Our Christmas (in July) Wish List

On July 25th, the Phillies Ballgirls will be hosting our annual Phillies Ballgirls Christmas in July Toy Drive at Citizens Bank Park.  The ballgirls will be at the entrance gates dressed in our traditional Mrs. Claus outfits and collecting new, unwrapped toys before the game. 

xmas in july1.JPG

There will be large bins outside each gate as well so that we can collect and donate the toys to Women Against Abuse, Children’s Crisis Treatment Center, DuPont Hospital for Children and the Police Athletic League.  We had a great time last year and our collection bins were overflowing.  We hope that you will get into the Christmas spirit again this year and donate for a good cause. 

Don’t forget about our annual Christmas in July dance with the Phanatic!!

I asked the girls to prepare a wishlist for Christmas in July.  I REALLY hope all of them come true.  Enjoy the weekend!


xmas in july2.JPGBallgirl Christmas [In July] wishlist

All I want for Christmas in July is….
1. A new Coach purse
2. Good weather on my vacation in Sept (I know thats more of a wish)
3. Tickets to the Backstreet Boys Concert (wink wink Lindsay)
4. A new digital camera
5.The Phillies to make it to the post season!!!
 – Victoria

I have a few wishes for Christmas in July.  Considering that I graduated college back in May, my first wish would be that I finally get a full time job!  Currently, I work three part-time jobs so I would love to switch that to just a full-time job and being a ball girl.  My second wish would be for Lindsay to pass her bar because that’s a bit important for her career and we all can use a little extra luck on stuff like that.  My third wish is for anyone who needs a miracle big or small gets ones.  We all need a miracle every once in a while and why not have it on Christmas in July.  And finally, my last wish would be for the Phillies to show how great of a team they really are.  They’ve had some rough times lately, but they’ve fought through it all and now that most players are coming back from the DL, I’m sure we’ll see our team with some “W’s” soon!
  – Jess

For my Christmas in July wish, all I can say, is… a better Phillies winning percentage for the games I work the field! In reality though, I will be wishing for good times spent with friends (including the ballgirls) and family.

p.s. I also wish for Lindsay to pass her Bar exam!
  – Katie

This year for Christmas in July, I want to go on another vacation! I just got back from a week at the beach in North Carolina, and another week would make for a great mid-summer Christmas! Oh and of course – what I want most of all is for Lindsay to pass the BAR EXAM! We don’t need to wish for this because we all know she will do it anyways!
 – McKenzie

Dear Santa – I wish that my fellow ballgirl and Captain, Lindsay pass her BAR examine with flying colors. She’s been living off RedBull and Diet Coke and hasn’t seen the light of day in the past month! I wish for my very own 2010 World Series Championship ring courtesy of our guys and appropriately blinged out…and I’m still waiting on that Powerwheels that I asked for in the 3rd grade🙂 Love, Patti

Two things I want for Christmas in July: Domonic Brown’s major league debut and a break from this brutal heat!
 – Kami

I wish for all the Phillies to become a true second half team and bring us back to the World Series, for a higher blog ranking on mlblogs.com and hmm, oh yes, to pass the bar exam!
– Lindsay

I wish for all of our injured Phillies to be healed and stay healthy!
 – Emily

All I want for Christmas is for Chase to make a speedier than expected recovery and return to the roster in August
 – Bridgette

Technically I already received my Christmas in July gift that came in the form of a ring on my left hand. Roy Oswalt would be the cherry on top. Last year I asked for Roy Halladay and look what happened. I’m just saying…..
 – Perrin

1. To completely and entirely dominate my History of Western
Civilization Midterm and paper (So I can finally get some sleep and
much needed relaxation!)
2. That the insulation Michele and I installed while doing Habitat for
Humanity on Wednesday actually works according to plan!
3. That the Phillies are overwhelmed with the holiday spirit and turn
this second half of the season around!
– Becca

What I want for Christmas in July is the Phillies DL to be clear!
 – Kristina

Dear Santa,
Please give Lindsay and my fianc passes on the bar, oh, and help at the plate for the Phillies.
– Fehran

My biggest wish for Christmas in July is a very long winning streak so we can be guaranteed to make it to playoffs!
– Katelyn

We all wish for a successful and happy Christmas in July!


Thumbnail image for hamels logo.JPG



Finally, have you ever wished to have Cole Hamels give you a pitching lesson???  Well you don’t have to wait until December to ask Santa.  You can ask him for Christmas in July because on August 9, The Hamels Foundation will host baseball pitching clinics in FDR Park which include a 5-hour camp featuring Cole Hamels and other professional pitchers.  Campers will learn pitching exercises, types of pitches, information on nutrition and pitching technique.   Each participant receives an autographed Cole Hamels baseball, a personalized, signed photo with Cole Hamels and a Cole Hamels pitching clinic t-shirt.  Limited tickets remain for two sessions: 7:30am – Noon (ages 9-13) and 1:30pm – 6:00 pm (ages 9-19).  Price per child is $300.  

Register online at www.thehamelsfoundation.org/events.  

The Hamels Foundation raises money to provide education grants through various fundraising events and pitching clinics.  Proceeds from this clinic benefit local Philadelphia schools. With a dedicated mission to providing support for quality education, The Hamels Foundation awarded over $90,000 to six Philadelphia schools in 2010 to enrich the lives of area children and provide them the tools necessary to achieve their goals. 



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Do the ball girls ever do any work with disabled children in Philadelphia? The reason I ask is this: I have a 4 year old who was born extremely prematurely (at 23 weeks) and who is, as a result of this, globally delayed (about a year behind where she should be) and on the autism spectrum. She also likes pretending to play baseball and likes watching the Phillies (almost as much as Nick, Jr!). I think she’d find a lot of inspiration in the ball girls–both your athleticism and also your hard-working ethic. I would love to think that she could be one someday but frankly we don’t know if she’ll be able to play softball (she has bad lungs and is prone to falling a lot because of neurological problems) or go to college (though I desperately hope this is in her future because she is really smart). Anyway, please let me know if you do clinics or anything with little girls like mine—I imagine a post about it would be something that at least some rabid Phillies fans would be interested in. For a long time, Hallie (my kid) used to recite her address xxx xxxxx Street, Philadelphia, PHILLIES! It was very cute.

Thanks so much, and please consider visiting my blog at blogginghallie.blogspot.com (where you can find some pictures of both my now-4 year old and her 18 month old sister garbed in Phillies gear….though you need to track back to April/May or this year and last October and the one before that during playoff/World Series season!

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