Happy July 4th!!!!

Independence Day will be a fun and relaxing holiday for the ballgirls this year.  Most of us will be walking in the parade in Philadelphia around 11 AM this year.  McKenzie and I worked last year’s parade and there was quite a turnout. I was amazed at how many Phillies fans were there and at how wonderful all the floats, string bands and dance teams were.  It was truly a
parade.palmer.JPGsight to see!  We also got to spend the morning with our friend Scott Palmer. Scott hosts one of our favorite shows “Behind the Pinstripes!”  As you can see he really got into the spirit last year and made lots of parade goers happy when they saw his 2008 World Series Ring! [See McKenzie’s photo!]

This year we will be missing Scott’s presence, but we will be in the American Youth Float area with some special waving techniques, so come out to see us in our red and white!  A couple of the ballgirls also had some special traditions for the 4th, so enjoy reading and enjoy your long weekends!!

Every year when I was younger my parents pushed me along in a stroller or pulled me in a wagon during the 4th of July Parade in my home town.  Since my birthday is on July 3rd, I always thought all of the commotion was for my birthday celebration (it was a bit of a let down when I came to realize that the fireworks weren’t in my honor)!  But still every year I always love the 4th because most of my friends and family have off from work and are able to spend my birthday with me.  This year I’m planning on going down to my beach house with my family and a few friends to enjoy the holiday weekend.  Also on the morning of the 4th of July I’ll be going back into the city to walk in the 4th of July parade with my fellow Ballgirls…I don’t think I’ll be riding in a stroller this year but old traditions seem to never die!

My family used to own a house in Ocean City, New Jersey so every summer our weekends were spent at the beach. It was completely crazy with anywhere from 5 to 25 people crammed into one house but I loved every minute of it! (The parents were always praying it didn’t rain because they never knew what to do with us all!) It was so fun hanging out with my 12 cousins on the beach and boardwalk. We would play all day in the sun and have family dinners together every evening. Fourth of July weekend was always a packed housed. My Uncle Wayne was in charge of steaks on the grill and dinner was usually followed by some fireworks at the boardwalk. We do not own our house anymore, and most of my cousins are grown up and leaving home, but we still make an annual trip to OCNJ together for at least a week every year.


Jess: My grandmother’s birthday is actually July 4th so usually every year, my entire family gets together at a park in Allentown to celebrate it.  We have a big picnic underneath this gigantic tree and just play games and enjoy each other’s company.  This year, however, I will making a trip out to Erie to see my boyfriend since he is interning for GE out there, and neither of us have much time to make the trip to visit each other.  So happy birthday to America and my Gram, and I hope you all have a great holiday!

Kami: For July 4th, I will be participating in the city parade through Old City with some of my
parade.kami.JPGfellow ballgirls. We’ll be taking lots of pictures that you’ll probably see on here at some point. Later in the day, my brother Mike and I will be sporting these lovely patriotic Phillies tees (available for purchase at the Majestic store). For the record, I bought mine first.








I’m looking forward to my 4th of July weekend because I will finally get to relax for a couple days! We are planning a cookout with friends, and on Sunday I’ll be with the rest of my ballgirls in the Philadelphia Parade! I can’t wait for that, it will be fun and a rare opportunity for all of us to be working together at the same event! To finish out the long weekend, look for me on the field on Monday night!



Patti: This 4th I will be celebrating at the beach! Hopefully I get a good spot on the beach for the fireworks display. Then I’ll be making my way to Philly to partake in the Parade with the other ballgirls! Pull up a chair on the sidewalk if you’re in town and give us a wave!

Bridgette: If you can recall the ‘Meet the Ballgirls’ series featured here on our blog posted
parade.bridgette.JPGback in February, we each were asked what our favorite holiday is. My response hands down was the Fourth of July. Not only do my family and I celebrate the birth of our nation, but also my brother Kevin’s birthday which happens to fall on the fourth, AND my birthday which is the fifth! This year’s festivities will consist of barbecuing, backyard wiffleball, local fireworks, and of course birthday cake! Oh and what’s Independence Day without listening to Ray Charles belt out his rendition of, “America the Beautiful.” As an added bonus to the holiday weekend, I’ll be celebrating my 21st birthday at Monday’s game with lots and lots of dollar dogs…and perhaps a few helmets full of ice cream. (Here’s a pic of Kevin and I last year on the fourth, you can’t really see but along the bottom is my mom’s traditionally artfully crafted red, white, and blue, cake made with fresh strawberries and blueberries…yum.)

Katelyn: I love 4th of July for 3 reasons: Friends/Family, BBQ, and fireworks! As well as enjoying the 3 previously mentioned things, I will be in the 4th of July Parade in Philadelphia with the other ballgirls!   My favorite thing about Parades is the music that is played.  I am hoping to hear a lot of “Yankee Doodle” and “America the Beautiful”.  After fireworks, I might even force my family to watch Independence Day with me🙂 Happy Birthday America!

Kristina: This year I, as well as a few other ballgirls will be wearing our stripes representing the Phillies in the fourth of July parade in Philadelphia. After that I plan on doing the usual fourth festivities, relaxing and barbecuing outside with friends, doesn’t get much better than that!

Fehran: As of July 1, 2010, I have zero plans for July 4, 2010.  That morning I’ll be in the 4th of July parade with the rest of the BGs, but after that I’m planless.  The parade should be a good time, lots of smiling, waving, and sweating.  I can’t wait!

parade.lindsay.JPGFinally, I will be working in the parade this year as well.  Last year was way to exciting – I even got to meet some Mummers! I’m usually sitting by the pool for the 4th of July because I’m not too crazy about shore traffic. I’m much happier enjoying the day relaxing at home.  It would be better if the Phillies were playing home this year, but the ballgirls will be together anyway!

Go Phils!










Congrats to Marci Schankweiler – founder of Crossing the Finish Line which provides respite for adult cancer patients and their families – for being selected as the “Phillies All-Star Among Us!” Marci will be honored at the 2010 All-Star Game on FOX and featured in special pre-game ceremony on July 13th at Angels Stadium. More than 1.7 million votes were cast. http://philadelphia.phillies.mlb.com/news/press_releases/press_release.jsp?ymd=20100628&content_id=11683082&vkey=pr_phi&fext=.jsp&c_id=phi&fb-phi-news31



Do you know a ballgirl named Irina? I think she was a ballgirl in 08 & 09. She’s a friend of a friend of mine. Love her WS ring.


Amy – Irena was a ballgirl both seasons but not this year. I agree her ring was awesome, they were so lucky to be there in 2008! Thanks for reading!!

Phillies Ballgirls

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