Keeping up with the ballgirls!

This past week we were in the Welcome America Independence Day Parade in Philadelphia!  This was my second year participating in the event and it was bigger than ever!  This marked the 234th celebration in Philadelphia, so it was very exciting to be able to walk in such a historic event.  This year we were able to have most of the ballgirls participate, which was an added bonus.  We arrived to the parade to be in our spot around 10:30 AM.  While we were finding our location, we passed many colorful, patriotic and interesting floats and groups. 



A few ballgirls were lucky enough to meet the men of the 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team before the parade got started.  They allowed us the opportunity to sit inside a real stryker that had just returned from overseas.  It was a really high-tech and complex machine.. and we got a personal tour!!  Thanks to our new friends, we were able to hear some stories about their lives and thank them for their service.  Here they are!


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for IMG_6383.JPG









Thumbnail image for IMG_6378.JPG










Another addition to the parade this year came from the Phillies.  We needed a little flair to walk in the parade since others had very elaborate and ornate floats and costumes. Our boss Michele came through and outfitted us with the Flyin’ Hawaiian Foam Fingers!!  We were all excited to have something fun to show off to the crowd. 











Of course, one of the best things about doing any event is getting to meet the fans.  We were able to take lots of pictures before the parade and even got to meet Miss Pennsylvania and Miss New Jersey [we shared a float with them!]  Here’s a photo of a ballgirl fan before the parade and a shot of us actually in the parade.





Overall, it was a great 4th of July and the ballgirls hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. 


PS – Isn’t it odd that I posted responses for the All Star game of Perrin and Bonnie only and David Ortiz won after all??  Congrats to them for being so smart!




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