Happy Opening Day!

Opening Day has begun!  We are just as excited about the start today as anyone else, and what a day it is!  Hopefully the Phillies will start this season 1-0 with a win for Halladay!  This week, I asked the ballgirls to try to put into words how excited they were for opening day and the beginning of the season.  We have been preparing in all different ways and can’t wait to start working down the line and for the Green Team!  I also asked everyone to make a prediction for the 2010 season.  While we are pretty superstitious, we still were able to formulate what we were looking forward to this season.  Hopefully they will all come true! Go Phils!!!
Personally, I was able to be at the park last Friday and Saturday for the exhibition games against the Pirates. It felt like I had never left! The fans were excited and just as loud as ever.  It was great to put the pinstripe jerseys back on and hit the field as well. Saturday I was working on the left field line and it was around 80 degrees. What a day for a baseball game.  I’m really looking forward to the home opener on the 12th, it will be so great to have the Phillies back home again.  Also, I was training Bridgette on Saturday and got to witness her first moments on the field… it was pretty special to see her so excited.  The first time you step onto the field is amazing.  This year I am making a prediction that one of the ballgirls makes ESPN’s Top 10 for an amazing play down the line.  We have quite a softball team this year and I think its time that someone followed up after Sam made it a couple years ago!

Emily: I was fortunate enough to have been given a chance to train for my first games on the field as a Ballgirl during the first homestand of the season.  I think I’d have to be crazy to not feel a little bit of nervousness about my first days of training, but my excitement overrides my nerves by a million!  Lately I’ve been replaying different scenarios in my head over and over to prepare myself for my time on the field, although I’m sure whoever is training me will help to prepare me with everything I need to know.  I know it’s going to be an amazing season for the Phillies (obviously) as well as for our Ballgirl squad this year.  I’ve been having a blast at all of the community events that I’ve been a part of so far with the Ballgirls…I almost forgot about our jobs at the actual ballpark!  Wish me luck for my training days!!  
My prediction for the 2010 season:  A rematch in the World Series against the Yankees…and we’re takin’ home the gold this time!

Well folks the time has come to dust off that Phillies cap, dig out the foam finger, and suit up in your favorite Phil’s gear because the boy’s are back in town and baseball season has officially arrived! I for one have done all three in preparation for April 5th (and more importantly April 12th), and was lucky enough to be the first newbie to train on the field this year during the Phils home exhibition games on 4/2 & 4/3. I could barely contain my excitement on the days leading up to the big event, and when I walked up the stairs onto the field for the first time Friday night I was in awe of how beautiful a sight it was. During this game I watched and learned from Katie how the job was to be done, and cheered on with the fans as the Phils beat the Buckos 5-3. I couldn’t have asked for better weather come Saturday when it was finally my turn to experience the excitement. With a sold out crowd and not a cloud in the sky, I took pointers from Lindsay who was on the field for the first seven innings until I was ready to take over. A signal from the bullpen prompted my first trip across the diamond to retrieve a jacket for Pirates’ reliever Jack Taschner. My heart was pounding once the bottom of the 7th started, but I was able to channel my butterflies and focus on the job at hand. Unfortunately no foul balls came my way for the remaining innings, but I’m sure I’ll get a chance to do some fielding during my next games on April 16th and 17th. In the meantime I’ll be getting pumped and prepped along with my fellow ballgirls for opening day on April 12th! Go Phils!
My prediction for the 2010 season is: I am way too much of a superstitious freak to make a predicition…I am however wishing for a return to the World Series this year (knock on wood!)

Bonnie: For so many reasons, I am more excited than ever to watch the Phillies take the field this year, and I can’t wait to be a part of the Red Goes Green team this month helping to find fun ways to recycle during the games.
My Phillies 2010 prediction may sound a little bold but is pretty reasonable if you look at the facts. Last year, the Phillies outfielders accomplished a rare feat when they were all chosen for the NL All-Star team, so my prediction this year is that all four infielders: Howard, Utley, Rollins, and Polanco will accomplish a similar honor and be chosen for the All-Star team. Here’s my reasoning: Howard and Utley have become expected names on the yearly All-Star roster, and Rollins and Polanco are no strangers to the honor themselves. They both have been on the team in past years and both received Golden Gloves in 2009. Despite all of the the facts and stats I can use to defend my prediction, the one thing I know for sure is that the Phillies, without a doubt, will have a strong representation on the All-Star team roster this year!

