June 2010

Answers and some other random yet useful info….

You may or may not have guessed, but here are the answers to this week’s “Guess the ballgirl” …..  Ballgirl #1 is veteran McKenzie!  Ballgirl #2 is veteran Lindsay [yes, me!] and Ballgirl #3 is rookie Kristina!
Stay tuned for more segments of Guess the Ballgirl to come throughout the season.
Further, we do have our June stats coming to you on Thursday. I can’t believe the month flew by. We were really busy working 16 home games, including one rainout and one unbelievable torrential downpour.  I thought the only storm we were going to see for a while was the resurgence of J Roll and the Phillies’ bats, but it seems like Mother Nature had a lot more in store for us last Thursday.  During the first of 2010’s “All Rookie Days,” Bridgette and Tori had their first rain delay experience.  Do any of you at the park have pictures or video to match? Here is a shot from Tori of the hallway we take to the field.  The field is at the top of the photo…. and there is some serious rain pouring in!! 


Next, I think we all need to be thinking some very positive thoughts today.  The last thing we need is Utley on the DL!  Let’s hope everything turns out ok, and maybe you can send in a few more All-Star votes for him!! There are only 3 more days left to vote!
Finally, congrats to Marci Schankweiler – founder of Crossing the Finish Line which provides respite for adult cancer patients and their families – for being selected as the “Phillies All-Star Among Us!” Marci will be honored at the 2010 All-Star Game on FOX and featured in special pre-game ceremony on July 13th at Angels Stadium. More than 1.7 million votes were cast. http://philadelphia.phillies.mlb.com/news/press_releases/press_release.jsp?ymd=20100628&content_id=11683082&vkey=pr_phi&fext=.jsp&c_id=phi&fb-phi-news31 

Go Phillies!

Guess the Ballgirl Part 2

Hey Phillies Fans!

This homestand has been off to a great start.  I think we can all agree that J Roll is back to his old self again!!!  This week we have another installment of ‘Guess the Ballgirls.’  I’ve given you three facts about each one, and even a picture. Can you find your favorite in here?  Leave your guesses in the comment section!!

guess1.JPGBallgirl #1

This ballgirl’s middle name is Fields for the Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever, and baseball fields – her dad’s two favorites.

This ballgirl has been to almost all 50 states – only missing a few!

This ballgirl’s favorite, favorite, favorite color is hot blue – even her car is this obnoxious color and can be spotted from a mile away🙂



guess2.JPGBallgirl #2

This ballgirl was the leadoff batter for her high school team, and bunted every at bat.

This ballgirl’s favorite kind of theme party is a Jock Jam theme — with sports music and sports clothing.

This ballgirl’s favorite part about a Phillies game is when the bell rings after a home run and they play the early 80s hit “You Dropped a Bomb on Me” by the Gap Band.










guess3.JPGBallgirl #3

This ballgirl has played every position on the field at least once in high school and/or college.

This ballgirl’s favorite subjects are math and science.

This ballgirl has NEVER had a Philly Cheesesteak!

Good luck!!

Shameless Plug Sundays

There are some great things happening this week in the Phillies’ world and we need your help!


1)  All-star voting ends online on July 1st….don’t forget to vote and vote often!  www.phillies.com


2)  Phillies Charities Pledge Campaign is up and running.  The players are doing their part and we need your help to raise money for a great cause. www.phillies.com/pledge


3) Stop by the First Base Plaza on Wednesday, June 23rd and check out some the great items available for auction.  Portion proceeds benefits Prostate Cancer Awareness. 


4)  If you are going to be at the game next saturday, June 26th against the Blue Jays, look for the Phillies’ Wives selling Mystery Balls and raffle tickets to raise money for Phillies Charities.


5)  Do you know an extraordinary scholar?? 

The Phillies are looking for high school students who are making a difference in their community while maintaining good grades (3.0 GPA or higher, B Average or higher or equivalent) in the classroom. If you are a current high school sophomore or junior (during the 2009/10 school year) tell us in a 500 or less word essay how you are having a positive impact on their community by exercising social justice and responsibility and you could be honored as a Phillies Extraordinary Scholar prior to a game at Citizens Bank Park.

See Official Rules for complete details. Enter by 5 p.m. ET on June 25, 2010.



Slumps and superstitions and stats…oh my!

