Phillies Ballgirls Rock the Vote (AGAIN)

Around the Allstar break, the ballgirls put together a list of awards for our Phillies players.  We decided to do the same for the second half of the season and we added a few new questions.  Here are our results:

Who do you think is the Phillies MVP of September?
Ryan Howard
Honorable Mention: Brad Lidge

Who is most improved? 
Jayson Werth
Honorable Mention: Brett Myers

Who made the most memorable play?
Greg Golson scoring his first major league run with a tight play at the plate against the Braves.

Which pitcher performed the best? 
Brad Lidge
Honorable Mention: Jamie Moyer

What was the funniest Phillies moment?
When Jamie Moyer when he bunted the ball, ran into the umpire knocked him over, and continued on to get a triple!

Who has been best defensively?
Jimmy Rollins
Honorable Mention: Shane Victorino, Chase Utley

Who has been best offensively?
Ryan Howard
Honorable Mention: Greg Dobbs

Who do you think has been the leader off of the field?
Chase Utley
Honorable Mention: Jamie Moyer

Which player do you think is best at Guitar Hero?
Brett Myers
Honorable Mention: Pat Burrell

Which player has the best haircut?
Cole Hamels
Honorable Mention: Greg Dobbs

Which player do you think secretly watches The Hills?
Cole Hamels
Honorable Mention: Kyle Kendrick

If the whole baseball thing fell through, which player would most likely be a:
TV show host? Jimmy Rollins
A professor? Jamie Moyer
A comedian? Shane Victorino
A singer? Ryan Howard

What do you think?  Leave your votes below!

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