Look who is back…

Hey Phillies Fans!  Since we last left you in November, there have been a lot of developments within the Phillies and among the ballgirls as well.  The offseason has been quite busy, especially with the signing of Roy Halladay!  We wanted to give you an update from the Veteran Ballgirls – Katie, McKenzie, Fehran, Perrin, Amanda and myself – as well as our outlook on the 2010 season.   We are certainly looking forward to getting back in our pinstripes and out to see you all!  If you want to schedule the ballgirls for appearances this year, email Michele DeVicaris at mdevicaris@phillies.com.  See you soon and let the spring training countdowns begin!!


Yes, for all of us Phils phans, the offseason didn’t exactly start the way we wanted it to (with the trophy) but us ballgirls have had more time to devote to our other hobbies and jobs since then. In the offseason, I have been working my full-time job as a kindergarten teacher, going to graduate school, and started indoor winter sessions of teaching fastpitch pitching lessons. I’ve been fortunate to have more time to spend with friends and family, which has made me very happy. But… I still can’t wait until Spring Training!


At the end of the season, I was definitely looking forward to a few quiet months that weren’t busy and I could just relax.. boy was I wrong! I have had a very busy and fun off season, with the highlight being getting ENGAGED!! It was a total surprise and I couldn’t be happier.  I have been so busy looking up and visiting wedding venues and thinking way to far ahead about everything else that needs to get done, but it’s so fun! Other than that, I was able to spend more time with friends, get back to the gym, and get myself back onto a somewhat normal schedule. As nice as it has been to be a little less busy, I can’t wait for the season to start back up again and meet all the new girls!!



This offseason I’ve been busy catching up on schoolwork and enjoying winter break.   After the World Series, I had about a month or so left of my semester at Villanova, which was unfortunately filled with a lot of studying.  After school ended I enjoyed the holidays with my family and then spent 10 days in San Francisco.   It was a very relaxing vacation.  I also got to visit Lake Tahoe for New Years Eve.  It was definitely a change from Philadelphia.  Now, I’m home and getting ready for our first meeting of the year.  After our meeting, we have our video and photo segments for the season, which is always a fun day.  I’m looking forward to meeting the new rookies for this season as well – it’s going to be fun with 11 new faces!!  


Offseason has been fairly quiet. I finished up grad school and graduated with my Master’s in Sport & Athletic Administration from West Chester in December.  I’ve kept busy with going to the gym and looking for a job.  I’m anxiously awaiting the 2010 season and excited for Ballgirl events and appearances to start picking up again! Looking forward to another exciting season ahead of us!



My time during the off-season has not been much different than my time during the season.  The only minor (actually, major) exception–NO BASEBALL.  It actually hurts to come home after work knowing there’s no game at 7:05, no Baseball Tonight, and no Web Gems on Sportscenter.  The only positive I can take away from this is Peter Gammons moving to MLB Network and knowing in the back of my head that pitchers and catchers report February 18.


Since the World Series ended I have been incredibly busy with so many new and exciting events in my life. I bought a house in the fall and got a new puppy as a Christmas surprise. Amidst the chaos, I have tried to find some time to take care of myself by working out and spending time with friends and family.

I am very excited for the 2010 season to start and can’t wait for spring training to get here.  It will be interesting to see how the team evolves, especially with the highly anticipated arrival of Roy Halladay. All I have to say is World Series or bust! Looking forward to a happy and healthy 2010 with Phillies!

Let me also point out that our previous Christmas in July blog from
2009, my wish was to bring Roy Halladay to Philadelphia. I guess Santa wanted to wait until the real Christmas to grant me my wish🙂


perrin.puppy.JPGDon’t forget to leave us comments if you have any questions you’d like us to answer, as we have some blogs coming up devoted to fan questions!  Go Phillies!!

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