2010 Ballgirl Photo Shoot

This past weekend, we were able to pull all the ballgirls together to do a photo shoot for our trading cards.  We give these cards out at all events and games so it is a very important day to look our best!  We also had the opportunity to meet the rookie ballgirls and welcome them into the season.  After a brief orientation meeting we put on our new pinstripe jerseys for the individual shots.  Each ballgirl posed alone, then with our gloves and bats so that we had many pictures to choose from.  Finally, we applied eye black, very carefully of course, and took our group photo. We can’t wait for you to see the results!!  Enjoy some of the behind the scenes photos and experiences from the girls!


Today was my first day going to Citizens Bank Park as an official Phillies Ball Girl and it was fabulous!  Half of the girls were assigned to meet at the park on Saturday and the other half Sunday for orientation and a photo shoot.  Before today I had many questions about different aspects of being a Phillies Ball Girl, so I was really anxious for this meeting.  As soon as I got to the park and met the girls who were scheduled for Sunday, I was immediately at ease.  There was a mix of veteran and rookie ball girls who were all extremely friendly.  The vets were very helpful in assisting with uniforms as well as answering the questions any rookies (like me!) had about the job.  The photo shoot was unlike anything I’ve ever done before!  I was so proud to wear the Phillies uniform and it was definitely written all over my face.  After taking the individual shots, all the girls got together to take the group shot.  I’m definitely curious to see how the photos came out.  After hearing all the activities that I will get to participate in this year, I can’t help but to be excited. I have a strong feeling it is going to be a great one, let’s get this ball rolling!


Our first activity as ballgirls! I am slightly embarrassed to admit I lost a little bit of sleep over this…I was soooo excited and a little nervous. This was our first activity together and my first chance to meet the other girls since I saw some of their faces at the tryout. After I picked up my jerseys on Thursday I couldn’t stop thinking about orientation and the photo shoot. I had no idea what to expect, how to do my hair, and how to do my makeup to take a good photo. But thank you for the Vets! I asked them so many questions to get a better idea of a good look, which was very helpful.  I can be pretty shy when people are taking my picture (which is why being behind the camera is the NYs resolution) especially when posing is involved and everyone else is looking at me. But the day was very easy going, the girls were really encouraging (thanks for the coaching Lindsay) and it ended up being so much fun! I can’t wait to see how the photos came out…hopefully there’s one with my eyes open. AND in keeping with my resolution I even broke out the camera and showed the photography a thing or two…check them out.






Going into orientation on Saturday I was really excited to finally meet?some of my fellow Ballgirls but I was also a little nervous because I?wasn’t sure what to expect for the photo shoot.  When I got?there it was great to finally match the faces from the website to the?actual girls in person and get to know their personalities. It was?especially nice to get to know some of the Ballgirl vets.  They gave?us newcomers a lot of insight because they were in our same position?just last year. After a relaxed yet thorough run-through of our?guidelines as Phillies Ballgirls, it was finally time for the?photo shoot.  I have been told over and over that once I choose my?photo for my trading card I will not only be stuck with seeing it?almost every day, but I will also be giving them out to thousands of?fans…so I had to look good!  Of course when it finally came my turn?I had one piece of hair that didn’t want to cooperate with the rest of?my head.  Thankfully Lindsay’s expertise in hair and awkward pose?adjustments helped me through my round of pictures.  The entire?experience was a lot less intimidating than I had imagined because of?how friendly all of the girls are that I’m working with. It was a lot?of fun!


The photo shoot and orientation was so much fun!  I enjoyed meeting the other girls the most.  Everyone is so friendly and I look forward to working with everyone in the future.  When it came time for my picture to be taken, I forgot all the tips I learned while watching America’s Next Top model and took most of my direction from the veteran ballgirls and the photographer.  Some of the best tips I learned were 1) to use gloves or various other props to cover any imperfections on your face, 2) do NOT face the front of your knees to the camera (apparently it’s unattractive), and 3) the best substitute for actual eye black is to smear mascara under your eyes!




