Phillies Phestival Recap

The ballgirls and most of the Phillies spent last Monday at the Phillies Phestival. As usual, it
Thumbnail image for photobooth.phestival.JPGwas quite an event. The crowd showed up even with a little bit of rain to start the night, but the support to strike out ALS was stronger than ever. We spent our night working the first annual
Ballgirl Photobooth and got the opportunity to walk around and meet some of the best fans in Philly!  At our photobooth we posed with some of the Phillies fans, and even a couple friends and family members who were lucky enough to meet their favorite ballgirls!  Another highlight (as you’ll read) was our resident musician Katelyn leading her “Ballgirl Choir” to what was quite possibly our first and last sing-a-long.  The lyrics are posted below, I’ll let the ballgirls tell you more.  Finally, we got to work the Live Auction which is the final event of the Phestival.  We get to show the items off to all the bidders, which is pretty exciting!  Anyway, here are some of our favorite memories and photos from the Phestival… if you missed it this year, be sure to get your tickets early for 2011 – you won’t want to miss it!




It’s hard to pick just one great memory from the Phillies Phestival.  We all had a lot of fun posing in pictures with fans at our Ballgirl photo booth.  At one point even my Dad and sister came over and got in a picture with a few of us…it was funny because it was like my Dad had to pay to get a picture with me! (I should try charging him for pictures with me all the time!)    Of course the reason he was more than willing was because all of our proceeds were for a good cause.  Another great moment at the Phestival was when a few of us decided to write our very own Ballgirl song to promote our photo booth, and I’m proud to say I helped come up with a few clever lines.  Once our masterpiece was created, Katelyn, our musician and now maestro of the team, orchestrated our Ballgirl chorus.  Now I don’t want to brag or anything but if someone were to compare our singing to the sound of angels, I wouldn’t be surprised. =)  The end of the Phestival was fun because we all got to play “Vanna White” as we helped display items for the auction.  The auction just happened to be over right as the Flyers game ended so some of us decided to sprint out of the stadium to beat all of the Flyers traffic…and let me tell you we weren’t parked close.  So, despite the mile run to my car it was definitely a great day!

Patti: My favorite memory from the Phillies Phestival was signing a “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” inspired tune in order to entice phans to take photos with the ballgirls!

Bonnie: Since it’s tough to get all of the ballgirls together in the same place at the same time, I enjoyed getting to hang out with all the girls while helping out a wonderful cause.

Kami: I was so excited for Phestival this year because I had heard from the vets how awesome last year’s was. This year’s Phestival certainly didn’t disappoint. My favorite memory from the day was when all 17 of us sang Katelyn’s adapted version of “Take Me Out to the Photobooth”. For those of you who weren’t able to witness it, maybe a YouTube video will surface soon…

The Phillies Phestival was a lot of fun!  During the event the ballgirls were in charge of a photo booth where fans could come and take a picture with us by donating $10 to ALS.  It was great spending time with the girls as well as mingling with the Phillies fans that came to the park to meet and greet with their favorite players.  The ballgirls even created and sang a catchy song to the tune of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” about the photo booth.  Many Phillies fans stopped to listen; we even reeled in a few customers with our great voices!

Katelyn: My favorite memory from the Phillies Phestival was definitely having the chance
katelyn2.phestival.JPG to lead the “Ballgirl Choir” while we sang our little jingle to try to get fans to take pictures with us! I have included the lyric board the girls read off of while they sang.  Watch out for us, we’re the next big thing!🙂














tori.phestival.JPGVictoria: A few days prior the the Phestival Bonnie, Bridgette, Emily and myself surprised an 8th grader named Andrew with four tickets for him and his family to attend the Phillies Phestival.  Not only did they attend but Andrew had a dream come true and was able to get a autograph and picture with his ideal Ryan Howard.  I had the opportunity to meet up with Ryan and his family while at the Phestival and to see the smile on Andrew’s face melted my heart.  It was hands down the best part of the Phillies Phestival🙂
Bridgette: It was definitely exciting to be at this year’s Phillies Phestival accompanied by all of my fellow ballgirls. This was my first time attending the event and I was blown away by how many fans came out to the ballpark to support the ALS Foundation as well as help raise more than $800,000 for such a good cause. My favorite memory of the night was getting to sit in the visitors dugout with all of the ballgirls together (a difficult task considering our busy schedules) as we helped with the auction at the end of the night.

Fehran: My favorite memory from the Phillies Phestival was Katelyn’s rendition of Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Ballgirl-photo booth-style.

McKenzie: My favorite Phestival memory from this year obviously has to be the “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” take-off written by our very own Katelyn Klinger! Luckily I wasn’t singing but I got lots of pictures of the great performance! They definitely got the attention of some fans and helped raise more money for our photo booth.

Becca: My favorite part of the Phillies Phestival was interacting with all the fans. When not showing our pearly whites at the photo booth, the girls walked around the park to mingle with the crowds. It was really fun witnessing the eager fans, especially the younger ones, waiting in line to meet some of their favorite players. It was truly amazing and inspiring to see how much the Philadelphia community cares and the amount of Philadelphians who came out to show their support. Displays of graciousness like the Phillies Phestival, give me hiiiiggggghhh hopes (Note:to be sung Harry K style) that we can strike out ALS for good!

Perrin: My favorite memory from the Phillies Phestival would have to be singing the beautiful song Katelyn wrote for us to croon to phestival onlookers as a means of enticing them to check out our photo booth. It was an honor to witness Katelyn’s brilliant songwriting in action. After she retires from the ballgirls I think she could have a long and successful career in the music industry. I also hear she plays a mean violin!

My favorite memory was just getting to spend time with all the ballgirls together. It was our first event that all 17 ballgirls attended at the same time, which is pretty tough considering we each have crazy schedules. The opportunity to meet our fans and take pictures for a great cause was a close second… either way it ended up being a great night in South Philadelphia! Here’s a photo of the 17 of us working the Live Auction!


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