Ballgirls in the Community

Again this week we wanted to report back what we’ve done in the past month.  We have been fortunate enough to visit many little league opening days as well as other charity events.  I asked the girls to provide some insight to who we met and what we saw along the way, and of course a couple of pictures to go with it! 

Coming up the ballgirls will be at FDR Park for Earth Day on April 22nd. There they will assist with a maintenance project in partnership with the Fairmount Park Commission.  Come out to see Tori and Bridgette on the 22nd.  Also, Katelyn and McKenzie will be on hand at the ‘Sandy Sprint 5K’ in Philadelphia on April 24th to benefit ovarian cancer.  If you’d like to see us in your community, email GO PHILLIES!!

Katie: On April 17th, Lindsay and I were invited to attend the Season Opener of the Lansdale
Thumbnail image for katie.lansdale.JPGLittle League.  It was their 50th Season Opener!  The day started off with a parade of the little league members onto the main field displaying the banners of their sponsors.  We could see the kids’ excitement in the way they were smiling and bouncing around.  After the announcements, thank you’s and parade, the teams came to our table where we were handing out giveaways such as a Phillies travel mug, 2004 Season Highlights DVD and the 2010 Phillies Magnetic Schedule.  Although it was a bit chilly, the kids seemed to have a great time.  Rich, the LLL President did a wonderful job with organizing the festivities.  We were glad to be a part of the celebration today.  Here’s to all the other little league Opening Days! 

Perrin: This week Emily and I traveled to Bensalem, PA to help the community celebrate their Little League Opening Day. We had the privilege of carrying the banner during the parade to kick off the season. There were so many adorable boys and girls in attendance all decked out in their uniforms. While the players took the field we mingled with the crowd signing cards and passing out information about their “Sponsor a Soldier” program. The Bensalem community sponsors a local resident in the military and asks volunteers to donate items to send to them overseas. I was thoroughly impressed with the community turnout and how many boys and girls participate in the township little league. I wish them all the best of luck with their season!

Patti: This weekend Fehran and I participated in the Big Brothers/Big Sister’s Bowling fundraiser at Laurel Lanes. We were asked to rally supporters to participate in the “wine & soda toss” and I think we did a great job! Wine & soda toss is a game where the participant tosses a ring at either a collection of soda or wine and if the ring lands around the neck of a bottle the person wins that prize. In our time there we had one young winner!..and Fehran may have had a winning toss…only no one was around to witness it (I’ll vouch for ya Fehran, it was legit!).

Last Saturday, Becca and I had the opportunity to help out at one of the Phillies Harmony Phan Club events. From the moment we walked in the door, all of the participants were welcoming us with open arms. The theme for the event was, of course, the Phillies, so everyone was decked in their best Phillies gear. Everyone was having a great time on the dance floor or digging into the delicious buffet. But just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the Phanatic came as a surprise guest to keep us all laughing. This event was one of my favorites so far because the excitement was contagious, and I went home feeling lucky that I got to meet so many wonderful people.

Brittany: On Saturday the 17th, Kami and I had to wake up bright and earlier to attend the Clean Air 5k.  The run was to promote going green and was a paperless event.  Yep that’s right there were a lot of “green” vendors and no paper or fliers to hand out; just giveaways and tons of verbal information which is why Kami and I were there promoting our Red Goes Green Team and trying to recruit volunteers to sign up on available game days (if you want to sign up check it out at ).  The one thing I loved the most about this event was the clean and recyclable friendly atmosphere.  All the trash and recycling cans listed the “yes'” and “nos” that could be thrown away in each can. I was surprised to find out that banana peels go in the recycling cans!!  Not only did we get to meet some great motivated runners who participated in the 5k and volunteers, but we gained great information about going more green in our lives. We even learned some new yoga moves : ) After attending this event I can say that I learned many new things that would definitely keep in mind…. Hey, maybe I’ll run the 5k next year! Where do I sign up??

Emily: Last week Bridgette and I did an appearance for the Gloucester County Little League Opening Day in Blackwood, NJ.  All of the kids in the league were dressed in their team uniforms and were all on different teams from the MLB.   We saw it all…little Yankees, Marlins, Red Sox and of course the lucky kids who got to be on the Phillies (don’t worry we were still nice to all of the little Mets players!)  They even had us throw out the first pitch of the season…unfortunately I gotta say that Bridgette and I are definitely no “Roy Halladays”. The Opening Day ceremonies were really neat because they had a band playing which consisted of boys who also play in the league.  They sounded great…we both thought they were a professional band!  After the ceremonies, the two of us did a lot of mingling and card signing with all of the little league players.  We had a great time talking to all of the kids and parents…everyone was so nice!  We even got a chance to meet another special guest at the event, Bubbles Louie, the clown.  Bubbles kept really busy at the event making balloon animals and painting kids faces.  All of the coaches and parents did a great job to make their season opener a special one…it was a lot of fun!

