Happy Birthday, Phillie Phanatic!

This Sunday, April 18th, is the Phillie Phanatic’s Birthday!  We will all be celebrating with him at the game and hopefully the party will be the best one yet.  I asked the ballgirls to tell us their own favorite birthday and why they chose it.  Enjoy!


McKenzie: Happy birthday to the Phanatic! Every year his birthday is a great excuse for a Phillies celebration and an amazing birthday cake for MLB’s favorite mascot! I’d have to say one of my favorite birthdays was for my Sweet 16. I was out with a friend, and we went back to my house after dinner.. I didn’t think anything was up, because my house in Connecticut has a super long driveway and is set back in the woods, and there were no cars in the driveway, and I didn’t notice any on the street. So of course I think I’m just coming home to see my parents, and I walk in, and there were about 30 of my friends from school, from my old town that I moved from, and some other friends all at my house! I know a lot of people say they don’t like surprises, but I LOVED having a surprise party, and everybody had so much fun. It meant a lot to me that there were so many people that wanted to celebrate my birthday, and so many that were able to keep it a secret! My parents did a great job planning and I know everybody had a good time. I always joke that I have in some ways the best birthday and in some ways the worst… it is December 21st, right before Christmas and New Years. It’s a very fun week because it’s like 3 holidays right after the other.. but at the same time, then everything is crammed together and I don’t get to celebrate at all the rest of the year!


Tori: As far as birthday’s go I have had a few really good ones, such as
toribday.JPG my surprise 16th birthday party in high school…. which I was actually surprised about.  However; one of my most memorable birthdays (mainly because my parents have so many pictures from it) was my 4th birthday. I had just started taking ballet lessons a few months prior so since I was about as obsessed as a 16 year old with the Jonas brothers, my Mom decided on a ballerina themed birthday.  If you can see where this is going then you won’t be surprised to hear that I ran around the house the ENTIRE day with a pink tu-tu on. My younger sister Danielle was just born and for my birthday she got me this little yellow giraffe, which sings a lullaby.  From what my mom says I was showing it off to everyone who came to the house that day.  But the best part is I still have it to this day, it sits on a shelf in my room.  So between the tu-tu, demi-paellas and a sentimental gift from my new younger sister I would say that my 4th birthday was AWESOME!!


Katie: The Phanatic’s birthday celebration is coming up and it reminds me of my own birthday celebrations.  For my own birthday, I enjoy having some time by the pool, eating vanilla ice cream cake and spending time with my family and friends, and of course, watching the Phillies!  Last year, I worked the Phillies game on the field the day before my birthday, and it was really nice to hear fans wish me a happy birthday.  Usually, I spend my birthday evening watching the All-Star game or the Home Run Derby.  I love having a summer birthday!


Last year for my birthday, my oh-so sweet roommates surprised me with Phillies tickets. We met up with some friends and spent the afternoon tailgating and enjoying a beautiful day at the park. My birthday is in June so soaking up some sun and watching a game is one of favorites ways to celebrate. If the Phils win on my birthday that is always nice too!


Kami: My favorite birthday was my first birthday where I learned a very
kamibday.JPG important lesson that I still fondly remember to this day…


…fire is hot. Happy birthday Phanatic!











Bridgette: A wise woman by the name of Oprah Winfrey once said, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate,” and I couldn’t agree more. My birthday falls on July 5th, just one day shy of Independence Day, which also happens to be my older brother Kevin’s birthday. Growing up we would celebrate with a big family barbecue in my back yard. These days it’s a little more low key but mama dukes still bakes us each our own cake every year and we sing happy birthday together. Having you birthday the day after the 4th definitely has it’s perks, for one I’ve gotten to experience fireworks as a gift on numerous occasions. I also share my birthday with such celebrities as Phillies own, Gary Matthews aka ‘Sarge,’ and the Jersey Shore’s Pauly D! This year marks my 21st birthday, which I am especially excited for. Not only is there a home game that night, but it’s also a Hatfield Phillies Franks Dollar Dog Night! What could be better than ringing in your birthday with a Phils game and delicious hot dogs…oh and you can bet I’m submitting my name to be up on Phanavision! Can’t wait to celebrate the Phanatics birthday on the 18th also!


Bonnie: I’ve had 25 amazing birthdays throughout the years, but I definitely remember my nine year old party as one of my favorites. The plan was to play “Pie Trivia” which basically meant each girl would answer a question and get to throw a pie in the face of the girl beside her. After that, we swam in a heavy rain shower. During the party, I kept bragging to all my friends that lunch would be some delicious stuffed crust pizza. I thought this pizza idea was the coolest thing since slap bracelets, so I could hardly stand my excitement. It was slightly disappointing when our order got messed up and the pizza wasn’t stuffed crust, but either way, I thought throwing pies and swimming in the rain was the coolest party ever. Happy bday, Phanatic! You’re over thirty and never looked better.


Kristina: In light of the Phanatic’s birthday all the ballgirls were asked to think back to our favorite birthdays.  The first one that came to mind was my 5th birthday when I received a Powerwheels electric four wheeler.  Now since I was so young I don’t exactly remember it clearly, but my parents informed me that it was one of my absolute favorite toys.  Apparently when I received the gift I was so excited and immediately wanted to ride it.  My parents described to me how I would drive around the yard in the same circle for hours.  I chose my 5th birthday as my favorite because when I think of it I am reminded of the great childhood that I had!


