We will miss you, Harry…

You never had to shake his hand to be touched by him.  He didn’t need to know your name to feel like he was your friend.  Harry was one of the few people in this world that can impact all generations from all areas of the country with just the sound of his voice.  Losing Harry is not only a tragic loss to the Phillies organization but to the sports world as a whole.  Harry was often imitated but he will never replaced.  We wanted to share our memories of Harry and let everyone know just how much he meant to us.  Please feel free to leave your memories of Harry.

Katie T
What a sad day in Philadelphia. What a legendary person.  On a day when words are so hard to find, the best way to cope is to share our fond memories of the voice of the city.  My personal memories of Harry include the way he said the Phillies’ names after great plays; listening to him countless times on the radio as I played outside each summer as a kid; as I drove to and from the stadium (the Vet and CBP) if I couldn’t catch the game on TV; listening to him and Whitey joke around and tell stories; listening to/seeing him interview the players (especially when they got pied with shaving cream!!); listening to him on the radio while watching the game on TV during the playoffs instead of the other channel’s announcers; waving to him at the game; seeing him sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in the 7th innings; seeing him throw out the first pitch just the other day; hearing the crowd roar in applause for him…. My summers will not be the same. Our prayers and thoughts are with him and his family.

I’m watching the National’s game right now and I already miss Harry’s voice so much. I had met him just a few times, but each time he was as nice as could be. He was never too busy to send a wave and a smile your way. At 26, I don’t remember one game I’ve ever watched that Harry didn’t announce. His voice was apart of so much of the Phillies history that its absence will change the way I watch a game. I was lucky enough to be at game five of the World Series. Of course I was excited when the Phillies won, but it wasn’t until I was home the next day and heard a replay of Harry Kalas calling the last play, that I realized how amazing an experience it really was. It just didn’t hit me until I heard it from Harry. My deepest sympathies not only go out to his immediate family, but his larger Philadelphia family that will miss him so much.

Harry Kalas’ voice is a voice that I’ve loved since childhood.  I have such great memories of watching and listening to the Phillies’ games on summer nights with my family…Harry calling every game.  Harry’s voice will always remind me of those great memories.  I feel so fortunate to have been a part of the Phillies Championship Season, and now I realize how lucky I am to have shared some of those great moments with Harry Kalas as well. 

A moment that I will never forget with Harry Kalas was during the DVD premiere of The Perfect Season.  The movie ended with highlights from the World Series Parade.  After the DVD screening, I was walking out of the theater and Harry was walking next to me.  Harry turned to me and said, “Hey, wasn’t the day of the parade the BEST day?”  Of course I agreed with Harry that the day of the parade really was “the BEST day.”  Harry’s comment about the parade made me realize just how much the Phillies, the fans and the entire city of Philadelphia meant to him.  Anyone would have realized how grateful Harry was to have been a part of the Phillies organization. 

Even before I was old enough to know Harry Kalas’s name, I associated his voice with the Phillies.  My earliest memories of Harry are when my parents would take my brother and me to games at the Vet.  As a toddler, my brother would always fall asleep before the end of the game, so we would leave early and let him sleep while my parents listened to the end of the game on the radio during the drive home.
Growing up without cable television, I recall my mom listening to many of the Phillies games on the radio.  To this day, I still prefer to listen to the games on the radio rather than the television.

It is a sad feeling knowing that we will never hear him call another game.  I like to think Harry is now reunited with Whitey, broadcasting the game to all departed Phillies fans.  My prayers are with his friends and family.  You will be missed, Harry!

I am very fortunate to have been able to meet Harry Kalas for a brief moment at the red carpet DVD premier of A Perfect Season this winter.  I escorted him into the theater, and got the chance to speak to him about his beloved Phillies, and their world series victory.  Though we only spoke for several minutes, it is one of my fondest memories of being a ballgirl.
Everytime I hear Harry’s call to end Game 5, I get chills.  There is no one who embodies the spirit of this team more than Harry Kalas.  Watching Phillies games without hearing Harry’s voice will not be the same.

What an extremely sad, sad day in Philadelphia.  The Phillies lost family today.  They lost their “voice” and a man that was a big “heart” of the organization.  Harry Kalas touched so many lives over the years by bringing the Phillies passion and energy into so many homes.   He connected the fans to the Phillies and brought America’s favorite pastime to life each and every game.  Growing up and watching the Phillies since I was a little girl, I knew no other voice.  His voice carries so many memories for all of us.  His unique “This ball is outttta here” and the famous “Swing and a miss, struck him out! The Philadelphia Phillies are 2008 World Champions of baseball” will never be forgotten.  There are not enough words to describe the contribution Harry made to the Phillies and the world of broadcasting in Major League Baseball.  Even though I have never had the honor to meet him, Harry Kalas’ voice has touched my life in so many ways through the Phillies.  Baseball definitely has lost one of its finest today. RIP Harry Kalas. You will truly be missed!