Photoshoot day was one of my favorite times from last year, and this year was no different! I was so excited to meet the rookies that I went both days to see all of them and help them with their pictures!  Everyone was so friendly that it seemed like we all clicked right away.  [Especially after our 20 minute conversation quoting the Jersey Shore cast, one of my favorite shows!]  I can’t wait to see how all the pictures turned out and see which poses the girls will choose.   It was also great to have our orientation meeting because we got to see the responses for the back of our trading cards. We fill out a long questionnaire and then a few questions and answers are selected for the back of our cards.  It allowed me to get to know a little more about the girls from their responses.  My favorite is Fehran’s word to describe herself: spicy!!


Today’s orientation and photo shoot only made me more anxious to get started. We have so many great things planned within the community and CBP this upcoming season. It was nice to finally meet some of the other girls as well.  The newcomers, myself included, could breath easy now that the try-out process is over with. Fewww! It sure did feel good walking through those doors and putting on a uniform rather then being a nervous wreck! Cannot wait to see what this season brings…someone pinch me please!


I was so excited for our photo shoot that I had trouble sleeping the night before just thinking about it!  All the veterans stressed how important the photo shoot was so I was definitely a little nervous (and hoping that I didn’t have a bad hair day). Once I got to the ballpark and met some of the fellow rookies who were feeling the same way, I felt a lot more at ease. The first few poses were headshots which weren’t difficult, but after those I was surprised how weird it felt to try to come up with poses in front of a camera! Luckily, Lindsay was there to direct us and help us unleash our inner “America’s Next Top Model: Phillies Ballgirl” style. Everyone seemed to have fun with the shoot and I can’t wait to see which photos everyone will choose!


One of my favorite things from my rookie year as a ballgirl was our photoshoot.. it’s not everyday that we can get professional pictures taken! I pretty much knew what to expect since I went through it last year, and I knew which poses I liked. It was also exciting because it was the first time we got to meet some of the new girls! I think everyone ended up having a really good time, and now we get to wait with anticipation to see all of our pictures. Now the hardest part.. picking one for our 2010 baseball card!


This weekend’s orientation/photo shoot was definitely a lot of fun. Seriously, what girl doesn’t like getting all dolled up to have her picture taken? With Lindsay taking on the role of Miss J (from ANTM), we had no problem strutting our stuff for the camera. The ballgirl experience up until now had seemed so surreal, but putting on the uniform and hanging out with the girls finally made it feel official.



So it’s official.  After our orientation/photo shoot for the ballgirls this weekend, I have to say it’s all finally starting to sink in that I’m getting the opportunity to do one of the coolest jobs ever. At orientation, we were all excited to hear the details of what being a ballgirl is all about. As we were talking, some of the veteran girls shared some embarrassing moments from last season. It’s funny to realize that all of us “rookies” will most likely have our own similar stories to share in no time, so I’m already preparing myself for that moment! One other thing that I found interesting is when Lindsay, one of our captains, asked who would be willing to dance on the dugout sometime this year. Almost everyone eagerly waved their hands. I think that’s the moment that it all really hit me…we’re going to have some really good times together this year. Can’t wait.




It was great to finally be able to meet some of the new girls at the 2010 photo shoot this weekend. Everything went extremely smoothly and I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out. I definitely was a lot more relaxed and prepared the second time around, as opposed to last year when I had no idea what to expect. Posing for pictures will never quite come naturally for me but I tried to have fun with it. Hopefully I will be able to meet the rest of the new squad soon and I can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store for us!


Orientation weekend finally approached! I have been counting down the days since I’ve received the news. I was so pumped up; yet, at the same time so nervous. Everyone welcomed me with open arms into the Phillies family. I thought it would be weird with everyone standing around watching me get pictures taken, but it was so much fun (I think I was getting way too into it at the end)!! It was so much fun meeting all the ballgirls and new friends, it was an experience I will never forget.


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