Not that we need it, and not that we are in a slump, or a rut, or a rough patch, but rather just in case, the ballgirls wanted to offer some help to our hometown team.  We are tapping you into our pre-game secrets.  These are some of the things that help us when we need some good luck.  The Phillies are free to use it, or ignore it, but either way we wanted to send some homeruns, RBIs and general good luck to the Phillies as they return home for a bunch of games. 

Sidenote:  I did ask the girls to send this blog in a couple days ago, and since the Phils have returned, they’ve really changed their outlook. Maybe it was just nice to get back home and hear the roar of the fans in Citizens Bank Park, maybe they just wanted to play on their home turf, but either way, it is great to see those bats going again.  Let’s keep it up boys! 

Here are some suggestions from the ballgirls for good luck charms… in case we ever need it again! […please no!…]

Amanda: The best thing for any athlete when in a slump is to always stay POSITIVE!! Anytime I was having a bad game, practice, etc…I always kept my head up and pushed through.  The mental aspect of the game is huge so getting frustrated only makes it worse.  The Phillies good luck charm is Citizens Bank park…this home stand will be just what the boys need– their Philly Phans!

Tori: I think it’s only natural that players/teams get into ruts.  It was inevitable that I would get
tori.necklace.JPGin a batting rut every season and as frustrating as it was I had little things I would do to help me.  For away games I would do whatever I could to relax on the bus, which usually meant listening to music.  I also had a particular white ribbon that I would always wear in my hair, the first time I wore it I hit my first home run.  As soon as I would get out of my rut and start hitting I wouldn’t wash my socks, I know, I know kind of gross but every player has there own little things.  Once I felt comfortable and was back in the swing of things I would wash them again.  My other good look charm is my faith necklace, I wore it for every game under my jersey the entire time I played in college.

Kristina: I am a very superstitious person and when I wasn’t performing my best I always looked to my routine that I did before a game and changed it up until I had success.  At one point in college I ate tuna fish sandwiches every day before a game and I wouldn’t change it because I was on a hitting streak.  Another thing I would do is wear the same socks (obviously I would wash them) but even if the socks had holes I would continually wear them until my luck changed.

Bonnie: I had several rituals on game days that I could not skip. First off, my best friend would pick me up for school, and we had our select game day songs that would play on our way to school. I also was pretty serious about my diet on game days…no sweets, no soda, no junk. We even had our traditional team pranks in the locker room that got us all pumped up before going out to play. I definitely felt that these rituals would make or break the game for my team, so I couldn’t miss any of them.

McKenzie: I’m probably one of the few girls that will have this answer.. but I never really had a ritual that I followed before every game. I didn’t play competitively in college, only in high school, so I think I was always too busy or doing something else involving school before all of my games to really ever develop a ritual. I guess the closest I’ve come to having one now before being on the field for Phillies games is being neurotic about checking my bag to make sure I have everything. I ALWAYS open it before I leave the house, once I’m in the car, and before I leave work for the game if it’s during the week. Maybe I should develop some quirky ritual just so I can say I have one….

Lindsay: I always listened to music on my iPod before every game.  Whether it was an away or home game I had multiple playlists and my whole team in college pretty much did the same. I had a friend who would listen and sing to Hanson before every game (and there is a current ballgirl who probably did the same)… but I was more into dance and rock songs before games. Most memorable was in 2004 when my team played for the National Championship, a teammate and I used to sing “We are the Champions” throughout the whole season before games, but someone got us on video for that game… pretty embarrassing. I’d suggest the Phillies rockout in the locker room before the game, it worked for me!

Bridgette: Whenever I seem to be in a slump when it comes to sports, I try to make note of specific differences in the details from when I was winning compared to when the slump began. For example, this year while playing intramural softball at school I noticed that when I wore a certain white long sleeve shirt underneath my jersey my team would do well, and that one week when I switched it up and wore a gray long sleeve underneath instead, we lost. When I made the change back to white, it just so happened that we won the remainder of our games in the season. I also take note of the color head band and hair tie I’m wearing when my team wins, and make sure to wear the same color during the next game. It’s all about the little details!

Fehran: In high school I used to eat Taco Bell before every game.  I’d have a Mexican Pizza with no tomatoes and a Sprite with no ice.  It gave me super powers.