Growing up as a Phillies fan players would come and go, but there would always be one constant…Harry Kalas. At the start of every spring, Harry’s distinct voice would radiate through my living room and call a game not only as an announcer, but as a passionate fan. He had the ability to capture the emotion of a moment, and when you hear his unforgettable calls being replayed you remember exactly how you were feeling at that specific point in time.  His voice has implanted many memories in my mind that will be preserved forever. Here are some of my favorite memories of Harry Kalas: High Hopes , Take me out to the Ball Game in the 7th, The Harry Kalas Christmas Sing-a-long, White Leather Shoes, “Chase Utley you are the Man”, “Outta Here”, “Michael Jack”, and “The Philadelpha Philles are the 2008 World Champions of Baseball”.  Those were the memories that first came to my mind when I first heard about Harry, but I think the picture of the fans chanting “Harry” will always stick out in my mind as my favorite. He is a legend to us fans and will never be forgotten. 

Harry Kalas will be remembered as one of the most legendary voices in baseball history.  I have had the opportunity to work many events with Harry and I will never forget my memories of him.  My fondest memory occurred this past January 28, 2009.   Debbie and I worked a charity event at the Charcoal Pit in Wilmington, DE.  Harry arrived, and Debbie and I walked him into the bowling alley.  The three of us found a table to set up shop and Harry signed whatever fans were bringing to him.  I remember how Harry made the fans faces light up and he never turned down a picture or autograph.  Just watching him made me so happy and reminded me how fortunate I am to have gotten the chance to work with the most legendary voice in Phillies baseball history. After signing, Debbie, Harry, and I ate some dinner and shared different stories.   Throughout the night we walked lane to lane and took team pictures.  Some fans asked Harry to record their voicemail message on their cell phones and he would say ” This is Harry Kalas and this one is outa here the Philadelphia Phillies are 2008 World Champions of Baseball”  Those fans are so lucky to be able to have something so many other people would cherish.  I will also never forget Harry singing High Hopes during Octoberfest on stage with ballgirls, Mr. Greengenes, the Phanatic and Tom McCarthy the crowd loved it and everyone, including me, sang along with Harry.   Harry you will be missed by everyone.  I would like you to know just how much you have impacted my life, and I will never forget the conversations I was able to share with you.  Rest in Peace.

When I heard the news that Harry Kalas had passed away I was completely saddened. It felt like I had lost a member of my family because I grew up listening to Harry broadcast every Phillies game since I was a little girl. His distinct voice and home run call gave me goosbumps no matter how many times I heard it. He was such a joy to listen to and brought so much to the Phillies organization.
One of the first events that I had the opportunity to do as a ballgirl was sing Christmas Carols at a nursing home in Media, PA. with Harry Kalas. He brought so much joy to the people in that nursing home. They had smiles the entire time we were there singing. You could see that Harry truly enjoyed being there and singing. He really helped brighten up the day for these older people during the Holiday Season. That is a great memory I will remember forever.

Katie H.
I was born and raised a huge Phillies fan. My whole family literally bleeds Phillies red. I can remember laying on my family room floor next to the open windows and feel the warm summer night air while listening to Harry call the games. That is probably my favorite memory of Harry Kalas. I was listening to WIP and Angelo said that people will remember Harry with familiar sounds, smells and sights. I will always remember being a little girl and watching the games with my family in my living room laying next to that open window. I also had the priveledge of being on the field during the ring ceremony game when he threw out the first pitch. I remembered seeing him waiting in the dugout and getting giddy because I was literally 5 feet away from him. I will never forget seeing him that day. He is and will always be a Philadelphia legend.
These next few games will be hard on us, but knowing that he was there during the whole 2008 season has put peace to my mind. RIP Harry the K.

April 13th, 2009 will always be remembered in Philadelphia as the day we lost Harry Kalas.  The memories of Harry will continue on, as he was a legend to both the city of Philadelphia and Major League baseball.  I still get goose bumps when I hear the “the Philadelphia Phillies are 2008 World Champions of Baseball!!”  And even if I’m not watching the clip, the thought of winning the World Series is coupled with the sound of his voice.  Hearing his voice reminds me of summer nights with friends and family in South Philadelphia and I imagine as long as I’m watching the Phillies, I’ll still hear his voice calling the games.

The passing of Harry Kalas was so sad for Phillies fans and baseball fans everywhere, but the evening of his death turned out to be a great one. No matter what TV station or radio station you turned on, all you heard were great stories and memories about Harry from fans, players, and Phillies employees that have known him over the years. It is very apparent that he left a memorable mark on baseball, and memories of his life and career can’t help but bring smiles to people’s faces everywhere, whether you are a Phillies fan or not. His legacy will live on forever!

