really don’t have time to do both!!!  I grab a quick snack and run out the door….



I don’t have many rituals but I always make sure I have a hat, a stack of baseball cards and at least 3 sharpies.



I don’t have many pre game rituals, but I always go to the bathroom right before the game starts. I also never drink water after 4 p.m.so I wont have to go to the bathroom while I’m on the field. After the game I usually go home and watch baseball tonight.


Christy O.

Ok, this sounds a little weird, but when I’m getting ready to work a game, I like to make sure that my chair is in the perfect position.  I don’t like when it’s too close to the wall or too far away from the wall…it has to be just right for me to feel comfortable and ready to be the ballgirl for the game! 



As a ballgirl, I don’t consider myself very superstitious, but as a college swimmer I definitely had a routine. I like to make sure that my body is ready to perform at its best, physically and mentally.  Stretching and warrming up is very important.  I also make sure I am focused and have very clear goals in my head that I can work for. I also used to have my ipod ready with my favorite pump-up music.


Christy G.

Before each game I need my gum and water to take my mind off of game time nerves!

I also never touch the chalk lines!



As a runner in college I definitely had a routine before big meets.  I would listen to live Version of Jay Z Unplugged featuring the Roots as LOUD AS I COULD, eat a bowl of oatmeal with toast, and take a long, hot shower.  I then began to visualize myself running and competing in my races that day.  The first thing I do when I get home is to soak in the bath with some Mcdonald french fries. 



When I go to park, I always park on the same side of the parking lot. I always have this weird feeling that if I don’t park on the right hand side of the parking lot, something bad will happen. During the national anthem I like to stand right next to the Phanatic at home plate. If one of the Green Team girls are between me and the Phanatic I always feel as if its just not a good sign!

As a softball player, the only thing I really did was kick the dirt behind both of my feet each time I stepped in the batters box. I once had a teammate that made you uncross all of the bats that were leaning on the fence before she got up to bat because she thought it was bad luck!


Do you have any superstitions or pre-game rituals?  Tells us about them in the Comments section below!  

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