February 2010

Meet the 2010 Ballgirls…Part 3

Well we are down to the last group of ballgirls for you to meet for this season!  Perrin and myself are the veterans from this group – and I don’t know about you but we also have four new rookies to meet: Kristina, Bonnie, Brittany and Katelyn.  The season is finally underway here with our pitchers and catchers down in Clearwater and we are excited to get out into the community as well.   Enjoy learning a bit about us and we will be seeing you soon!  [Don’t forget comments and questions are always welcomed!]


Veteran: Lindsay

Wayne, PA

College: Duke University

Occupation: Law Student at Villanova University


Three things you’d take on a desert island:  comfy chair, sunglasses and some magazines, I may as well relax

Position you play in softball: former second basemen, but now mostly outfield

Favorite Phillies moment: Would have to be stepping out onto the field before World Series Game 4 last year.  The stadium looked amazing with all the fans on their feet waving rally towels.  The moment was something I’ll never forget.

Favorite Holiday: Tied between Thanksgiving, because my mom makes the best food, or Christmas because once the music starts playing on the radio, its on the entire month straight in my car!

Favorite food to eat at Citizen’s Bank Park: Hot dog with ketchup – can’t beat them!




Hometown: Vineland, New Jersey

College: Rowan University

Occupation: Middle School Math Teacher


Three things you’d take on a desert island:  All things that would allow me to stay in contact with the world  1. Computer 2. Blackberry 3. iPod

Position you play in softball: I played center field in college but I enjoy playing middle infield also

Favorite Phillies moment:  Watching Brad Lidge throw the last strike to win the World Series on a really old television in a parking lot by Citizens Bank Park then cheering with tons of other Phillies fans

Favorite Holiday: Christmas, I’m obsessed with Christmas music

Favorite food to eat at Citizen’s Bank Park:  Dollar dogs!








Greenville, SC

College: Bob Jones University

Occupation: Social Media Marketing


Three things you’d take on a desert island: Bear Grylls (guy on Man vs. Wild), YouTube, and my guitar so that maybe I’ll actually have time to learn how to play it

Position you play in softball: I used to play short stop and second, but now that I play for mostly co-ed teams, I usually end up pitching.

Favorite Phillies moment: Going to game 4 of the 2008 WS.

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving…It’s the kickoff to the Christmas season before everything gets crazy.

Favorite food to eat at Citizens Bank Park: Can I have two favorites? I feel like I’m missing out on the total baseball experience if I don’t get a cheesesteak from Tony Luke’s and a hot funnel cake.


Veteran: Perrin

Erdenheim, PA

College: Ursinus College

Occupation: Fixed Income Operations Associate


Three things you’d take on a desert island: Golf clubs, a guitar, and Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild

Position you play in softball: I played 3rd base in High School but now I tend to fancy the outfield

Favorite Phillies moment: Being at the World Series parade with my brother on Broad Street. It was such a great experience to be able to share such a special moment with the person who taught me all about the Phillies.

Favorite Holiday: Halloween because you can be anyone you want to be

Favorite food to eat at Citizen’s Bank Park: Crab fries most def



Hometown: Dresher

College: West Chester University

Occupation: Student


Three things you’d take on a desert island: 1) Endless supply of water 2) endless supply of matches and  2) Some of my closet friends so I won’t be lonely

Position you play in softball: Mainly Left Field

Favorite Phillies moment: During the 2008 World Series I was an exchange student in Puerto Rico, not only was I missing all the action here in Philly, but I felt like I was the only Phils fan on the whole island because everyone wanted the Rays to win! So being depressed and having the best parents in the world they bought me a surprise plane ticket back home so I can be apart of the Phillies excitement!!

Favorite Holiday: Christmas, I get so excited for the decorations and all the great holiday foods!!

Favorite food to eat at Citizen’s Bank Park: Without a doubt the chocolate and vanilla twist ice cream in the little phillies hat, and how can I forget about the rainbow sprinkles!!