Over the last few days, Major League Baseball has been brutally tested. The tragic and untimely passing of Nick Adenhart, coupled with the loss of Detroit’s “Bird” remind us all that in the end, maybe it is just a game…but then I think of Harry, and suddenly baseball is back to being much more than just a game.  That’s what he did.  He was able to sit in a booth without props or special effects and convert plays into vivid exclamations of what he saw, which made people love baseball and love the Phillies.
My greatest memory of Harry will always be ‘SWING AND A MISS–STRUCK HIM OUT!  THE PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES ARE 2008 WORLD CHAMPIONS OF BASEBALL’  I’m so glad he was able to make that call.  I’m not even exactly sure if winning the World Series would have been this sweet if that call had been made by someone else.  Harry the K’s legendary voice and on-air charm will never be replaced, but it will be remembered every time our beloved Phillies take the field.  He was so much more than a play by play announcer.  He loved and appreciated the fans–all of them, and always had time to smile and shake a few hands.
My prayers are with the Kalas family and I hope they truly understand how much Harry meant to us all and how much he will be missed season after season. 

I was in shock when I got the text from my mom saying that Harry Kalas died.  Every time I heard his call on the last pitch from Lidge to make the Phillies World Champions, I got the chills on my arms and felt my happy emotions well up inside–and that was before he passed away.  Now that it has been played over and over, and knowing that I won’t hear him over the TV anymore, the chills and the emotions have become stronger and sadder.  What a sad day for Philadelphia, God bless Harry Kalas.

Harry Kalas has been the only voice of baseball I’ve ever known; I grew up listening to him, feeling as though I was right there at the ballpark, wishing I was at the ballpark.  Harry’s passion and love for the game and the Phillies/Organization was exactly what he delivered each time he stepped into the pressbox.  Harry’s knowledge and precise coverage of each game was something we have all grown to appreciate and crave, and is something that can never be replaced.   Not to mention his signature sayings, “That ball is outta here” and my personal favorite “Chase Utley, you are THE MAN.”   Not many people can send chills up your spine or spark uncontrollable Goosebumps just by listening to their excitement over the radio…..We witnessed a Legend; our Legend and our Hall of Famer. 
Something I will never, ever (ever, ever) forget was on Oct. 31st, 2008; having the honor to ride along on the first float with Harry (and all of the other amazing announcers-Scott, Larry, Wheels, Sarg, etc…you guys are awesome!!) during the parade, celebrating the World Championship.  The “Harry, Harry, Harry…” chants, the endless sea of people, who just like Harry, have had and still continue to show such a passion and love for the game and the Phillies – which I can guarantee gave Harry peace!

The last event I had the honor to work with Harry was this past January at a “Celebrity Bowling Event” headlined by Harry the K himself, and even though there was no bowling involved, seeing how much it meant to the children for Harry to be there and vice versa was a truly humbling experience to say the least.  He must have signed 1000 autographs that night, but it was always something Harry was happy to do!  We’ll miss you Harry….very much; your presence, your voice and your love for the game will never be forgotten. 




Harry has obviously touched may lives; Phans both young and old, past and present Phillies Players and well, past and present Phillies Ballgirls too!! I?m sure you all remember these ladies ? back to share their memories and final good bye J

Christy Gordon
Being a ballgirl has changed my life in so many ways… mostly from the people I’ve met along the way. Harry was definitely one of them! My favorite memory of Harry was standing next to him on the World Series float and the stories he told us that day about the 80’s World Series! Just the look on his face looking up at all the confetti coming down on us was breath taking. I remember Lindsay wanting him to sing to High Hopes.. which my favorite memory of him signing that was when they won the NL East in 07. I’ll never forget it- because we were on the filed next to him and now thinking back at it, I know it was a sign of what was to come the next season… and he was right we all had high hopes and we did win the World Series.. I am just so glad he got to see it all happen!🙂 Harry was like our baseball grandpa and was always so nice to us.. the game will never be the same without him, but I smile every time I think of him singing that song and I keep smiling because it happened! Bye Harry and thank you!

Lindsey Brown
What a shocking and sad day. It seems almost erie how the final season of his life came together and how he was the one who threw out the first pitch at the ring ceremony game. I’ll be at the game Friday night. It’s my first one as a non-ballgirl and the first one without Harry the K. Seems impossibly sad.
One of the fondest memories I have of Harry was riding with him on the float at the World Series Parade. With millions of people cheering along the route, there was never a muted moment. But once the crowd got a glimpse of Harry the K, the fans broke into a chant of “Harry Harry Harry”. The cheers for HK were deafening and absolutely amazing!! I definitely took a moment to realize and appreciate that being there with Hall of Fame Broadcaster Harry Kalas was an incredible honor. It was obvious that the fans of Philadelphia adored him just as much as Ryan Howard and Chase Utley. It just won’t be the same without him.

?Harry Kalas?..you are THE MAN!!? Our thoughts and prayers remain with the Kalas family and hope they find peace during this trying time.

I was saddened when I heard of Harry’s passing. Games never will be the same again. After watching the tribute to Harry on TV, I emailed the Phillies to congratulate them on doing such a great job with it. The tribute was beautiful and classy. It was very touching to hear so many wonderful stories about the man who has been a part of so many lives for so long. I know Harry is still watching and calling every game a little bit higher above the field. He will be dearly missed.

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