Guess the Ballgirl Part 2

Hey Phillies Fans!

This homestand has been off to a great start.  I think we can all agree that J Roll is back to his old self again!!!  This week we have another installment of ‘Guess the Ballgirls.’  I’ve given you three facts about each one, and even a picture. Can you find your favorite in here?  Leave your guesses in the comment section!!

guess1.JPGBallgirl #1

This ballgirl’s middle name is Fields for the Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever, and baseball fields – her dad’s two favorites.

This ballgirl has been to almost all 50 states – only missing a few!

This ballgirl’s favorite, favorite, favorite color is hot blue – even her car is this obnoxious color and can be spotted from a mile away🙂



guess2.JPGBallgirl #2

This ballgirl was the leadoff batter for her high school team, and bunted every at bat.

This ballgirl’s favorite kind of theme party is a Jock Jam theme — with sports music and sports clothing.

This ballgirl’s favorite part about a Phillies game is when the bell rings after a home run and they play the early 80s hit “You Dropped a Bomb on Me” by the Gap Band.










guess3.JPGBallgirl #3

This ballgirl has played every position on the field at least once in high school and/or college.

This ballgirl’s favorite subjects are math and science.

This ballgirl has NEVER had a Philly Cheesesteak!

Good luck!!

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