Kami: I can’t believe we are on the verge of another baseball season! It seems like November’s ballgirl tryouts were years ago already! I know I personally am more than ready for the home opener, especially after spending all weekend at Citizens Bank Park for the On Deck series. I was in attendance at Friday night’s game as a fan, where I saw all of us on the Phanavision giving the fan warning for the very first time. For me, that was the very first moment when I realized that the 17 of us are in for an amazing summer (and hopefully, with any luck, an incredible October as well). I can’t wait to watch all of our “Ask the Phils” questions throughout the season. Saturday afternoon was my first official game appearance. Katelyn and I walked all around the ballpark selling raffle tickets. It was a great way for us rookies to become familiar with the ballpark and meet Phillies fans at the same time. That being said, I’m super excited for opening week, where I’ll be working Green Team for 4 games!

My season prediction is that the Phillies will win 112 games, Jamie Moyer will have the best season of his career and both Hamels and Halladay will have 20 wins apiece. See ya in the postseason!

Patti: One more week until Opening Day…its “Paint the Town Red” week… exhibition games are underway…the red Phanatic is everywhere… the weather is gorgeous… Baseball season is upon us! For most of April I will be participating in the Phillies Green Team recycling program. I’m excited to be at the stadium amongst the Phils fans, taking in some games, beautiful weather, and of course recycling! My first game as a Green Team member was the April 3rd exhibition game where I got announced on the field! It was my first time on the field behind home plate for the National Anthem- which has been a dream of mine for so long. I was actually a little nervous, but sooo excited to be out there! The Phils did a great job as well as our Green Team volunteers, so I couldn’t have asked for a better first game! Eagerly awaiting Opening Day…and the 2010 season🙂
My Prediction- Clearly with the best pitching staff in the league, we’re going all the way… See you guys at the World Series!😉 Do ballgirls get championship rings?

Victoria: I think it’s safe to say that as a dedicated Phillies fan I have a daily countdown till the home opener and I am very optimistic about the season.  I predict that the Phillies will clinch the NL Championship again this year.  Our team is looking strong and I think with the new batting line up and the new additions to the team everything is going to be coming together nicely.  Besides my daily countdown I am very much excited to be working Green Team on opening day.  I worked the Saturday (4/3) exhibition game and it felt great to back in the park.  My fingers are crossed that we have good weather on the 12th and that the team can come out strong.  Lets play baaaaaaall🙂

Becca: I have been mentally preparing myself for Opening Day 2010 since the last out of the 2009 season! Every time I get stressed about school or work I pull up my mlb.com countdown till Opening Day! I was planning on attending the game in Washington with my brother, but when my professor told me she would fail me if I skipped for a baseball game, I had to adjust my plans.:/ She does not really follow baseball and just didn’t understand. So, I will be watching Opening Day 2010 from my laptop in my art history class. Not nearly as good as being there but I’m just excited the season has finally arrived.

As far as predictions go: I’m hoping for some really great offense with our new batting order and additions to our hitting such as Polanco. I think this will definitely allow for more scoring opportunities. With that being said, I’m going with a record of 104-58…if not better. I’d love to see another World Series victory…because I don’t think I can take that heartbreak again!

Kristina: Nothing is better than seeing the Phanatic bright red!  My favorite part about Paint
Thumbnail image for red phanatic.JPGthe Town Red Week is the energy of the fans.  For instance earlier this week groups of people on their lunch break gathered in center city to meet with the red Phanatic (and ballgirls) to show their Phillies spirit.  Phils fans are filled with anticipation, and I love it!  As for me, I will be watching the Phils from home until they come back to Philadelphia where I will be working the Green Team.  Let’s go Phillies!
My prediction for the 2010 season is:  Rematch vs. the Yankees – World Series Champions in 4  

Brittany: Well, while the rest of Philly is enjoying the game, I’ll be in class.. learning, reading and listening. I know, I know, you guys are soo jealous, but not everyone can be as cool as me and be in class while the Phillies are playing. But besides the opening games I am so pumped about the starting the season.. finally!!  Knowing that we have a new fresh team with new members I am feelin really good about this season. My prediction is that the Phillies will be NL Champs and go the the World Series.. again; but this time we’re gonna win, and it’s gonna be a complete sweep (the other team won’t even have a chance) and Halladay will be MVP.

