More Then Just a Game

People who say, “It’s just a game,” don’t get it.  Sports are so much more than a few innings or a few outs.  They bring people together across countries, cultures, and generations.  They give men and women the opportunity to be heroes on the field, and give children role models to emulate off the field.  They give us a way to escape the day-to-day grind, bring cities together, and help us create memories that we will be talking about for decades.

Nowhere is the power of sports more evident than in movies. Even the toughest men tear up as they watch Kevin Costner and his father have a catch in Field of Dreams.  We cheer when we watch two races come together to beat the competition in Remember the Titans, and cry when Betty Spaghetti finds out her husband died in A League of their Own.  We understand how important the Eagles are to Frank and Vince Papale’s relationship in Invincible, and feel the true pride of a father when a friend tells Frank, “That’s your boy.”

We feel so strongly because we understand that during huge turning points in our history, sports played an integral role.  For the men in Remember the Titans, it was a time to push new boundaries and promote integration after the tumultuous civil rights movement, for the women in A League of Their Own, it was an opportunity to retain some sense of normalcy as the men of America fought across the ocean in World War II.

I asked my fellow ballgirls to share their favorite sports movies.  Their answers are below!  (Big shocker that most of them are baseball movies.)

My favorite sports movie of all time is A League of Their Own. I think growing up it was really empowering to see the way those women stepped up, and the great things they accomplished. They were supposed to be these pretty things in skirts that provided entertainment while their men were away at war. But they really proved that they could play ball and they drew a large following. My favorite being when Dottie is thinking of quitting the Rockford Peaches and Jimmy says to her: “Baseball is what gets inside you. It’s what lights you up, you can’t deny that.” Dottie says: “It just got too hard.” Jimmy then replied: “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.”

My favorite sports movie of all time has to be Field of Dreams. It’s not a cliché motivational movie, but it does have an inspirational message about the game of baseball. The characters have such dedication to the sport, not to mention a great respect for its history. Plus, I LOVE Kevin Costner!

I would have to say that my favorite sports movie of all time is Rudy!  I could watch that movie over and over again and never get sick of it!  Not only is the movie inspiring, but I’m sure anyone could relate to what Rudy goes through to accomplish his dream, in one way or another!  I know I get the chills every time I watch it.

OK, so I know everyone is going to say this, but DEFINITELY A League of Their Own!  “Marla HOOCH- HOOCH!”

A League of Their Own.  No matter how many times I’ve seen it I still always laugh out loud when Marla Hootch is introduced on camera from 50 feet away and I still always cry when Betty Spaghetti learns that her husband died in the war. Also, I just love that there is a movie celebrating women’s roll on the baseball diamond.

I have a lot of favorite sports movies, but I am a big fan of college football so I will have to say Rudy. It’s definitely an underdog story (who doesn’t love an underdog?) It’s the type of movie that gives you Goosebumps. The Sandlot is also a great movie! I mean you learn how to make the perfect S’more from Ham Porter!

My favorite sports movie would have to be The Sandlot.  When I was little I remember having the biggest crush on Benny the Jet Rodriguez.

Christy O.
My favorite sports movie of all time is definitely The Waterboy!  I know that it’s a little ridiculous and silly, but Adam Sandler is hilarious!

My favorite sports movie of all time….Cool Runnings!! All I have to say is….Doug E Doug and John Candy….I love that movie because it is hilarious, but it’s also very inspirational.  The guys didn’t care what other people thought of them or how poor some of their runs were.  They just kept on giving it their best!

Christy G.
I like For the Love of the Game. I don’t know why, I just love it. “Clear the mechanism.”

My favorite sports movie would have to be Remember the Titans.  I appreciate the team unity that was displayed amongst the trials and tribulations of the integrated football team.  I also enjoy looking at Denzel Washington!


Cool Runnings? That movie was the best! Alison, you might now be my favorite ballgirl!!!! Hope that I see you down there on the field when the Series gets to Philly! BTW, do you remember me? I was the guy who was talking to you when you were on the Green Team last game? I was really drunk and tried to get you to give me your phone number but you couldn’t? I had on a phillies hat (obviously) and a Penn State Sweatshirt on? Either way, if I don’t see you at the upcoming games I am sure I will see you on Broad Street after we beat the Ray!!!! Go Phils!!!!

Go Phillies! You can do it! You make me feel good!

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