I’ve had a lot of great birthday parties in my life, but one that always stands out to me when I think back is my rock climbing birthday party that I had for my 11th birthday.  I loved this party because #1:  rock climbing is awesome, and #2: I realized I was really good at it.  I was like a little monkey back then…I could climb any of the walls in the building with no problem!  And of course the cake, the candles, the presents, the balloons, the family and friends, and everything else that goes along with your typical birthday were all great too.    Recently all of us Ballgirls went rock climbing, and it was the first time I had rock climbed since my 11th birthday party.  Yeah, I played it off like I didn’t know what I was doing…and then went right to my old monkey ways.  I haven’t lost a beat since my younger days of rock climbing!  Well, maybe a little…but as you can see in my more recent photo of me rock climbing, I was extremely focused and determined with my tongue-sticking-out expression.  I think I may have to plan for another rock climbing party in the future!  


Fehran: I have two birthdays that tie for the best ever.  The first was my 25th birthday.  My mom lives in Houston but she sneakily showed up at my office on my birthday to surprise me.  She had secret dinner reservations at Waterworks and even managed to loop my fiancé in on the action.  I love surprises!  My second favorite birthday was 2 years later.  The day of my birthday I had to leave for Chicago for work, which was really not fun since that meant I would be spending my birthday in a hotel, with room service.  Before I left, my fiancé snuck into my apartment and decorated it from TOP to BOTTOM.  I had never seen so many streamers, balloons, signs, and goodies.  It was a great site to wake up to.  The decorations stayed up until February, and the door sign that said “The Party’s Here” stayed up until last month when I moved.  Hahaaha


Katelyn: My favorite birthday also happens to be my earliest memory of a
katelynbday.JPG birthday!  For my 3rd birthday, our family was finally able to take home our new puppy.  I still remember how excited I was when we went to pick her up and how little and cute she was sleeping during the car ride home.  Even though it was my birthday, I remember not being interested in cake, gifts, or birthday songs; I just wanted to play with my new puppy!  She was the best pet anyone could ask for and I still ask for a dog for every birthday and every holiday since she passed away.  I’m hoping that maybe this year is my year!  I hope the Phanatic enjoys his birthday and that the Phillies can pull out a win against Florida to make his day extra special on April 18th. Happy Birthday Phanatic!!!


Patti: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHANATIC!!! I hope you have the best birthday ever! Although my birthday is typically the last week of summer (this year it’s Labor Day!) and many people always have plans to enjoy the remaining days before fall/school start, I’ve still had a bunch of great birthdays over the years. However, I think my favorite might have to be this year’s bday which is slowwwwly approaching. Even though it isn’t here yet, I’m anticipating it being my favorite because I’ll be backpacking in New Zealand for 2 weeks with my friend Pete!!!!!! (No pressure Pete and yes, gifts are still welcome). I am so excited, I have never been backpacking before and there’s so much stuff to do in NZ I may have to extent the trip🙂 Pete and I are still in the planning stages so I’m not quite sure exactly what I’ll be doing on my actual birthday, but bungee jumping has made its way on the list (just have to break the news to Pete). Be sure to check in after Labor Day for some pics of the trip and best bday ever!”


Perrin: I honestly can’t recall a particular birthday that stands out. I never was lucky enough to receive a party at any cool or extravagant places. I can say that I was always excited to have a birthday during the school year because I could bring in cupcakes and everyone would wish you a happy birthday. My poor friends with summer birthdays always missed out on that one day when you could feel special and popular as your peers all wished you happy birthday in the hallway or classroom. Lucky for all those summer birthdays out there, now we have facebook to tell us when it’s your birthday. Now you can finally have your moment in the spotlight for everyone to shower you with well wishes! 


I’m one of those summer babies that never got to have a birthday party in school or bring cookies etc., but I did always get to celebrate my birthday with close family at the beach.  Since I was a baby my family has been going to Hilton Head Island, SC for a week in the summer. It always happens to fall on my birthday so I’m used to going to Scott’s Restaurant for dinner and having cake back at home.  After a few birthdays of store-bought cake (which I hate!) my mom finally started packing her cake pans and making me my favorite kind so I could still feel at home.  This picture is of my 6th birthday, when I apparently was into Ninja Turtles!  The other good thing about my birthday is that it always falls around Christmas in July at the ballpark!!


Brittany: It’s the Phantic’s birthday, and if anyone loves to celebrate birthdays that would be me!! Let’s just think about how awesome birthdays actually are: out of the 365 (sometimes 366) days of the year, that one day is all yours, and what more of a reason to celebrate! My favorite birthday had to be my 20th and of course, my 21st.  These were my most memorable moments I ever had so far in my life! My friends and family made sure to make them the best times ever; and these 2 were.  During my 20th birthday my dad took me to New York to see my favorite movie on broadway… THE LITTLE MERMAID!! Even though I was the oldest girl in the theater I loved it and had sooo much fun!! My friends and family know that when it’s their birthday that they are getting a home made gift from me. I love making stuff for birthdays, it’s my favorite thing to do!!! I love doing it all, cakes, cupcakes, picture frames and albums, etc…  So since it’s the Phantic’s birthday, I say let’s pull out the streamers, whip out some banners and confetti and hang up that pinata and let’s celebrate the Phantic’s birthday!!! PS his cake looks slamminnn!!


Happy (early) birthday to the Phanatic from all the ballgirls!!








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