Patti: Although I can’t say I had too many bad games/weeks/seasons,😉 I can say I definitely had some pre-game routines that helped me keep my focus and get mentally prepared to play. Before each game at school we would wear our uniforms, I didn’t particularly like this trend so I would make a T-shirt resembling a jersey and people would sign it throughout the day. It was great to get people excited about our game and the (mostly) inspiring words really got me pumped to play…Maybe its time our Phils started asking some fans for autographs! And of course right before each game I always listened to some great pump up songs to get me in the right mind frame and excited to play! (see walk up songs blog)
























Perrin: I don’t really have any pregame rituals (see Lebron James chalk toss), nor do I regularly hold any good luck charms (see Sanka’s lucky egg in “Cool Runnings”). In college, I would routinely listen to some type of pump-up mix on my ipod before a race to get the adrenaline going. One of my personal favorites is Dropkick Murphy’s “Shipping Up to Boston” which always gets me pumped up.


And since we missed posting on Sunday, here are some other info you might be curious about….

1) Ballgirl winning percentage stats are now available!!! Well another month ends and a new one begins, but that means it is time to check the Ballgirl Stats!  This month we had Lindsay dethroned by Perrin for the Vets and Bridgette for the Rookies in the category of highest winning percentage.  McKenzie wins in the category of runs scored for the Vets by a landslide at 52!  Bridgette is also leading the Rookies with 9 runs scored.  Keep looking and cheering for your favorite ballgirls on the field each night!  Katie showed some significant improvement this month stating she was making “slow, but steady steps” toward a better percentage.  Let’s see how we do in June, Go Phils!

Thumbnail image for may stats.JPG 
2)  All-Star Voting is still taking place!  Vote up to 25 times per email address.  www.phillies.com


3)  Follow your favorite player and support Phillies Charities at the same time.  www.phillies.com/pledge



Phillies Phestival Recap

The ballgirls and most of the Phillies spent last Monday at the Phillies Phestival. As usual, it
Thumbnail image for photobooth.phestival.JPGwas quite an event. The crowd showed up even with a little bit of rain to start the night, but the support to strike out ALS was stronger than ever. We spent our night working the first annual
Ballgirl Photobooth and got the opportunity to walk around and meet some of the best fans in Philly!  At our photobooth we posed with some of the Phillies fans, and even a couple friends and family members who were lucky enough to meet their favorite ballgirls!  Another highlight (as you’ll read) was our resident musician Katelyn leading her “Ballgirl Choir” to what was quite possibly our first and last sing-a-long.  The lyrics are posted below, I’ll let the ballgirls tell you more.  Finally, we got to work the Live Auction which is the final event of the Phestival.  We get to show the items off to all the bidders, which is pretty exciting!  Anyway, here are some of our favorite memories and photos from the Phestival… if you missed it this year, be sure to get your tickets early for 2011 – you won’t want to miss it!




It’s hard to pick just one great memory from the Phillies Phestival.  We all had a lot of fun posing in pictures with fans at our Ballgirl photo booth.  At one point even my Dad and sister came over and got in a picture with a few of us…it was funny because it was like my Dad had to pay to get a picture with me! (I should try charging him for pictures with me all the time!)    Of course the reason he was more than willing was because all of our proceeds were for a good cause.  Another great moment at the Phestival was when a few of us decided to write our very own Ballgirl song to promote our photo booth, and I’m proud to say I helped come up with a few clever lines.  Once our masterpiece was created, Katelyn, our musician and now maestro of the team, orchestrated our Ballgirl chorus.  Now I don’t want to brag or anything but if someone were to compare our singing to the sound of angels, I wouldn’t be surprised. =)  The end of the Phestival was fun because we all got to play “Vanna White” as we helped display items for the auction.  The auction just happened to be over right as the Flyers game ended so some of us decided to sprint out of the stadium to beat all of the Flyers traffic…and let me tell you we weren’t parked close.  So, despite the mile run to my car it was definitely a great day!

Patti: My favorite memory from the Phillies Phestival was signing a “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” inspired tune in order to entice phans to take photos with the ballgirls!

Bonnie: Since it’s tough to get all of the ballgirls together in the same place at the same time, I enjoyed getting to hang out with all the girls while helping out a wonderful cause.