Rookie: Katelyn 

Hatfield, PA

College: Kutztown University

Occupation: Music Teacher


Three things you’d take on a desert island: Captain Jack Sparrow, a camera, and a boat!

Position you play in softball: Pitcher

Favorite Phillies moment: When Shane Victorino hit a grand slam off of  C.C. Sabathia in game 2 of the NLDS in 2008.  I just KNEW at that moment we would win the World Series!

Favorite Holiday: Christmas- Mmm cookies!

Favorite food to eat at Citizen’s Bank Park: Hatfield Dollar Dogs of course… I have to represent my hometown!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Hey Phillies fans!  Can you believe the amount of snow that has accumulated in the greater Philadelphia area?  I don’t know about you, but the weather certainly has me thinking about the sunny and warm days in Clearwater!  Even with the blizzard-like conditions keeping us inside, take a look at how beautiful Citizen’s Bank Park looks with a nice fresh coating of snow!

Thumbnail image for cbp.snow.JPGOverall, this snow has brought me two days off of school, hours of watching the newscasters
Thumbnail image for lindsay.snow.JPGshivering, a couple attempts at digging out my car and one trip to the completely over-crowded supermarket!  I definitely took advantage of the ability to take some time off and relax during the week, which was a rare opportunity!  Here’s a picture of me late Wednesday night while the clean up crew was working on my apartment building. It was a little too windy to be outside at that point, but I tried.

For this week, I asked the Ballgirls to let me know what they have been doing to pass the time while being snowed in.  Here are a couple photos and explanations of what the snow has done to our usual weekday schedules.  Also, I did challenge them to photos with their Phillies gear and you’ll see they did a pretty good job!

Emily: Although I’m extremely happy about the fact that school has been cancelled the past two days, all of this snow is just too much for me! I need warm weather and sunshine…I’m definitely more of a summer girl. By far my number one regret this week is my lack of snow gear! I went out the other day to shovel with plastic bags over my shoes so I wouldn’t ruin them since I don’t have any snow boots. Not only was it pretty embarrassing when people saw my getup, but I probably slipped and fell about ten times in the process…and my plastic bag invention didn’t even work because both bags ripped. The first snow of the year was so much fun for me (back at home where I had snow gear, went sledding and built an awesome snowman named Bernard with my sister Olivia), but in my opinion this round of snow needs to stop!!!

Snow days have always been one of my favorites but this winter there has been one too many for my liking!  I cannot complain too much considering I did not miss anything major due to the inclement weather and I did get a lot accomplished.  During the first round of snow this past week I was able to completely rearrange and organize my room.  I had plenty of “stuff” from college that was lying around in the basement which needed a place.  When the recent snow storm hit starting Tuesday night I decided to try and make some money.  I took a snow blower and shovel and went around the neighborhood asking residents if they wanted their driveway cleared.  I must say, moving snow is a great workout.  All in all, I enjoyed the snow days but I couldn’t be more ready for warm weather, and you know what that means, baseball season!


As frustrating as the snow can be it stills gives me that little kid feeling inside.  For the first snow fall on Friday (2/5) a bunch of my friends and I purposely got snowed in at my friends house.  It was great to bundle up in sweatpants and sweatshirts and just lay around.  As for this more recent snow fall I decided to get snowed in at my boyfriends in West Philadelphia since I have an exam on Friday (2/12).  I wanted to make sure that I would be able to get into the city, so Tuesday night before the snow came I took the train in and have now been here ever since.  As distracting as the snow is for a little kid such as myself, my office is closed both Wednesday and Thursday of this week so it actually is a blessing in disguise since I can now spend more time study for my exam……or hitting my boyfriend with snowballs :)  It’s days like this where you just have to take advantage of the situation and embrace it and make the best memories you can!

