3rd Annual Phillies Ballgirls Toy Collection – July 25th

Hey Phils Phans,

We need your help.  Each year to celebrate Christmas in July we collect new, unwrapped toys that we then donate to 2 Philadelphia community organizations that benefit needy children.  If you are attending the game on July 25th, please bring a toy to any entrance.  Gates open at 1:35pm.  We will also be dancing on the dugout with the Phanatic in the 7th inning. 

To continue with the Christmas in July spirit, we decided to come up with our early Christmas wishes.  Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

Hope to see you on Saturday!

I have 4 wishes for Christmas in July! First, I hope it doesn’t rain on my vacation this year! I’ve been waiting so long to go and I hope it holds up for my family and I! Second, I hope that the Phillies keep playing this way and go all the way for a repeat!!! Third, law students look for full time jobs as soon as summer ends so I am wishing for a full time job after graduation!! Finally, I am hoping that our toy drive is a successful again this year. Can’t wait for Saturday, Happy Christmas in July!

My “Christmas in July” wish is for no more rain delays for the Phillies! Wouldn’t it be nice if we had sunshine from now until the end of the season? Even though the Phillies won the World Series during rainy and cold conditions, I wish that they wouldn’t have to worry about the weather at all!

My Christmas in July wish is for Roy Halladay. The reasoning should be self explanatory.

My Christmas in July wish is for the Curse of William Penn to never return to Philadelphia ever again!  This curse was broken by the Phillies in October, and hopefully the rest of the Philadelphia sports teams will become more successful in the future, now that it has been officially broken!

My Christmas in July wish list consists of the Phillies repeating as World Champions, one of the Phillies winning the NL MVP, acquiring Roy Halladay for next to nothing, no more rain delays, a good tan, and I guess I should add getting a job!

My “Christmas in July” wish would be to have amazing luck and win a FREE trip to the Carribean for my friends and I!! Or a puppy with a big red bow around its neck waiting on my doorstep for me when I get home!😉 Either one would be a great wish to come true! Make sure you come to Saturday’s game and make someone else’s wish come true by bringing new, unwrapped toys to benefit the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center and Taller Puertorriqueno Community Center!

My wish for this “Christmas in July” is for this message to reach as many people as possible, not only the fans that plan to attend the game on July 25th but for everyone who would like to donate to a worthy cause.  The past 2 years our Toy Drive has been a success but I can’t even begin to tell you how many people told us (as they walked by our huge gift boxes) that they wish they knew we were collecting toys!  All the ballgirls dress in “holiday outfits” – guess you should come out to witness this because that’s all I’m giving away – collecting new, unwrapped toys for the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center and Taller Puertorriqueno!!  Oh and there will always be a surprise for ALL fans around the 7th inning!!!!  So just think, if 45,000+ fans bring a new/unwrapped toy, imagine how many Christmas wishes will be answered in December.  So please show your support and bring a toy; we’ll even throw in a team picture of the 2009 Phillies….well ALL fans will get one, but really, with your help we are guaranteed to make a lot of children very happy this Christmas.  See you at the ballpark; we’ll be at every entrance!! 

My wish is to not fall off the dugout during our annual Christmas in July dance at Saturday’s game!  But seriously, I wish for the continued health and happiness of my friends and family.

Katie T
I would love to have Christmas in July!  July would be even better because not only is it my birthday month and the All-Star game, but then I’d have one more event to celebrate with Christmas in July.  If I could have one wish it would be that I could live at the beach with all my friends and family for the summer.  I’d have great company and a wonderfully relaxing time.  Plus, I’d have time to watch every inning of each Phillies game.  I am such a summer person that I think I would be content if I could spend the whole summer on the sand.  Wouldn’t that be nice!?

I don’t know about you but I was so bummed about the month of June this year. Almost the entire month was ruined by rain. I even went to Puerto Rico to catch some good beach days there and it just rained and rained.  So, my Christmas in July wish is to make summer last until at least October. This way we can all get an extra good beach month to make up for June!

There is one wish that I have for Christmas in July. I would love to get a Yorkshire Terrier puppy. I recently just purchased a new home and I think that a Yorkie would be the perfect addition to my new house. Yorkies are so cute and cuddly and are the perfect size for a dog. Also, I would always have something to keep me company. I will keep my fingers crossed that I will receive a Yorkie soon!!🙂

Katie H
My Christmas in July wish would be for the weather to stay ‘summer weather’ through Christmas time. I am not a huge fan of the cold weather and would be much happier if it stayed warm longer. I think the time goes by faster when it’s warm out which is a good thing as a teacher!

Oh, and I also would wish for another World Series Championship!!🙂


This topic is easy–my Christmas in July wish would be for Christmas to actually be in July AND December. It’s the perfect solution for a holiday with so much build up, but only one day of glory.  Who wouldn’t love Christmas every 6 months or so?  It would be the perfect after-party for a great month that already boasts Independence Day, the Mid Summer Classic, and now Christmas.  I think it’s genius. It would open the door for greater toy drives and the year round spreading of holiday cheer. I’m going all in.  Who’s with me?



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