Kami: I was so excited for Phestival this year because I had heard from the vets how awesome last year’s was. This year’s Phestival certainly didn’t disappoint. My favorite memory from the day was when all 17 of us sang Katelyn’s adapted version of “Take Me Out to the Photobooth”. For those of you who weren’t able to witness it, maybe a YouTube video will surface soon…

The Phillies Phestival was a lot of fun!  During the event the ballgirls were in charge of a photo booth where fans could come and take a picture with us by donating $10 to ALS.  It was great spending time with the girls as well as mingling with the Phillies fans that came to the park to meet and greet with their favorite players.  The ballgirls even created and sang a catchy song to the tune of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” about the photo booth.  Many Phillies fans stopped to listen; we even reeled in a few customers with our great voices!

Katelyn: My favorite memory from the Phillies Phestival was definitely having the chance
katelyn2.phestival.JPG to lead the “Ballgirl Choir” while we sang our little jingle to try to get fans to take pictures with us! I have included the lyric board the girls read off of while they sang.  Watch out for us, we’re the next big thing!🙂














tori.phestival.JPGVictoria: A few days prior the the Phestival Bonnie, Bridgette, Emily and myself surprised an 8th grader named Andrew with four tickets for him and his family to attend the Phillies Phestival.  Not only did they attend but Andrew had a dream come true and was able to get a autograph and picture with his ideal Ryan Howard.  I had the opportunity to meet up with Ryan and his family while at the Phestival and to see the smile on Andrew’s face melted my heart.  It was hands down the best part of the Phillies Phestival🙂
Bridgette: It was definitely exciting to be at this year’s Phillies Phestival accompanied by all of my fellow ballgirls. This was my first time attending the event and I was blown away by how many fans came out to the ballpark to support the ALS Foundation as well as help raise more than $800,000 for such a good cause. My favorite memory of the night was getting to sit in the visitors dugout with all of the ballgirls together (a difficult task considering our busy schedules) as we helped with the auction at the end of the night.

Fehran: My favorite memory from the Phillies Phestival was Katelyn’s rendition of Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Ballgirl-photo booth-style.

McKenzie: My favorite Phestival memory from this year obviously has to be the “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” take-off written by our very own Katelyn Klinger! Luckily I wasn’t singing but I got lots of pictures of the great performance! They definitely got the attention of some fans and helped raise more money for our photo booth.

Becca: My favorite part of the Phillies Phestival was interacting with all the fans. When not showing our pearly whites at the photo booth, the girls walked around the park to mingle with the crowds. It was really fun witnessing the eager fans, especially the younger ones, waiting in line to meet some of their favorite players. It was truly amazing and inspiring to see how much the Philadelphia community cares and the amount of Philadelphians who came out to show their support. Displays of graciousness like the Phillies Phestival, give me hiiiiggggghhh hopes (Note:to be sung Harry K style) that we can strike out ALS for good!

Perrin: My favorite memory from the Phillies Phestival would have to be singing the beautiful song Katelyn wrote for us to croon to phestival onlookers as a means of enticing them to check out our photo booth. It was an honor to witness Katelyn’s brilliant songwriting in action. After she retires from the ballgirls I think she could have a long and successful career in the music industry. I also hear she plays a mean violin!

My favorite memory was just getting to spend time with all the ballgirls together. It was our first event that all 17 ballgirls attended at the same time, which is pretty tough considering we each have crazy schedules. The opportunity to meet our fans and take pictures for a great cause was a close second… either way it ended up being a great night in South Philadelphia! Here’s a photo of the 17 of us working the Live Auction!


Where were you????

Did you know – the Phillies Insider asked where we were when Halladay pitched his perfect game on May 29th, 2010 … well Larry Shenk, here it is!  I think you’ll be especially proud to hear where rookie Becca was that night.  I’ll leave it to her to tell the story!


I was in a wedding while Halladay was pitching his perfect game. Lucky for me, my dad had it recorded so I could watch the highlights later that night.

Kami: When Roy threw the final pitch of his perfect game I was crowded around a tiny TV in my kitchen with my mom and brothers (after my dad kicked us all off the big screen TV for trying to flip back and forth between the Flyers game and the Phillies).

Kristina: I was over a friend’s house watching the game with a group of people.  We were flipping between the Phillies and Flyers games when we quickly realized that he was on his way to a perfect game, how exciting!

