What Would You Do With the World Series Trophy???

This week, our lovely boss Michele asked the ballgirls what we would do with the World Series trophy if we each had 24 hours to spend with it.  Our answers varied from naughty (taunt Mets fans) to nice (share with young Phillies fans).  As for me, I have two ideas… 1) Take the trophy to city hall and let every fan pay $10 to charity to hold the trophy and take pictures with it, and 2) Use it as a serving tray for a fabulous Phillies party.  (I think the flags would make nice skewers for cocktail weenies.)

Here’s what the other girls had to say:

If I were lucky enough to get the World Series Championship trophy for 24 hours, I would share it with the kids that participated in our Parade of Champions recognition night this year at Citizens Bank Park. Each participant, aged 9 to 16 years old, was a member of a championship baseball or softball team in their respective leagues, divisions, or even states! It would be an awesome sight to be able to share with them an incentive to continue their efforts in baseball and softball. Who knows? If it really did happen, maybe I’d be instrumental in getting a future Hall of Famer an early chance to see a World Series trophy!

Would it be unsportsmanlike to have a four city World Series Trophy Tour that represents the obstacles that we had to overcome to become World Champions? It would only take a day. We would start off with a train ride to the city that never sleeps, New York. After we have spent some time in Queens (home of the New York Mets) reminding New Yorkers who the team to beat was, it would be off to Milwaukee. I’m not sure what there is to do in Milwaukee besides show off our World Series Trophy, but I do know that we would have to do the Laverne and Shirley opening song skit! L.A. will be our next stop and while again showing off our World Series Trophy we could look for the ball that Matt Stairs crushed to give us the lead in Game 4.

Our final destination would obviously be St. Petersburg, Florida. The plan basically would be to destroy every cow bell in the city because let’s be serious-there is no room in baseball for cowbells! And after a nice rendition of “We are the Champions” it is time to head back to the city of the 2008 World Series Champions!

I would love to just parade around town with it, holding it over my head, and singing “We are the Champions” (or that over-played but VERY emotional song by David Cook, “Time of My Life”).

Christy G.
I would make my students draw it in art class so I can have them hung up in the room all off season long haha. Then I might just put up a Christmas tree early haha and take our Christmas card photo with it-just like it was a member of the family🙂

If I was to have 24 hours with the WS trophy, I would take it to school and show it to all my students. During the post season, my classes started off by having a discussion about the games played. We talked about who made some nice plays, who didn’t, who hit homeruns, etc. I would love to share it with my students for a day because they have shared this whole experience with me. I would also like to share it with my family. I am so proud of what the Phillies have accomplished I would seriously take the trophy everywhere; to the grocery store, to the King of Prussia Mall for some shopping, out to dinner, etc. The only rule with the trophy is that I am the only one allowed to touch it!

Schedule of Events: Debbie’s 24 hours with the WS Trophy
This is a weekday and my time with the trophy is from 12:00am to 12:00am.
Notes:  A professional photographer, hairstylist and make up artist will be on hand for all 24 hours, all costs involved, including venue rental, has been offered as a donation. 
12:00am – 5:00am: Private viewing of the Trophy for Family and Friends
5:00am – 6:30am: Preparation with Hair and Makeup, this will allow time for my husband to get our own pictures of the trophy….Kitty and Gizmo included in those as well!!
6:30am – 8:00am: Photo shoot with the trophy, family portraits and such…LOL
8:00am – 8:30am: Police escort to my place of employment.  I added the Police escort because after having one on our way to the parade it just seemed right!!
8:30am – 1:30pm: Private viewing for employee’s of Wells Fargo. (Shout out to all my co-workers.)
1:30pm – 2:00pm: Break Time….I guess?
2:00pm – 10:00pm: Happy Hour Starts early….Celebration for the World Series Champs (of course they would be asked to come along), open to the Public.  Location: Wharf at Rivertown, Turbin Hall.  Admission is a donation of your choice (minimum of $100); all proceeds will go to the ALS Foundation.
10:00pm – 12:00am:  I wanted to share the remaining time with the trophy with my family and friends, as well as Past and Present Ballgirls…of course I would need a team shot of the 2008 World Series Philles Ballgirls to serve as a lasting memory!!!  Then I’d proudly pass the trophy along to……

Christy O.
If I could have the World Series Trophy for the day…First, I would put the trophy in the passenger seat of my car (probably buckled in because I wouldn’t want to risk it getting damaged).  Then, I would drive down the shore to Mack’s Pizza in Ocean City and get a slice.  I would sit on the beach with my pizza and the trophy and just watch the ocean.  I know that this sounds a little random, but the beach and Mack’s pizza are two of my favorite things, so when you add in a World Series trophy, the moment becomes even better! 

If I had only 24 hours with the World Series trophy, I’d do some traveling.  I’d start off by heading up to Flushing, NY to stop by the Mets new stadium.  Trophy likes to ride the subway.  Next, I’d take off for the beach….in Tampa.  I’d probably need extra SPF with that shiny piece of hardware by my side.  Finally, we (me and my BFF WS Trophy) would shoot over to LA for dinner reservations at the IVY.  Usually it’s impossible to get in there, but sporting bling like a World Series trophy gets you some serious street cred.


I would like to think I’m a pretty considerate person.  So, I would like to make sure I share the trophy with the people that would like to see it most…Mets Fans!  I would start in North Jersey and make way to my family’s home in New York.  They are huge Mets fans and I would love to show them what they missed out on this season!


 WOW!  What an honor!  This would totally beat me being able to spend 24 hours with my State Championship trophy for Track & Field in High school! I have a group of friends that are die hard Phillies fans…I would invite them over for a yummy celebration dinner probably made up of BBQ Beef Ribs, Smack ya momma Greens, and Jacodi’s favorite cornbread.  Then they would get to take pictures with the trophy for their records.  I would also go visit some local elementary schools that celebrated the Phillies by Painting their Schools red.  I would let the students take pictures. It would also be an excellent time to talk about the importance of persistence and NEVER giving up! Lastly, I would have to get the cutest picture of my daughter in her mini Barak Obama t shirt hanging out with the World Series Championship!




These are awesome and makes me hungry for Smack ya momma Greens. I have another suggestion for you guys. OK, it was created by Tiffany, right? So. Make a giant robin-egg-blue box. (Almost) every day until next October, have the Tiffany Gift Ceremony. Each day, a different Phillies fan is entitled to give this as a huge Tiffany present to anyone that person wishes, as a surprise, and the next day THAT person does the same to anyone THAT person wishes, and so forth and so on. Each time the gifting is “officiated” by a Phillies/security type as it goes back to Phillies possession after each gifting ceremony. Talk to Tiffany about sponsoring it as a major charity initiative. When the person receives it, s/he is informed that for $10 or more to the designated charity, s/he can present it the next day in this way to another Phillies fan. It would become a huge buzz, finding out that the Tiffany Gift Ceremony was happening in your school or your business. Who wouldn’t want to give this as a gift to someone special? 🙂


Sam, will you go out with me?
From your intended adventure with the Trophy I can tell that you are the woman of my dreams. I didnt think that there was someone out there that was as much of a Jackass as me but you definitely are and we should definitely go to Cavanaugh’s sometime.

Keep being awesome,

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