As you may have read in last weeks Christmas (in July) wish list, our pro-blogger, Lindsay, has been busy studying away for her Bar exam! Unfortunately she was not able to join us for this weekend’s festivities, but myself and the rest of the Ballgirls captured some photo documentation. The 2010 Photo Day and Christmas in July were a great success! Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, we sure did!

2010 Photo Day
1:00pm- Girls arrive for 2010 Photo Day

Thumbnail image for photo1.JPG1:15pm- Signing lots, and lot, and LOTS of trading cards

photo2.JPG1:30- McKenzie helps Katelyn primp before heading out to meet the fans

photo3.JPG1:45pm- Ballgirls hit the field

photo4.JPG2:00pm- Fans are eager and ready to go!

photo5.JPG2:30pm- Katelyn and Emily snap a few pictures with fans

photo6.JPG3:00pm- My first Photo Day!

photo7.JPG3:30- All smiles after a great afternoon! Heading home to rest up for Christmas in July

photo8.JPG10:00am- Emily, Bridgette, and Patti are ready for Christmas in July

xmas1.JPG10:30am- Santa is spotted doing some last minute grooming

xmas2.JPG10:45am- One more picture before heading out to our toy collecting posts

xmas3.JPG11:00am- The Ballgirls are ready to start collecting

xmas4.JPG11:30am- Victoria fills in some listeners about the day long festivities

xmas5.JPG1:00pm- Perrin and Jess collected three, overflowing boxes full of toys!

xmas6.JPG2:30pm- The floodgates open up and Katelyn and Bonnie get caught in the downpour!


3:30pm- Story time! While waiting out the rain delay in the locker room, Perrin tells us all about her engagement. Congratulations again Perrin and Zach!

xmas9.JPG3:45pm- Kristina helps Katelyn dry off before going back on the field

xmas10.JPG4:00pm- The show must go on! The Ballgirls head out to perform their annual 7th inning dance with the Phanatic

xmas11.JPG4:15pm- A picture with Santa before the big dance

xmas12.JPG4:30pm- We had such a great time!











4:45pm- All done! Hope you enjoyed Christmas in July as much as we did!


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