Katelyn: I was in Sea Isle City, New Jersey when Doc pitched his perfect game!  I celebrated with my friend Shawna and her family.  Luckily for me, I was around all Phillies Phans🙂

Katie: I was actually watching the Flyers Stanley Cup playoff game, and by the time we switched the TV, the Phillies game was over! Being the big Phils fan I am, I was pretty upset that it was already over.  Luckily, it re-aired right after, so I was able to watch history! Congrats to Halladay! Simply amazing!

Victoria: As for the most recent Phillies history that was made by Roy Halladay on May 29, 2010 I am so proud to say that I was in Ocean City, NJ with my boyfriend and his family watching the game.  After dinner we all sat down and relaxed to watch the game and as each inning went on you could feel the tension in the room growing with anticipation for what was about to happen.  The entire room went crazy and began cheering as soon as the final pitch was thrown and the out made.

Bridgette: As far as the historic game Halladay pitched on Saturday night, I had the pleasure of listening to the play by play on the radio in the car with my parents as Scott Franzke and Larry Anderson kept us on the edge of our seats until the very last out. Once it was official we were “WOO-HOO!’n” and laying on the horn to celebrate along with the other Phans on the road. Congrats Roy AND Chooch!

Fehran: During Roy Halladay’s perfect game, I was having dinner with my fiance at Moritomo Japanese Steakhouse in Royersford.

McKenzie: I unfortunately did not see Roy Halladay’s perfect game!! I was busy that night and found out about 10 minutes after the game ended by checking Facebook on my phone. I counted and had 14 friends with a status message about it in a row… yet I had been clueless when the game was going on!!

Lindsay: I was in South Carolina on the 29th, and was out to dinner when I started getting texts about the game. I hurried my family to leave and walked in the door just as the game ended. Thank god for the highlights on Phillies.com!

Emily: At the time of Halladay’s perfect game I was fortunately up visiting my boyfriend in New York, and yet unfortunately unable to get the station on his TV!  Luckily I was getting updates of the game on my phone as well as texts from a few friends about how amazing Halladay was doing.  It would’ve been nice to have been able to see the game live on TV, but sometimes SportsCenter will just have to do…

Perrin: On Saturday, May 29th the Doc was in the house and surprisingly not because I started choking on a Frito Scoop while foolishly laughing and eating at the same time. I was hosting a small Flyers BBQ at my house when someone received a phone call about the game. As the conversation ensued we soon realized we were not talking about the same game. Nobody wanted to jinx the possibility of what we soon realized would become the highlight of our night/week/month, therefore we simply watched in amazement. There were hugs, high fives, and plenty of cheer in the room when Castro fielded the game-inning grounder in the ninth. For the second time this year history was made and who more deserving then the Phillies own Roy Halladay.

I begin by titling this blog entry, “fate”. This past January, I was scheduled to go to Miami, FL with one of my best friends, Corrine. However, shortly after planning our trip and booking our flight, I was informed that I made the cut, and was a Philadelphia Phillies Ballgirl. I was also informed that the team photo shoot took place the weekend I was supposed to be sitting on the sunny beaches of Miami. Of course I was ecstatic that I was selected as one of the 17 girls, but disappointed that I would not be going to Miami. Well, a couple months went by until Corrine and I decided to give it another whirl. We made sure to check the Phillies game schedule so I would not be missing any work and were pleasantly surprised to find that the Phillies would be playing in Miami while we were visiting. Now tell me that’s not meant to be! We have recently started a tradition of composing a list of goals for every break we have. This summer, “Visit at least (3) new baseball parks” is number 2 on our list. Are you putting the pieces together yet? As fate would have it, our trip got rescheduled and Corrine and myself found ourselves at Sunlife Stadium on May 29th, 2010. Along with a impressive amount of fellow Phils fans, we sat 14 rows behind home plate and witnessed Roy Halladay pitch the 20th perfect game in MLB history. I get goose bumps every time I think about it! Although I believe it was fate we ended up at that game, I do not think it was just fate for Roy Halladay. His accomplishment that evening was a display of dedication, hard work and a whole lotta heart. He could not be more deserving of such and honor and as always, I’ve never been more proud to be a Philadelphia Phillies fan.


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