2008…is this finally OUR year???

It’s hard not to notice the differences between this year’s post-season experiences and last year’s.  For another, there’s an air of experience floating around Citizen’s Bank Park.  The players aren’t ready to settle for 8th place, and neither are the fans.

Of course, all of this has the ballgirls talking too.  Below, two of our veteran ballgirls reflect on their post-season experience 2007, and their “high hopes” for 2008!



Last year when we clinched the division championship I was lucky enough to be in the midst of the celebration. All of us ballgirls huddled in the grounds crew room beneath the field as we watched the debacle of the Mets and the final out of the Phillies game, which secured us the NL East Championship. The sight of the sea of white rally towels gave me chills that carried over until this season. Every time I would see a clip of last season with the fans waving those white towels high and with pride, all of the feelings I felt that day would come rushing back. That day still stands as one of the best days of my life (that is until I get to experience a World Series parade down broad street🙂. 


Last year the celebration was much different then the one we experienced this year. The Phils were the underdogs and winning the NL East was something that was completely unexpected. The result was pure chaos and celebration here at Citizens Bank Park because for the first time since 1993 the Phillies were heading to the playoffs.


This year I was once again fortunate enough to be here as we clinched the division title for the second consecutive year. As the last nerve racking inning came to an end and the celebration began, I turned to fellow ballgirl Sam and said “we did it!, we did it again!” This years celebration however was more of a tribute to the fans. The players and organization acknowledge what the hard work and dedication of the season has brought them, but they also realized how much unfinished business they had. October baseball in Philadelphia was cut extremely short last year, but this year the Phils believe they have much more October left in their season.


Last year, I sadly was not around for the playoffs because I had to return to college at the University of Pittsburgh. But this year I am now living in Philadelphia and was able to be on the field for the very first playoff game on Wednesday night. Lindsay and I did many media appearances in the early morning hours. So needless to say I was waving my rally towel since the sun came up Wednesday morning.


It is evident how bad the Phillies Phans want a World Series. On Wednesday OktoberPhest (the phillies pre-game pep rally and block party) kicked off. There was an incredible crowd of phans that came out to show their support. We sang high-hopes and once again waved those rally towels in the air. Goosebumps came across my body as the crowd watched the regular season high-lights and Scott Palmer fired up the crowd. As I stood during the national anthem fireworks filled the sky and the chills ran down my spine. The crowd was loud as can be and once again the ballpark was rocking with white towels. The feeling is truly indescribable, but if you were lucky enough to be at the park that day you know exactly what I am talking about. This is it…this is October baseball, and we are in it ’til the end! GO PHILS!


Christy G.


Working the first game of the playoffs this season was like a dream come true. Growing up I played baseball with the boys and always wanted play in the major leagues.. obviously as a girl that will never happen. As far as I am concerned this is the closest I will ever get, and for it to go all the way to the playoffs feels amazing. Sitting down the line fielding foul balls, hearing the screams of the fans, and seeing the rally towels fly was absolutely breathtaking.  I didn’t want it to end. Just thinking about it still gives me goosebumps! It is a feeling and experience that I will never forget!!!

Don’t forget to check out http://philliesinsider.mlblogs.com/ for more updates on your Phils!!!


Cool blog. I never would have thought there would be that many girls on the roster. You figure, 2 per game, and then rotate between 3 or 4 during the season. Very interesting.

Red Sox Ramblings: http://thevendahhh.mlblogs.com

It was cool to see the Phillies Ballgirls video during Game 1…my first visit to Citizens Bank Park. I especially like the “Ejected!” part. Gotta have philliesballgirls.mlblogs.com URL on the scoreboard at the end of it…unless I missed it. Loud. Very loud.


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