Kami: What a crazy winter it has been! I thought we had seen the worst of it when I spent my
kami.snow.JPG21st birthday snowed in under 2 feet of snow in December, but man was I wrong! (Mother Nature, I’m still bitter). Last weekend’s blizzard was my first while living in Center City and it was brutal. People in the city don’t shovel like they do in the suburbs! After being cooped up in my house for 3 days straight last time, I decided I would head home to the suburbs to ride out this particular storm. Temple cancelled classes for the first time in its history (yes, really) so I spent my time catching up on the TV I’ve been too busy to watch and pointedly not studying for the tests I was supposed to have had this week. I even took a little break to play in the snow with my dog, Shadow, and to build the world’s worst snowman. It’s been a fun few days off, but I’m ready for our trip to spring training and some nice warm weather!

Patti: I now hate snow! Not so much fun when you’re an “adult”. The past 2 days I’ve had to
snowflake.JPGget up at 4am to clean off my car and shovel my driveway to make it to work, and was only able to do so one of those days. Fortunately, the weekend of the first blizzard I beat the snow  and made it to my friends house where I camped out all weekend. More friends slowly joined throughout the course of the weekend and we were able to entertain our cabin fever. Because they just moved in and didn’t own sleds, that did not stop us from rigging sleds to the back of their truck and taking a few laps around the neighborhood. So much fun! – little painful the next morning though. Then we had a makeshift Superbowl party and the weekend was saved! Still not as much fun being an adult though…

As I write this blog late Thursday afternoon, I am in complete survival mode from the blizzard. We are still without power at my house and my car is still snowed in since the plows haven’t cleared my road. Last night was a lot of fun because my house and our neighbor’s got together for a blackout cookout. The feast contained anything and everything we could find, including peanut butter crackers as appetizers and chicken nuggets on the grill as part of the main course. It was one of the strangest, yet memorable, dinners I’ve had in a long time. We all enjoyed hanging out by the fire and playing “20 Questions” until I couldn’t think straight anymore. Since I had no way to drive to the office this morning, I was determined to find somewhere to get my work done. I decided to trek a few streets over to a friend’s house that had electricity. After a couple hours there, her electricity went out, so I decided to head a mile down the road to Panera to get a warm meal and internet access. About an hour ago, I had my first shower since Monday and am enjoying being in a friend’s warm house until sanity is restored at mine. Even though I can’t wait for my electricity to come back on, I have to admit that some great memories have been made while we all “survived” the blizzard of 2010!

Brittany: So do we really live in the Philadelphia region, because I’m pretty sure we’re in Antarctica.  I’ll be honest though, I do love the snow, I just can’t stand how long it takes to melt. I felt like a little kid again watching the snowflakes fall. The best was finding out that my classes were canceled three days in a row, that’s right, three days! Yet, being a college student, my roommates and I can’t have our heat as high as we would like, so we sat around the house watching tons of music videos and playing every game imagined with tons of blankets to warm us up! And who could forget about the endless amount of food we ate! Once cabin fever hit us we had our fun playing the snow! I tried to make a snow angel, but it got covered : ( but I did to a pretty sweet cartwheel.  And I can’t forget about my new obsession I developed with “face in the hole”! Although I had my fun in the snow with Mister Snow Miser, I’m ready for Mister Heat Miser to come in and melt this snow away and bring on the spring time!

Becca: Kutztown was lucky enough to get TWO big storms within the past week, and the first one I was not so happy about. My roommate recently had a birthday and my friends and I have been planning a surprise party for her… since December! People were coming from out
street.snow.JPGof town and an adventure to good ol’ Philly was in the mix. Needless to say the snow kept us trapped inside. We did however go out and play in the snow and walk into town for a bite to eat. And, of course I managed to completely wipe out not once, but TWICE! One fall was so bad that a car honked at me.:-/ I appreciated the second storm a little more however since we got 2 snow days out of it! I enjoyed staying in, watching movies and drinking my body weight in hot chocolate. All this snow just makes me more excited for warm, summer nights at CBP!

