Ballgirl Trading Cards Unveiled

Being a Phillies Ballgirl sure does come with some really nice perks. One of our favorites is the fact that we each get our own trading card to give out to fans at games and appearances.  There are many things that go into the selection and design of each card.  We all went through the photo process, followed by the selection process and finally they are off to the printers and arrive in boxes with our names on them.  The design for this year is great and we all hope you’ll enjoy trying to collect all 17! 


Lindsaycard.jpgPersonally, I went through my photos a couple times, narrowed it down to a top 5 and sent it out via email to my most trusted friends.  The worst part was that I forgot to include my favorite one!  Although they all put in their votes, I ended up choosing the one I liked, so nobody has seen it yet!  Like McKenzie, I used a photo with a bat this year, since my 2009 card was only a headshot.  I think it came out exactly as I pictured it when we were doing the photos.  My signature however, never comes out the way I planned. I’ve just accepted the fact that it looks like “LDY.”  The other ballgirls make fun of me for it, but I guess that’s going to have to be my trademark.

Enjoy hearing how the girls picked their cards and a preview of each!  Go Phils!

I would like to preface this post by saying that if I could title this blog post, it would be entitled “I love you Mom, but you’re wrong.” When I got my photo CD, I sorted through the 50 or so pictures by myself at first so I could laugh at the really embarrassing and totally unprepared pictures – totaling roughly 75% of the CD. After going through them a couple times, I chose about 5 or 6 that I personally liked. I sent these to a few of my friends for their opinions and expected to just choose the majority vote, but naturally each person had a different favorite. Finally, after a few more days of indecisiveness, I sat down with my best friend whose judgment I unequivocally trust and told her to just pick one. She picked a photo that I had skipped over and not chosen the first time. I ended up loving it. After I finalized my choice, I showed the picture CD to my mom, who proclaimed that she “hated” the photo I chose. However, now that she’s seen the final product, she has since changed her mind…so, I love you Mom, but you were wrong.

Thumbnail image for Katiecard.jpgKatie: Every year, the ballgirls are anxious to see what our trading cards will look like.  And,
every year it’s pretty humbling to have at least 2,500 to hand out to fans, family, and friends.  I have to admit, I still have some from last year to hand out.  So, I’m excited to get started on giving out the 2010 set.  It’s pretty neat to see my Phillies Ballgirl trading card next to my little league softball trading card that I’ve kept since I was 8.  It reminds me of the hopes I had to be involved in professional baseball/softball.  To me, the trading cards show that hard work pays off and going after your dreams is within reach.








Who would have thought that picking one picture was so hard to do?! After looking through the hundreds of pictures I narrowed down to my favorite 20, then I narrowed it down to my top 3.. I’m pretty sure I just needed one but since I am the world’s most indecisive person, a panel of judges was necessary.   The panel consisted of my roommates and of course, my parents (all who were the first to receive my trading card).   Finally after a week of debating we finally came to a decision… The one with my eyes closed, jk jk; even though there were a lot with my eyes closed I did not pick that one.  You’ll just have to wait and see which one I picked.  Anyway, I was so excited that they finally arrived! Once I had them in my hand, I thought it was dream.. like why is my face on a trading card that just so happens to have the word “phillies” on it??  I think this is when it really hit me, that I am a Phillies Ballgirl, like a real Phillies Ballgirl, this is not a last minute Halloween costume, this is the real deal here! I then  realized I need some sweet signature too.. but let’s be serious, that’s not happening.  It took me long enough to decide which “B” I would use and how I should curve the “y”.  Sometimes I write so fast I write my name with 3 t’s, and I’ve only known how to spell my name since I was like what 4 years old; so, don’t be surprised if you get anything signed by a Britttany or a Britty, because really it’s just me, Ballgirl Brittany, forgetting how to spell my own name.  And if you just so happen to forget who I am, just remember, I’m the ballgirl with the longest word on her trading card: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


As if being a Phillies Ballgirl wasn’t already the coolest thing ever, receiving our very own baseball cards just made the it even more exciting! Following our photo shoot in January, I enlisted the help of some close friends and family to help decide upon a photo, then waited anxiously until they finally arrived this past week. I was super excited to see how they came out and immediately called up my number one fan, my mom, to share the news. She of course was the first to receive a card, followed by some friends at school- I’ve even made my way onto a few fridges around campus. I’m still getting used to the whole autograph thing, but I’m sure with a little practice I’ll be a pro in no time.





Thumbnail image for Beccacard.jpgBecca:
Of course I am beyond excited to get my trading card, I feel like it’s a Ballgirl right of passage!  I have two very important people lined up to receive my first trading cards, my Mom and my brother.  My Mom deserves one of the firsts, for regularly shuttling me to softball practices and attending all of my games.  One will also be sent express mail, to my brother in Baltimore, in return for constantly beating up on me, and making me the tough athlete I am.  I guess I better start practicing my autograph….who am I kidding…we all know I already have:/







Katelyncard.jpgKatelyn: Having my own trading card is very exciting, but it wasn’t the easiest process!  After the photo shoot, I had over 60 photos to choose from.  I took the CD with the pictures on it to my Aunt and Uncle’s house where they printed out every picture so they could see each picture side by side.  Each of them chose their favorites.  After they gave me their choices, I brought the printed pictures home and the rest of my family and friends gave me their opinions.  Everybody had a different favorite, including myself!  Finally, after days of close consideration, I finally made my decision.  I was thrilled when I saw my trading card!  It was surreal to see myself on it.  My first impression was that I really loved the font on the card.  It was so different and cool looking.  I gave my first card to my father.  He didn’t make me sign it, but the rest of my family did!  I signed “Katelyn” just like I normally would.  I thought that was perfectly fine, but my brother told me I had to perfect my signature, so I guess that’s something I’ll be working on!

