NLCS Game 2


Because I am lucky enough to see so many games from the field as a ballgirl, it’s rare that I get to sit in the stands and watch a game as a fan. 

Friday I got to do just that.  I sat up in the 400-level and cheered and screamed and waved my rally towel like there was no tomorrow.  I sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” ate ballpark food, and cheered for Red in the Septa bus race. 

The stadium was shaking with excitement.  It was a gorgeous October afternoon, and everyone was fired up!

The Dodgers took an early lead, but the Phillies came back with a vengeance.  Nothing was more exciting than watching Brett Myers get strike after strike and hit after hit.  Things died down a bit after Manny’s three-run homer, but when Lidge came out and made another save, the stadium erupted and fans were screaming, jumping, and waving their rally towels like crazy.  Gina and Katie were at the game, and they described there experiences below!

So it’s game #2 of the NLCS series, and of course it’s 1:00 p.m. and I’m rushing to leave my house.  Surprisingly, I made it to the ballpark on time.  Sam, Justine, and I worked the pregame party, OctoberPhest, with Mr. Greengenes and gave out pins and koozies to the fans!

On the field that night was crazy!  The stadium was packed and it was so cool to see the rally towels.  I could not figure out if I was nervous or if I was just really excited. I think it was a mixture of both.  Katie and I walked together to put my chair on the left field line, and she ended up knowing one of the fan’s nieces that sat in my section.  The fans in my section were great! They cheered for me when I had to run and get the Dodger’s jackets 5 times in one inning!! I was so tired!!

I love having the support of the fans, it makes being a ballgirl so much fun.  The game was great and the catch Shane Victorino made was one of the most awesome plays to see.  I’m so happy we won the game, and I’m hoping they’ll be more to come. LET’S GO PHILS!!!

I was very lucky to be able to work the first baseline on Friday’s game 2 of the NCLS. As I was driving to the ballpark, I kept telling myself not to be nervous. I didn’t sleep well the night before because I was half nervous and half excited to be working on the field. Walking up to the ballpark and seeing the pre-game OctoberPhest Rally going on, it seemed to calm my nerves instantly. Mr. Greengenes were rocking out and the crowd was singing along, some ballgirls were throwing out Phillies items out to the crowd, and everyone was wearing their Phillies shirts. It was just a cool thing to see right before walking into the ballpark.

As I walked out onto the field, the energy from the crowd was amazing. Everyone was waving their rally towel. It was looked awesome. As I took my seat on the first base line, my adrenaline was pumping. I was not only nervous about getting in the way of a fair ball or fielding a foul ball, I was nervous about the game in general. I really wanted the Phillies to go 2-0.

My favorite part of the game was when Shane Victorino caught the ball in centerfield. The crowd went nuts! I ran around and high-fived everyone around me. I loved all of the chants the fans were saying. I found myself yelling, “Beat L.A.” along with them. The energy from the crowd was there from the first pitch to the last pitch. Everyone was cheering, chanting and waving their rally towels. It was really a great experience and one I will never forget!


Congrats on being in the top 25 overall at MLBlogs for traffic! It was cool to see the giant scoreboard video of the Phillies Ballgirls when I was at NLCS Game 1…especially the “EJECTED!” line. It would be great if we could put that video on this blog somehow. We’ll encode and post if someone there has a digital file of it, up to you guys. Keep up the great work and looks like Rally on the River has been fun.


I also wanted to add that this was a great post and in reading Gina’s and Katie’s reports, it made me wonder how much practice you all have to do. Since you get so many line drives and tough-bounce balls hit your way, I assume there’s a lot of pitch-and-catch that goes with this on an ongoing basis? Do you practice fielding hops in those corners of the park — off the warning track and off the grass? I know that one grab by Sam a while back wasn’t a lucky stab.




and what is with that green mascot what the is it??

oh well GO DODGERS!!!!

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