McKenzie: I love the snow!! I grew up in Connecticut, and I’m always saying to people it’s amazing what the difference is between snow here and there, and how badly I want a big snow storm! Well, I got what I wished for! The first storm was great because it was on a Saturday so I didn’t have anywhere to be, we could just relax at home. I just got a new camera so I had some fun taking pictures of the storm.. fresh snow is always so pretty. Once we made every muscle in our back sore from shoveling, it was on to round 2! For the second storm I knew already I wasn’t even going to attempt going to work, to be safe. It was beautiful though, and we even had thunder snow!! I secretly would love to be a meteorologist one day, so weather events like this fascinate me. So, once we dug out from the second storm, the snow banks on the side of my driveway are taller than me!! Now I hear we might have more coming, and I am probably in the minority saying this but……… bring it on!!!

Fehran: My snow days were quite unadventurous.  I worked, slept (alot), and ate an entire bag of lime Tostitos with ranch dip.  It was glorious.  Thankfully I never lost power or cable so being trapped inside wasn’t too bad.  I actually enjoy having a reason to stay inside, so if it were up to me, every day would be a snow day.  Let’s hope we get 1 or 2 more before the end of winter!



Meet the 2010 Ballgirls…Part 2

I promised more information about the ballgirls, so this is the second of three installments of “Meet the 2010 Ballgirls.”  This week we have Fehran and Katie representing our veterans.   Fehran told me that she is really looking forward to Opening Day, and the smell of fresh grass and funnel cake.   She also mentioned that she can’t wait to see Roy Halladay pitch, and I’m sure there are many other Philadelphia fans anxious to see him pitching for our Phils!  We are also introducing you to Victoria, Patti, Emily and Bridgette, four of the rookies for this year.   Enjoy learning where we are from and some other random facts about us and don’t forget, pitchers and catchers report in 9 days!

Veteran:  Fehranfehran.meetbg.JPG
Hometown:  Lake Charles, LA
College:  The Pennsylvania State University
Occupation: Project Manager, Six Sigma Black Belt
Three things you’d take on a desert island: A Five Guys franchise, matches, and a paperclip

Position you play in softball: Many moons ago when I played fastpitch competitively I was a catcher.  Now that I’m old and slowpitch is the only thing left, I play 2B.

Favorite Phillies moment: Carrying the rings!

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite food to eat at Citizen’s Bank Park: Funnel Cake


Veteran: Katie
katie.meetbg.JPGHometown: Upper Darby, PA
College: West Chester University for my undergraduate degree and currently attending for my graduate degree
Occupation: kindergarten teacher
Three things you’d take on a desert island: ipod, a book, fruit smoothies
Position you play in softball: pitcher and outfield
Favorite Phillies moment: standing at home plate for the announcements and The National Anthem of the World Series. Absolutely amazing!
Favorite Holiday: Fourth of July!
Favorite food to eat at Citizen’s Bank Park: Ice Cream

victoria.meetbg.JPGRookie: Victoria
Hometown: Honey Brook, Pa
College: Immaculata University (Undergrad), Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (Graduate)
Occupation: Full-Time Student and working with Autistic children.
Three things you’d take on a desert island: My ipod, Camera and a book called “How to Survive on a Deserted Island”
Position you play in softball: Second base and Center Field
Favorite Phillies moment: Running down Board Street in Philadelphia after the Phillies won the 2008 World Series and then not making it to class in the morning cause I had no voice and was sick from being outside yelling🙂
Favorite Holiday: Christmas, I’m like a little kid when it comes to the lights.
Favorite food to eat at Citizen’s Bank Park: Soft Pretzels……I get one EVERY TIME!




