Relay for Life Fashion show

For the third year in a row, we were asked by the Relay For Life iin Macungie, PA to participate in their annual fashion show.  If you look back to our blogs in April you will see pics from last year’s event.  Ten of us participated in the event and wanted to share our experiences…one thing we all figured out, modeling is hard!!!!


In case you don’t know I’m a Phillies ball girl and that means I represent the team on the field and off. On the field, I love backhand dives, running groundballs out and close plays at the plate. Once the game is over however, I trade in my glove for my lipgloss and a cute outfit which is why the Relay for Life fashion show was such a blast!  What girl doesn’t love being pampered with hair and make-up? I’m pretty sure that everyone of us played dress up as kids and it felt good to relive those days. Besides being able to show off fun clothes, it felt great being able to partner with the American Cancer Society and contribute to a great cause. 

The fashion show was a blast!  We arrived at the Hotel Bethlehem at 10am for hair and makeup.  After getting beautified, we tried on our outfits for the designers.  My first outfit was from Francesca’s – it was a black cotton dress, with metallic shoes and jewelry, and a matching clutch.  My second outfit was from Harley Davidson.  It consisted of a cream colored short sleeve button up shirt with the Harley logo, black stretch pants, and matching cream extremely tall stillettos!  To top it off, I sported a leather Harley Davidson purse.  My final outfit was from Marla’s collection.  It was a black v-neck in the front and back dress with slightly frayed fringe along the outline of the arms.  My shoes were black with a red strap and wore a matching necklace.  Walking the runway was really fun, too.  We all went one by one and right before we were finished, we stopped in front of the photographer and striked a pose!

I didn’t really know what to expect for the fashion show, but I was definitely very excited. When we got there we got our hair and makeup done for us. I LOVED how they did my hair, I got huge curls and then it was teased and put up, it looked great! All of the makeup girls were also unbelievable, the colors they used looked great with all of our outfits. The best part of the fashion show was that it was for a really great cause, to help fight cancer. There were a few little kids that walked in the show with us, and they were absolutely adorable! It’s great to think that we were all a part of something that can be a tiny piece of helping to improve their lives!




The Relay for Life Fashion Show made me feel a bit like I was trying out for Top Model!! It was such a fun experience!  We started off early, getting to the hotel at 10am, and were pampered by girls doing our hair and make-up.  The girls all looked gorgeous! Personally I have never worn that much make-up in my life, but it was still really fun to try it out for the day.  Being the only girl who sports curly hair on a regular basis (even though Irena HAS curly Q’s but opts to straighten them), I went through the most pain while getting my hair done, due to the curls being brushed and pulled apart in order to re-curl it with a curling iron.  Do you know how much that hurts?! Nonetheless I made it through, but not without an interesting showing of faces.  The clothes were very different, but the most different and interesting outfit was watching Christy wear leather gloves and a leather jacket, all while stomping down the runway in black stiletto heals with a motorcycle helmet in hand to sport Harley Davidson attire.  The sweetest, most cheerful, and innocent girl in Harley Davidson had to be the highlight of the show, and yet, she was able to pull it off and actually look like she belonged in a motorcycle gang!!  When the Ball Girl gig wears off for Christy, we at least know she would fit in on Top Model.  Overall, it was so great, especially to have ten of us girls all in one spot at the same time (since we are scattered all over, doing different events and games, and most of the time only two or three of us at once), and I would do it again in a heartbeat.


The fashion show for Relay for Life was a great time for a great cause! It’s rare that so many of us girls get together for one event. So, when it happens…it’s always a good time. Our make-up and hair looked fabulous and our outfits were very nice. Most of us had three outfits to show. So, once the show started, we were running all over the place making sure we had the right outfit on with the correct accessories. I would have to say my favorite part of the day was watching Christy try to fit into some chaps. That’s right…chaps! It was the most hilarious part of the day!

The Relay for Life Fashion Show was a blast!  Whenever the ballgirls have the chance to work together as a team, we always have a lot of fun!  One of the best parts about being a ballgirl is the opportunity to attend various charity events.  This was my second year participating in this fashion show, and it was just as fun this year as it was last year.  I admit; however, modeling a wide variety of clothing lines can be pretty challenging!  A lot of times the clothes that you are asked to wear may not be “your style,” but you need to pretend that it’s your clothing type.  For example, one of my outfits came from the Harley Davidson clothing line.  I had on a leather jacket, leather gloves and I even carried a motorcycle helmet!  I LOVED the outfit because it was the complete opposite of my personality…I’ve never been on a motorcycle before, but the clothes made me feel really tough!  Overall, it was such a great day because we were all working together to help raise money for a great cause.














It’s always fun to have stylists do your hair and makeup!  They gave us really colorful eye shadow, which is something I never wear myself, so it was a nice change.  The whole show is a fun experience, because we get to feel like real models for a day… but you really get to experience how hard models work.  Fashion shows are so tiring!!!  I fell asleep very early that night!  But it’s definitely all worth it, because Relay for Life is such a great cause.

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life Macungie Fashion Show was held in Bethlehem, PA on April 26, 2009.  We ballgirls were asked to model some of the clothing, which we were more than happy to do!  We arrived at Hotel Bethlehem and made our way up to the loft above the Grand Ballroom.  Everyone was there – designers with their racks of clothing, shoes, and accessories, the makeup artists with their makeup spread out covering a whole table, and the hair stylists with their curling irons, flat irons, clips, hairspray, and everything imaginable.  We were ushered right in to sit down for hair and makeup, which took several hours!  In between, we were fitted for the different outfits we would be wearing in the show.  It was fun to see what the designers had picked out for us.  Luckily, most of the clothes fit!  We had a couple practice runs, and before we knew it, it was time for the show to start!  With the music playing, one by one, we strutted our clothing through the ballroom in between tables of onlookers.  I kept thinking, “don’t trip, one step at a time” haha!  We did this for each line of clothing.  In between, we had to run upstairs to quickly change into our next outfits and fix any hair/makeup issues!  It was fast-paced but fun.  In the end, I think everyone enjoyed the show and a good amount of money was raised for Relay For Life.  It’s a really great event and I am very happy to have been a part of it!


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Nice job for a worthy cause! Thanks for sharing your experiences! Now back to the red pinstripes!!

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