Becca: On April 10th, Katelyn and I helped Mt Laurel baseball and softball kick off their
season with a newly renovated field. It was quite chilly that morning but the players did not let the cold affect their excitement or hold them back from their annual parade. During the opening ceremonies the young athletes listened to words of encouragement from coaches and community members, which got them pumped and ready to play! We were so happy we could be a part of their exciting day and start the season off right!

Kristina: On April 10th, Bonnie and I attended a Little League opening day event in Sewell, New Jersey.  Besides us ballgirls, Socceroo (the Kixx mascot) and two members of the Kixx dance team were also there.  The baseball/softball complex was packed with anxious players and parents/coaches.  The main attraction of this event was the introduction of every player and coach in the organization.  The kids seemed to really enjoy having their name called over the loudspeaker.  Our job (along with Socceroo and the dance team) was to create a tunnel for players to run through.  Socceroo was keeping everyone entertained with his antics, he really had us all laughing.  Overall, I believe the event was a success, good luck to Sewell Little League!

Tori: On Friday, April 16, 2010 the 2009 William Penn Award was received by Charles Pizzi, President and CEO of the Tasty Baking Company. The William Penn Award is the highest honor bestowed upon a business executive in Greater Philadelphia, luckily for Becca and I we were there for this honorable moment.  Each year the recipient of this award is allowed to pick a theme for the Gala, and if you couldn’t tell he picked “Philadelphia Sports Teams.”  Also there to join in on the fun were two dancers from the 76ers, Hip-Hop, 2 cheerleaders from the Eagles and Swoop.  Becca and I greeted and took pictures with guest as they arrived in their black tie bests.  Everyone looked wonderful and was having a great time.  Especially Hip-Hop who proceeded to dance with everyone has they walked into the dinning hall.

On Saturday April 10th, Katie and I were invited to join in the Devon-Strafford Little League opening day ceremonies at Wilson Farm Park in Devon, PA. The morning began with a parade around the ballpark featuring the children and families of little leaguers, led by the Conestoga High School marching band. Afterwards, Leslie Gudel of Comcast SportsNet was on hand to read a letter from Governor Rendell that praised DSLL for celebrating its 50th season. Before the first games of the season began, groups of middle and elementary school aged girls participated in a softball clinic run by the Conestoga Varsity softball team. Despite the chilly weather, DSLL’s opening day was a success and Katie and I enjoyed being a part of the festivities!

Also, we had a fan send in a question for the ballgirls this week and we wanted to answer it! Michael from West Philly asked: What positions do you each play in softball?  Well Michael, here is your answer:

Katie, Bonnie and Emily are our resident pitchers; Katie even gives pitching lessons sometimes!  Becca plays first base and is known for her mean split, which she even used in our first game this season in Shawnee, NJ! (We attached a picture to prove it!)  Fehran and myself play second base, while Kami, Amanda and Kristina occupy shortstop.  Rounding out the infield is Perrin at third, who is a former First Team All Suburban League player!  Getting into the outfield, Tori, Patti, Bridgette, Katelyn and Jess all claim centerfield to be their best positions and Brittany is best in left field.  Hope this answered your question and thanks for sending it in to the ballgirls!!
Thumbnail image for becca.split.JPG



thank you all for your help on saturday night at the game with being so open to answer my interview questions!! it was wonderful meeting all of you – especially lindsay, becca and kami who let me tag along for the night.

also, i’ll be walking in the “sandy sprint 5k” this saturday in support of my mother, and am very happy that some phillies ballgirls will be there in support of the great cause.

thanks again girls!

hey girls! just wanted to thank you SO much for your help on saturday with my interview questions. it was great meeting everyone and i appreciate you letting me get so involved, especially with the green team🙂 big thanks to lindsay, becca and kami for letting me follow them around and pick their brains all night! what an awesome job you girls have and what absolutely incredible role models you are to girls. you really help to give philly a good name!

looking forward to seeing some of the ballgirls in support of the sandy sprint 5k this weekend that i’ll be running for my mother.

thanks again everyone!!
go phils!

oops didn’t mean to post twice!

No problem at all Rachael! We enjoyed your company. Best of luck with your story, please let us know how it goes!


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