Off Season Plans

I’m pretty sure that none of the ballgirls would complain about how busy we are during the season.  We love our job, and appreciate all of the great opportunities it gives us.  We spend our weeknights and weekends watching baseball games, playing softball, attending charity events, and making appearances at local schools and businesses.  After a while, it’s easy to forget that working a 9-5 job, then driving straight to Citizen’s Bank Park and “working” until 11 p.m. and getting home after midnight isn’t normal.

So now the season is over (and even though we still have appearances here and there) I think we’ve all had that, “Oh my gosh, what am I going to do now?” moment.  It’s hard to remember what it felt like to have free time before!  Personally, I can’t wait to sleep in and spend more time with my amazingly supportive family and friends who allow me to neglect them for months on end.  I am also fully committed to watching every episode of good TV that I missed On Demand.  I know, it’s ambitious, but I think if I really commit I can do it! 

Here are some of the other ballgirls’ plans: 

Well, now that the Phils season is over, I find myself with incredibly too much free time. I sit on the couch aimlessly flipping through the calendar counting down the days ’til pitchers and catchers report to spring training! Although the off-season is a time for rest and relaxation I really find myself doing neither of those things. First off I am a college Junior, and sadly enough I can’t put school on hold. My off season will be filled with exams, papers, books, and more papers. But one thing I am really looking forward to doing this off-season, is taking superhero lessons. Yup you heard me, superhero lessons. See my house down at school got broken into and robbed twice within 9 days. My plan is to become a superhero and take down the bad guys one at a time! They won’t want to rob another house once they take one look at me! We will have to think of a good alias for me to go by. So as of right now I am taking suggestions!! Enjoy your off-season Phils Phans!

Now that the Phils are WORLD CHAMPIONS, my offseason plans obviously will not have any chance at trumping how seriously AWESOME this October was. But, I plan to travel home to California for Thanksgiving to visit my family and friends. I never get to see them (except when they fly across the country to see the Phils in the World Series), so it will be very exciting to see them all!  Additionally, I will be avidly attacking the job-hunting world as my internship with the Phils is almost up! But most importantly, my offseason plan heavily involves sleep… and weekends off, like normal people!

Now that the season is over, I am spending extra time in my classroom catching up on everything!  Things were so crazy in October that I barely had time to grade papers!  Once I’m all caught up on my work, I will be trying to stay in shape in the off-season by practicing my hitting and fielding every day (INDOORS, on my new Nintendo Wii!).  And of course, like everyone else, I will be catching up on my sleep!

During the Phillies season, I was too busy to go to the gym or workout as often as I would have liked. This off season, I plan to train for a triathlon which would take place next summer.  On another note, my closet is overflowing with clothes and accessories, so I think its time to make a drop-off to Goodwill!

Christy G.
What will I be doing in the offseason?  Preparing to get MARRIED!!!  I still can’t believe I’m engaged!

The first thing I must do is designate a closet in my house that will free space from my own personal closet of all the Phillies gear I collected over the past 2 years.  Jersey’s, tee shirts, tank tops, shorts, warm ups, bags, socks, etc….Anything “Phillies” is sure to fill at least one closet.  Honestly, I feel like all my clothes have a red tint because that’s all I’ve been washing this past month!
On a more serious note, I have a few other things in mind for this much needed post-season downtime that should allow me to give 100% of my time. 
1) Being the best Maid of Honor to my sister, Megan.  I have a shower to plan and I’d like it to be one she’ll never forget!  (Any ideas would be greatly appreciated…. ) 
2) Start working on my house, we have a lot of painting and decorating to do!! 
3) Spending some quality time with my family, friends and Husband-the ones who supported and cheered us on all season long! 
4) Relax!  Looking forward to having nothing to do, of course until the season starts. Until then…I need to get to work!!! 

Christy O
I really can’t believe that it’s the offseason…when I turned on Sports Center the Monday after the Phillies Championship Parade, I saw only basketball and football highlights!  Where did baseball go?!  I guess the season couldn’t last forever, but I definitely didn’t want it to end. 

During this offseason, I plan to catch up on some serious sleep.  While the parade did seem to help with my Phillies Phever, I don’t think that I’ve fully recovered from all of the drama and excitement!  Also, during the offseason, I plan to put together my scrapbook for the season.  The pile of photographs, newspaper articles and other Phillies related materials that has been growing in the corner of my bedroom has reached its limit!  I’m looking forward to putting everything together in a book so that I’ll always have something to remember this phantastic season. 

I also think that organizing my Phillies souvenirs and items would help to cure me completely of my Phillies Phever…for example, I probably don’t need to keep my rally towel in my purse anymore!  

I don’t really have big post season plans. Now that the Phillies have won the World Series and the season is over, I can finally go back to normal! Don’t get me wrong – I am not complaining! It seems as though the Phillies completely took over my life. My students will probably be glad not to hear me talk about the Phillies every single day. I am pretty much going to do the same thing I have been doing which is teaching and hanging out with my family and friends. I need to rest up these next few months because next season is going to be out of control!

During the off season, I will be taking care of the things I neglected during the final few months of the Phillies season; like other Philly sports teams.  Up until Sunday night’s game against the Giants, I had watched maybe 4 minutes of an Eagles game this season.  I couldn’t even tell you where my McNabb jersey was or where to find my favorite (and stolen….. story for another time) Eagles hat.  Don’t worry, I had them both ready just in time to watch our Birds fall to the reigning Champs.  So, my off season goal is to make it to both a Flyers game (Did you hear that Jim Jackson?) and a Sixers game (Doesn’t the Dance Team owe us something since we won the Summer Softball Showdown?) before Spring Training starts up again.  Maybe even make it to a few playoff games in 09?
I’m also going to get a new car!  Since the day I took off for Spring Training in Clearwater in March, I have literally been driving around in a death trap.  My car will not go above 2000 RPMS without bucking like a bronco.  All of you motorists who were stuck behind a white SUV going 40mph on Route 76 after a Phillies game,; yeah, that was me.  The fact that I have had a broken car for the past eight months is not due to a lack of effort on my part.  I have had dear Gladys (I name my cars) at four different garages with the result being one of two things: “We don’t know what it is” or “It’s something we can’t fix.”  The latest garage told me, just this week that the computer needs to be replaced. Argh! So, I say to HECK with the troubled economy and fluctuating gas prices, I’m buying a new car! Actually, probably not a new one… or even a nice one…just one that can go the speed limit without having to first gain momentum by going downhill.    Maybe I’ll just buy a bike.

1. In the offseason I plan on…
A.  Visiting family members that I have not been able to see for a few months.  You never know how much time anyone has left. 
B.  Figure out a dish that Jimmy Rollins can eat to make sure he is consistent with his batting for one season. 

What are your plans?  Leave us a note in the comments section and let us know!

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