Ballgirl Tryouts 2009

So we have been a little slow with our blog posts…definitely not because we don’t have a lot going on…Below is a blog about tryouts for the 2009 ballgirl team.


When I tried out to be a Phillies Ballgirl in 2006 I never thought I had a chance. The night before the tryouts I almost chickened out and slept in, but I figured this would be my only opportunity to be on the field at Citizen’s Bank Park, so I made up my mind to go, not worry about not making the team, and enjoy every minute of the experience.
I had a blast at tryouts. I loved being on the field, chatting with the other girls, and getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the ballpark. Because I was confident I would never make the team, there was no pressure. I spent much of the morning talking to another ballgirl candidate named Lindsay and feeling totally awestruck by the view from the field.

Our tryouts consisted of hitting, fielding, throwing, a written test, and an on-camera interview in front of a panel. My favorite part of the process was the interviews. Scott Palmer asked me why I wanted to be a ballgirl, and when I explained that I used to listen to Harry Kalas on Summer evenings in my Phillies t-shirt, he said, “Well it’s a little known fact, that Harry actually does his broadcasts in a Phillies t-shirt.” I responded with, “Well I hope he’s wearing something else too!”

Little did I know that a little over a month later I would get a call saying I was selected to be a ballgirl for the 2007 season. I was so excited!! (Especially when I found out Lindsay would be a ballgirl too…) Two years later, I still can’t believe I was so lucky.

Last week, the Phillies held tryouts for the 2009 season. Of 1600 girls, 120 were selected to come to the tryouts, and some of our veteran ballgirls were there to help. Here are their opinions of the 2009 hopefuls, and their reflections on their own tryouts!

I was at tryouts this year and it was fun. Some of the prospective ballgirls would come up and ask a bunch of questions. I tried to remember all of the questions I had the year before and answer as many as I could. I can remember being in their position last year and you do get very nervous waiting to do your fielding, hitting, and live interview tryouts–especially since this year’s three interviewers were all local TV personalities!

It was exciting this year being on the other side of tryouts. Last year, I was so nervous and excited at the prospect of being a ballgirl. This year it was more relaxing, and I got to really look at the talent and get to know some of the girls. I was extremely impressed with the quality of play this year. I watched some of the girls in the batting cages and they were really smoking the ball. A lot of these girls are experienced D1 softball players, and would make a great addition to our charity softball team! I also spoke to several girls who were very personable, and I enjoyed getting to know them and answering their questions. It reminded me of how many questions I had the previous year (a LOT).

Christy G.
Tryouts were one of my most memorable moments as a ballgirl. When we came out of the dugout and onto the field, I got instant butterflies–not because I was nervous to tryout, but because it was an overwhelming feeling to just be on the field. When we started to throw around with other girls we did not know, I felt like I was right from the movie A League of Their Own. I really do think they could make a fun movie on our lives as ballgirls! It’s really fun to see other girls trying out because you get to see their faces and it reminds you of the way you felt when you were in their shoes. In a way each tryout lets us relive those moments!

For the 2009 squad tryouts, I was in the cages helping to evaluate the candidates on their softball skills. This was my role last year as well, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at the increase in talent this year! It’s refreshing to see girls that can really play come and try out for our team. I would definitely say that the level of competition has risen for this coming year, as our popularity has grown. I’m hoping that this means we can look forward to a new squad that can play even better than we did!

I thought the tryouts went well. The girls were all very nice, and most of them played college softball. It was exciting because that could mean we would win more of our charity softball games this year.  It was cool that Don Bell interviewed the girls in the second group. I was happy to see even more girls tryout than last year; it made me happy to be a part of the development of the Ballgirl program.

I was able to make tryouts and was trying my best to help the girls keep their nerves from getting to them…but once they saw the quiz they knew this was no joke! The girls I saw were all very talented and each one stood out in their own way. I walked around to a few groups and gave them the opportunity to ask me whatever questions they had. I also made sure they knew that this job opportunity may be one of the most fun and interesting things you do, but it also involves a great deal of responsibility. The girls who made it to try outs sure gave us a run for our money and I look forward to meeting the lucky few that are chosen. They all should be proud; there was a reason they were chosen out of 1500 resumes, but it was up to them to show they can be that much more!

I was really impressed with the group of girls that tried out this year. This group was filled with a lot of talent and it’s definitely going to be a though decision. I know a lot of girls were nervous about the media interview and I can relate with them because that was the part of the tryout process that I was most nervous for. I think the girls were also surprised about how difficult the Phillies quiz was, but it did test the girls on useful information about the Phillies history and present success. From what I saw, the 2009 ballgirl squad will be great ambassadors for the Phillies.

Tryouts were very exciting and brought back memories of my own tryouts! The excited and slightly nervous feeling was in the air.  All of the girls that tried out were amazing–outgoing, athletic, great personalities, the works! I was happy to be there to answer the questions that the girls had about the job and about our experiences throughout the past year. It reminded me how lucky I feel to have this job. I am confident that the 2009 ballgirls will be wonderful role models and great Phillies representatives.

My job at the tryouts was to have each girl come in a get sized for the uniform. I would give them my little spiel about what each item was, and they would try them on and give me their size.
It was hard for me to get a full impression on any of the girls, but I enjoyed some of the small talk that was presented. Each girl was filled with such excitement to be a part of the tryouts.
The funniest part of the tryouts came not even from any of the girls trying out, but rather from the groups of tours that were getting shown the ballpark that day. At the tryouts we had the World Series trophy nicely displayed, and to our surprise about 10 groups of tours kept coming through the tryout area. Once they spotted the trophy a little boy started arguing with Alison after asking if this was the “real” World Series trophy. Alison of course told him that it was and he yelled to the crowded tour “She’s lying! This isn’t the real World Series trophy. It’s just a fake!”


Hi! Big fan!! I was wondering if there was any other Ballgirl postions? I would work all the night games and I would do the job for free. No need to pay. I would just love to help out and be involved with the Phils. If there is another casting call or open postions please let me know. Thank you for your time.🙂

Hi! Big fan!! I was wondering if there was any other Ballgirl postions? I would work all the night games and I would do the job for free. No need to pay. I would just love to help out and be involved with the Phils. If there is another casting call or open postions please let me know. Thank you for your time.🙂

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