Katelyn: Opening Day has finally arrived!  The exhibition games held at Citizens Bank Park on April 2nd and April 3rd were a great way to get everyone pumped for the great season that is ahead of us! I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time in the ballpark helping out with Green Team and a silent auction.  Along with the exhibition games, it was Paint the Town Red Week, so I even got to see the Red Phanatic!  I couldn’t imagine a better way to kick off the 2010 season.  Everything that went on this past week really fueled my anticipation for the actual season to start!  I have a ton of predictions for the 2010 season.  I believe the Phillies will be the National League Champions with a record of 95-67 and will make it to the World Series. I think this is the year for a Red Sox/Phillies battle for the title. The reason I think that the Red Sox will make it to the World Series is because I think that they have the best pitching in the American League. I believe they’ll make it to the World Series over the Yankees because pitching beats offense. The reasons I predict that the Phillies will make it to the World Series are endless! First of all, we have Roy Halladay, the best pitcher in baseball. Secondly, we also have Cole Hamels who is in the process of redeeming himself, a young J.A. Happ who is proving that he belongs, and veteran Jamie Moyer who knows the game better than anyone.  Our offense is more balanced that the Red Sox which I believe will give us an advantage over them.  I predict that we will win the World Series in 7 games.  If the Phillies do make some trades, I think that there might be a Brad Lidge trade depending on how quickly he heals.  Hopefully everyone stays healthy this year!  We need the team in their best shape so we can have a 3-peat year of making it to the World Series!

Fehran: I can’t believe baseball is finally here.  I’m a numbers girl, so what I’m most looking forward to, aside from watching the Phillies, is following stats around the league.  And here’s my big reveal…dun, dun dunnnnn……I love sabermetrics.  You name it, WHIP, OPS, VORP, etc.. and I can’t wait to talk about it.  Baseball is the only sport where this type of in-depth analysis could even exist in a meaningful way.  It’s for people who love the game and the players more than a casual fan.  I think the Phillies will win 98 games in the regular season.

McKenzie: The 2010 season is finally starting!! I was on the field for Saturday’s exhibition game, and could not have asked for a more perfect day. I was nervous going back out on the field for the first time this season, but once I was there it felt like I had never left. On Opening Day, I’ll be working Green Team, so if you are there, look out for us! This will be my first experience at opening day for the Phillies, so I know it will be crazy. I think the Phillies are going to make it all the way again this year…. let’s go with an outstanding record of 92-70… the exact same record as 2008 and hopefully the formula for another World Series win!!

Katie: The home opener is days away and I am so happy that the city is getting geared up for the season.  I love seeing the Cirra Centre lit up with a big Phillies P; when I wear Phillies gear, people walking by tell me the countdown to the season; when I turn on the TV, the announcers are talking about the team’s roster; when I walk around the city and see the Phanatic Statues; ticket sales are hitting record numbers.  We are such a die-hard city and I’m proud of that.

My prediction for the 2010 season isn’t too outrageous.  I think that we will make the playoffs and possibly even make it to the World Series again.  Many fans and commentators are saying the same thing and I know the fans are hoping so too!  We will be behind our Phightins throughout the season!

Perrin: We are finally almost here! Just the thought of baseball season with our boys in pinstripes and the always scenic Citizen’s Bank Park can’t help but put a smile on your face. This weekend’s exhibition games are a perfect warm-up for the regular season to begin. I will be recycling with Philly’s finest on Friday working the Red Goes Green Team and then on Saturday I will be selling raffle tickets for our silent auction. I can’t wait to see how the rookies handle the arduous labor, but I have faith they will do great. If you haven’t learned by now, being a ballgirl isn’t all just fun and games sitting – we work hard!
I truly believe 2010 will be a fantastic year for the Phillies. We are looking stronger then ever coming into the season and the team definitely is in the mindset to win. Barring everyone stays healthy, there is no doubt that the Phillies will stroll into October with another NL pennant and third World Series appearance in a row. The road will be tough especially because our division is a lot stronger this year, but I believe the Phillies definitely have what it takes to be successful again!

Amanda: OPENING DAY TODAY!!!! I am literally jumping up and down. We have waited since November, buried in the twelve feet of snow mother nature dumped on us this winter, for this day to come…and it is finally here!  I was on the field Friday night and worked Green team Saturday for the two exhibition games and it got me so excited for the season.  :)  The Phillies looked great this weekend and I predict this will be the year we bring a World Series Championship back to Philadelphia! “2010 WE’RE GONNA DO IT AGAIN!”  Go Phillies!

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