Answers and some other random yet useful info….

You may or may not have guessed, but here are the answers to this week’s “Guess the ballgirl” …..  Ballgirl #1 is veteran McKenzie!  Ballgirl #2 is veteran Lindsay [yes, me!] and Ballgirl #3 is rookie Kristina!
Stay tuned for more segments of Guess the Ballgirl to come throughout the season.
Further, we do have our June stats coming to you on Thursday. I can’t believe the month flew by. We were really busy working 16 home games, including one rainout and one unbelievable torrential downpour.  I thought the only storm we were going to see for a while was the resurgence of J Roll and the Phillies’ bats, but it seems like Mother Nature had a lot more in store for us last Thursday.  During the first of 2010’s “All Rookie Days,” Bridgette and Tori had their first rain delay experience.  Do any of you at the park have pictures or video to match? Here is a shot from Tori of the hallway we take to the field.  The field is at the top of the photo…. and there is some serious rain pouring in!! 


Next, I think we all need to be thinking some very positive thoughts today.  The last thing we need is Utley on the DL!  Let’s hope everything turns out ok, and maybe you can send in a few more All-Star votes for him!! There are only 3 more days left to vote!
Finally, congrats to Marci Schankweiler – founder of Crossing the Finish Line which provides respite for adult cancer patients and their families – for being selected as the “Phillies All-Star Among Us!” Marci will be honored at the 2010 All-Star Game on FOX and featured in special pre-game ceremony on July 13th at Angels Stadium. More than 1.7 million votes were cast. 

Go Phillies!

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