Thank you, Fans!!!

Thank You Fans!

In honor of Fan Appreciation Day, the Phillies Ballgirls would like to thank all of the wonderful fans who supported us all season. 

I personally would like to thank you all for clicking on my blog day after day, and for leaving me such wonderful comments.  I know that without fans, I wouldn’t have a job, and I couldn’t be more grateful for your support and cheers this season! 

I would thank the group of soldiers stationed in Iraq who sent the ballgirls fan mail earlier in the season.  They sent us each a letter and a photo-print of themselves in their Army gear holding a huge Phillies banner with nice little messages written on them.  I have the picture hanging up in my classroom at school. It’s just a great thing that the Phillies can bring people together like that.

The wave!  I know it’s cheesy, but I always get chills and giggles when I see the wave passing through the Ballpark.  Even when I’m perched on our ballgirl seat, I’ll throw my arms up and “woooo” as it moves through the crowd.  Much like the Phanatic’s dancing, the wave stirs up an excitement and energy that’s contagious!  Thank you to all you Phillies phans who dared to stand in front of your section with arms flailing and shout, “1, 2, 3, wooooooo”!!

If I could thank the fans for anything it would have to be for keeping me company at the games. The games are much more fun to watch when you can have a conversation with the person sitting next to you. However I will say sometimes those conversations get you in trouble.  Being a ballgirl really does involve being able to multitask (i.e, talk to the fans and move your chair if the ball is fair).  The fans make the games more enjoyable!

Christy O.
I would thank one family in particular…I worked a game and the family that was sitting next to me was awesome!  They were cheering and laughing throughout the entire game!  It was so nice to experience the game with a family who really appreciated the team and the ballpark.  They also bought me hotdog and a soda in the middle of the game, so that was pretty nice, too!

I’d like to thank the Phillies fans for always having fun at the games and making the most of every game.  Even if the Phillies were down 10 runs and the weather was miserable, there were always fans there, just happy to be at the ballgame.  As a ballgirl, I can tell you that when there are fans there to cheer with and talk with, it makes every game fun.

I would like to thank all of the Phillies Phans for really taking the time to get to know us. So many times I have seen fans come up to us and be like you were the ballgirl that (insert cool thing here) ha. Or they will approach us by name and start talking about how they saw us at a previous game. I just think it’s really cool that our fans have really gotten to know us. Also thank you so much to all of the fans who have written us letters applauding the things we have done. It is a great feeling to know that you have appreciated the things we do, big or small. Building relationships with the fans has been one of the most rewarding parts of this job!  Thanks for being the best fans in sports!!!

I would like to thank the fans that sit next to us for good conversation and many laughs. They definitely add a little something to the game.

Christy G.
I love all my Phillies PHANS especially the little girls when asked if they are future ballgirls they say yes with big smiles on their faces!! But I do have a special thanks to my season ticket holders down on right field line whose words meant the world to me at my last game–when they told me I was their favorite ballgirl. You guys are awesome… and I promise I will try my hardest to get you cup holders next season😉

During one game there was a line drive hit directly at me and with little to no time to react. I got my glove up to try and catch the ball only to have it reflect off my wrist. Normally in this situation the fans would boo us for making an “error” but the only thing I heard from the crowd was gasps of concern and comments like, “Oh my gosh, are you okay?” 
The fans that were sitting next to me were so wonderful, they reassured me that one, there was nothing else I could have done and two, that it was certainly a foul ball…which was my main concern!  The one fan actually ran up to a concession stand to get ice for my wrist. That meant so much to me and the ice definitely helped.  He also told me that if there were any other balls hit in our direction he would get them for me.  As soon as those words came from his mouth another line drive came right at me.  I could have caught but he put his glove out in front of mine and caught it.  He said, I told you I would get it.  So thank you for being so kind and showing true concern for my safety, it really did mean a lot!!!!   

Thank you for keeping it real! Whether it was how a player played or comments that were made to the media or even a hairstyle that myself or one of my fellow ballgirls wore during a game if you liked it or you hated it you let us know.  I appreciate that!

I would thank all the Phillies fans for truly being the best fans in baseball. I think that was portrayed this season by setting the single season attendance record. Each game the fans would come decked out in their Phillies attire and cheer their hearts out. Working one of the last games of the season, I got to see the fans with their rally towels showing their support. It was so awesome to be down on the field and see the entire stadium going crazy. It literally gave me goosebumps. There is no doubt in my mind that Philly fans are the most loyal and passionate fans in all of baseball!!!

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