Phillies Superlatives!

Around this time of year there are lots of graduations… high school, college, grad school etc.  Considering the month, and the fact that we had a few ballgirl graduations, we thought it was appropriate to give out some Phillies Superlatives!  We each put ourselves in Charlie’s shoes and gave out nine awards. These only apply to the first few months of the 2010 season.  The awards are: best home run, best batting stance, best breakout performance, most improved, funniest moment, most likely to get off the DL fastest, best hair, best walk up song and most team spirit.   Do you agree with us?!

Best Home Run:

best hr.JPGThe Victorino grand slam was a close second to Carlos Ruiz’s walk off in the bottom of the 10th against the St. Louis Cardinals!

Best Batting Stance:

best batting stance.JPGThe ballgirls described Ryan Howards stance as “like no other”, but Jayson Werth’s stance was a close second.  We even try to do impressions of the Phillies at our softball games! 

Best Breakout Performance:

best breakout performance.JPGPolanco has certainly made an impression here for the 2010 start.  Jamie Moyer’s complete game definitely deserves honorable mention though.  Roy Halladay’s debut was a close second here!

Most Improved:

most improved.JPGWe were all over the place on this question, but Carlos Ruiz took it all with his improved offense, holding the highest OBP in the major league before going on the DL during the Colorado series.  [Thanks for the info Perrin!]

Funniest Moments:

Bonnie: Hearing about the pranks the Phillies play on each other at Spring Training.
Katie: When the Phantic prays when Kendrick is announced
Katelyn, Kristina, Emily and Lindsay: When Carlos Ruiz got a double pie to the face after his walk off homerun against the Cardinals and continued his interview like nothing happened.
Kami and Tori: Ryan Howard laughing into his glove when fans ran on to the field.
Patti and Becca: The Phantic as Lady Pha Pha
Perrin: David Herndon and his pink bag

Most Likely to get off the DL fastest:

dl list.JPGSad that we have to have this category, but it seems we have the most faith in Jimmy Rollins to be back in action again for the Phightin Phils!

Best Hair:

best hair.JPGJayson Werth takes this category by storm. His facial hair meets our approval, and you can’t miss the fans in right field who have matching hairstyles and signs dedicated to him!

Best Walk Up Song:

best walk up.JPGChase Utley wins this one, we all love “Kashmir.”

Most Team Spirit:

most team spirit.JPGA great award to win, and we have a tie between Rollins and Victorino for the loyal and spirited players! Perrin chose Jimmy Rollins because “you almost never see Jimmy without a smile on his face, and he is a true team player.”  However, Kami and a few others agree Victorino is the most spirited espeically after his apology for not hustlining on a dropped third strike.

Well Phillies fans, do you think we are right? Who would you give the awards to??!

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Most likely to be mistaken for someone famous from a tv show.

Placido Polanco – The Great Gazoo from The Flintstones (when he has his batting helmet on!

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