What is more awesome then having your own trading card?  The day of the card photo shoot I was nervous because I knew how much important the card is!  When I got the proofs, I could not decide between what picture I wanted to appear on my trading card.  So what I did was chose the top 3 pictures and sent them to close family and friends to have them vote on their favorite.  They did a great job because I think the card turned out great!  I was so excited to receive my box; I gave them out to any family or friends that I came into contact with.  I can’t wait to start bringing the cards to appearances and hand them out to fans there.






Patticard.jpgPatti: I was really excited when I first saw my photos for the trading card, but then I remembered I had to pick just one! Some were easy to veto right off the bat because I had my eyes closed or was laughing or my hair was out of control or Lindsay was in them. I rallied some of my most critical friends and family members to help me choose the final picture. It was interesting to see who chose which picture and I got some unexpected response which was fun. In the end I decided to choose a headshot instead of a posed picture because it looked more natural. I am really happy with how the card turned out! The hardest part about passing out my cards is answering people’s requests to write something “witty” or “inspirational” on command. It’s a lot pressure! So over the next couple of weeks my goal is to come up with a catch phrase that will be my go-to phrase when I find myself in an creative dry spell. Suggestions welcome…

Thumbnail image for Perrincard.jpgPerrin:
I always look forward to seeing how my trading card turns out every year. Considering we have to sign and handout hundreds of these things every season I sure hope I look good. This year I decided to go with the classic bat on shoulder pose and I think it turned out pretty decent. I feel lucky to say I have had my face and “stats” on a baseball card twice now and that’s pretty sweet.  The first ones to receive my card will be my family as usual. I would like to say the reason they are the first recipients is because I love them so much and they’re my biggest fans. Though that is probably true the real reason is because I know that even if I look hideous they will always lie and say I look beautiful!





They’re here!!  Getting our trading cards is fun, awkward, exciting, and weird all rolled into one.  It’s fun and exciting because it means we’re getting closer to the start of the season and we have our very own collector’s items to give out to fans when we’re at events.  What’s awkward and weird about it is seeing your face on a professionally designed piece of merchandise, just like the pros.  It takes some getting used to, but I LOVE our trading cards. Because our trading cards are such an integral part of what we do, the picture selection process is key.  I like to start with a quick-browse view of every photo.  Then, I go through the entire package again, this time at a slower pace, examining in more detail.  At this point, I start moving the ‘Likes’ into a separate folder to create a short list of potential candidates.  Once I have the short list of ‘Likes’, I create a another sub-folder to filter the ‘Super Likes’.  Once the ‘Super Likes’ are chosen, I sleep on it, wake up the next morning, and after a well balanced breakfast and coffee, I make my decision.  And, bam, there it is, my trading card!

Since this is my second year as a ballgirl, I definitely wanted to switch up the look of my card a little. We can either do a close up head shot, or pick a pose with a bat or glove. Last year, I did a head shot, so I wanted to use a prop in my new card. Of course I had to take votes from friends and family on which new picture to use! I was so excited to get the new ones, and I’m really happy with how it turned out! I gave my first cards to a group of high school kids who were at a math and science event I was involved in. Then I also sent a big batch home to my parents in Connecticut!








For some reason choosing my picture for my trading card turned into a huge fiasco!  I was able to narrow my 85 pictures down to two, which seemed to only complicate the process even more because I was getting completely different opinions from my family and friends…and it wasn’t just that some people liked one picture over the other.  While some really didn’t like the one picture it was loved by others and vice-versa which made me self-conscious about both of the pictures!  Finally I decided to ignore everyone and pick one that I liked…which wasn’t even one of the two that we had originally narrowed down.  Next time I have to do something like that I’m not going to ask anyone’s opinion!  Now that the trading cards are finally all printed I’m really happy with the way that they came out and I’m glad I chose the picture that I did.  I now feel like an official Ballgirl because I have my trading cards and I also got my warm-up this week!  I’m really excited for when I get to give out my trading cards to tons of Phillies fans…it’s going to be so much fun!

Bonniecard.jpgBonnie: I can honestly say that I have never had my own trading card before, and I’m not gonna lie…it’s pretty cool. It would be even cooler if each card came with a piece of gum like the cards I collected as a kid, but I’m definitely not complaining. After getting my cards last week, I found out that people are very curious about how this whole trading card thing works. So I thought I’d answer some of the top questions people have been asking me in case anyone out there is dying with curiosity…1. How much is a card worth on Ebay? Answer: I actually searched for the going price of a Phillies Ballgirl card on Ebay, but nothing turned up. I’m thinking the supply and demand rule could definitely be a factor since they’re hard to find. 2. How do you collect all 17 cards? A: Your best bet is to come to enough games that you meet all of us and have us give you one ourselves. 3. Did we get a say in the picture they used on the card? A: Definitely. I’d like to play it cool here and act like I didn’t really care how the pic looked, but in total honesty, it was a group effort at my house picking the best photo. We have to live with these cards for a year, so the decision wasn’t taken lightly. Anyhow, this whole experience was a lot of fun, and now I’m just enjoying spring training and waiting until the regular season starts!


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Aww – I miss you girls! Your pictures look fabulousss…I can’t wait to collect them!🙂

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