Too Good To Be True…

Sorry this is a little out of order…We wanted to post it anyway.


Who would have thought that the hitting of Carlos Ruiz and Joe Blanton would help us secure two home victories in the World Series?

Probably the same genius that could have predicted that Jamie Moyer would be making diving plays, Ryan Howard would be making bare-handed catches, and Lidge would have a three-game vacation.

The point is somehow the Phillies are getting it done.  They have taken a commanding lead in the series.  They are hitting again.  They are scoring again.  They are playing great baseball, and the city couldn’t be prouder.

Maybe it’s the William Penn addition to the Comcast building, or Tug’s ashes on the pitchers mound, or maybe it’s just the talent and skill of a team that has worked hard and capitalized on every opportunity–but we’re winning the games that matter.

Of course, it’s not over.  And for a city like Philadelphia, a win tonight would be far too easy.  The team that has played “one game at a time” since August has at least one more game to go.  This city has had its heart broken far too many times to think that this is it. 

So I won’t say the “d” word (rhymes with best of me) and I won’t say the “p” word (happens on Thanksgiving).  The series isn’t over, and the Rays are an incredible baseball team who has been counted out before.  I will just say that I could not be more proud to be a Phillies fan, or more honored to have been able to watch some incredible baseball from the lines this season.

I will also say that something very special is going on in the city of Philadelphia.  You can hear it in the “E-VA” chants when Longoria comes up to bat, you can see it in the sea of rally towels that make a snow of white fuzz fall onto the field, and you can feel it in the crisp Philadelphia air. It’s the feeling of hundreds of thousands of people starting to believe again.  Starting to think, that maybe, just maybe, the tide has turned. 

Perhaps this sentiment is best expressed in the now infamous (and totally grammatically-incorrect) slogan “Why Can’t Us?”  I don’t have an answer, and I sure hope the Rays don’t either.

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