Where were you????

Did you know – the Phillies Insider asked where we were when Halladay pitched his perfect game on May 29th, 2010 … well Larry Shenk, here it is!  I think you’ll be especially proud to hear where rookie Becca was that night.  I’ll leave it to her to tell the story!


I was in a wedding while Halladay was pitching his perfect game. Lucky for me, my dad had it recorded so I could watch the highlights later that night.

Kami: When Roy threw the final pitch of his perfect game I was crowded around a tiny TV in my kitchen with my mom and brothers (after my dad kicked us all off the big screen TV for trying to flip back and forth between the Flyers game and the Phillies).

Kristina: I was over a friend’s house watching the game with a group of people.  We were flipping between the Phillies and Flyers games when we quickly realized that he was on his way to a perfect game, how exciting!

Katelyn: I was in Sea Isle City, New Jersey when Doc pitched his perfect game!  I celebrated with my friend Shawna and her family.  Luckily for me, I was around all Phillies Phans🙂

Katie: I was actually watching the Flyers Stanley Cup playoff game, and by the time we switched the TV, the Phillies game was over! Being the big Phils fan I am, I was pretty upset that it was already over.  Luckily, it re-aired right after, so I was able to watch history! Congrats to Halladay! Simply amazing!

Victoria: As for the most recent Phillies history that was made by Roy Halladay on May 29, 2010 I am so proud to say that I was in Ocean City, NJ with my boyfriend and his family watching the game.  After dinner we all sat down and relaxed to watch the game and as each inning went on you could feel the tension in the room growing with anticipation for what was about to happen.  The entire room went crazy and began cheering as soon as the final pitch was thrown and the out made.

Bridgette: As far as the historic game Halladay pitched on Saturday night, I had the pleasure of listening to the play by play on the radio in the car with my parents as Scott Franzke and Larry Anderson kept us on the edge of our seats until the very last out. Once it was official we were “WOO-HOO!’n” and laying on the horn to celebrate along with the other Phans on the road. Congrats Roy AND Chooch!

Fehran: During Roy Halladay’s perfect game, I was having dinner with my fiance at Moritomo Japanese Steakhouse in Royersford.

McKenzie: I unfortunately did not see Roy Halladay’s perfect game!! I was busy that night and found out about 10 minutes after the game ended by checking Facebook on my phone. I counted and had 14 friends with a status message about it in a row… yet I had been clueless when the game was going on!!

Lindsay: I was in South Carolina on the 29th, and was out to dinner when I started getting texts about the game. I hurried my family to leave and walked in the door just as the game ended. Thank god for the highlights on Phillies.com!

Emily: At the time of Halladay’s perfect game I was fortunately up visiting my boyfriend in New York, and yet unfortunately unable to get the station on his TV!  Luckily I was getting updates of the game on my phone as well as texts from a few friends about how amazing Halladay was doing.  It would’ve been nice to have been able to see the game live on TV, but sometimes SportsCenter will just have to do…

Perrin: On Saturday, May 29th the Doc was in the house and surprisingly not because I started choking on a Frito Scoop while foolishly laughing and eating at the same time. I was hosting a small Flyers BBQ at my house when someone received a phone call about the game. As the conversation ensued we soon realized we were not talking about the same game. Nobody wanted to jinx the possibility of what we soon realized would become the highlight of our night/week/month, therefore we simply watched in amazement. There were hugs, high fives, and plenty of cheer in the room when Castro fielded the game-inning grounder in the ninth. For the second time this year history was made and who more deserving then the Phillies own Roy Halladay.

I begin by titling this blog entry, “fate”. This past January, I was scheduled to go to Miami, FL with one of my best friends, Corrine. However, shortly after planning our trip and booking our flight, I was informed that I made the cut, and was a Philadelphia Phillies Ballgirl. I was also informed that the team photo shoot took place the weekend I was supposed to be sitting on the sunny beaches of Miami. Of course I was ecstatic that I was selected as one of the 17 girls, but disappointed that I would not be going to Miami. Well, a couple months went by until Corrine and I decided to give it another whirl. We made sure to check the Phillies game schedule so I would not be missing any work and were pleasantly surprised to find that the Phillies would be playing in Miami while we were visiting. Now tell me that’s not meant to be! We have recently started a tradition of composing a list of goals for every break we have. This summer, “Visit at least (3) new baseball parks” is number 2 on our list. Are you putting the pieces together yet? As fate would have it, our trip got rescheduled and Corrine and myself found ourselves at Sunlife Stadium on May 29th, 2010. Along with a impressive amount of fellow Phils fans, we sat 14 rows behind home plate and witnessed Roy Halladay pitch the 20th perfect game in MLB history. I get goose bumps every time I think about it! Although I believe it was fate we ended up at that game, I do not think it was just fate for Roy Halladay. His accomplishment that evening was a display of dedication, hard work and a whole lotta heart. He could not be more deserving of such and honor and as always, I’ve never been more proud to be a Philadelphia Phillies fan.


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Great stuff ladies! I’ve enjoyed your blog this season!



Thanks Michael! Happy to have you following the blog!

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