Rookie: Patti
patti.meetbg.JPGHometown: Indian Mills, NJ
College: Villanova University
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
Three things you’d take on a desert island: My ipod, water ice, and the most resourceful man in the world…MacGyver
Position you play in softball: Centerfield/pitcher
Favorite Phillies moment: Watching the Phils become 2008 WS Champs!… I cried a little
Favorite Holiday: St Patty’s Day (aka “My Day”)
Favorite food to eat at Citizen’s Bank Park: Pretzels with cheese

Rookie: Emily
emily.meetbg.JPGHometown: Medford, NJ
College: Arcadia University
Occupation: Student
Three things you’d take on a desert island: #1- A bag with art supplies like pens, pencils and a sketchbook to keep me occupied [as if the monkeys wouldn’t keep me occupied enough!😉 ]  #2- My iPhone [to listen to music and play games] #3- A flare gun!
Position you play in softball: I’m a lefty and I played pitcher and 1st my whole life, and a little bit of outfield too.
Favorite Phillies moment: Being at the World Series Parade was an amazing experience for me (besides the fact that it took me all day to get home!)  Another memory that was really fun for me was when I went to “Flyin’ Hawaiian” day at Citizens Bank…not only is Shane my favorite Phillie, but it was awesome because he hit the game winning homerun on his own day!   I had so much fun.
Favorite Holiday: My Mom does a great job with making every holiday really special for my family, but I would have to say that Christmas is my all-time favorite.
Favorite food to eat at Citizen’s Bank Park: I never go to a game without getting some blue cotton candy!

bridgette.meetbg.JPGRookie: Bridgette
Hometown: Winslow Twp. NJ
College: Rowan University
Occupation: Student
Three things you’d take on a desert island: Plenty of water, my laptop, and Bear Grylls to get me out of there!
Position you play in softball: 2B/center field
Favorite Phillies moment: Being at the ’08 parade with the fam
Favorite Holiday: 4th of July- it’s my brother’s birthday and the day before mine!
Favorite food to eat at Citizen’s Bank Park: Can’t beat dollar dogs


Superbowl Sunday Snack Time

In preparation for the Colts-Saints matchup this Sunday, I asked the ballgirls what they were doing to celebrate.  Brittany shared that she usually watches the game with her Dad and Brother (both yelling at the television of course) but this year will be different since her Dad is lucky enough to be going!  Besides Brittany, many of us will be watching with friends or family, and some were just disappointed that the Eagles weren’t playing this year.  Even though we won’t be doing much, everyone knows that Superbowl Sunday is all about the food!    Here’s a list of what we’ll be having, what about you!?

– Smartfood Popcorn and Nachos [Patti]
– Sausage Dip [Katie]
– Cheeseburgers [Fehran]
– Spinach dip in a bread bowl with cubes of cheese [Victoria]
– Seven layer dip – my Aunt Samantha’s specialty [Lindsay]
– Pizza [Amanda]
– Chips with spinach and artichoke dip [Kristina]
– Honey BBQ wings [Bridgette]
– Birthday cake, since it falls near my birthday every year… otherwise chips and dip [Katelyn]
– Chips and salsa [Emily]
– The American staple: Chicken Wings! Don’t forget the celery and bleu cheese. [Perrin]
– Nachos topped with chili and my fianc Mikey’s apricot wings – amazing! [McKenzie]
– Meatball subs [Bonnie]
– 7 layer Mexican dip and chips [Kami]
– Chips with my homemade guacamole or wings! [Brittany]
– 7 layer Taco Dip [Becca]

Overall it seems like you can’t go wrong with chips and dip if you want to impress the ballgirls this year!  Katie has even provided you all with the recipe to the sausage dip she always makes.  (See below) Well, regardless who you are cheering for, we hope you enjoy the game with your family and friends!

Sausage Dip:
1 package sausage
2 rotel tomatoes
2 packages cream cheese

Preheat oven to 350 F.  Brown sausage in skill, drain. In a clean skillet, place drained sausage back into pan with Rotel tomatoes and cream cheese, mix until well blended.
Place in baking dish in oven for 20-25 minutes, or, heat in crock pot.
Serve with chips!