Welcome Back, Alumni

Did you know that August 7th is Alumni Night at Citizen’s Bank Park?  Phillies alumni will be recognized prior to the game on the field.  It is always exciting to see our former players return to Philadelphia to celebrate their impact on the team. To celebrate the occasion, here are the ballgirls favorite Phillies alumni!

The namesake of the ever-present “Wolf Pack”, former pitcher Randy Wolf is my favorite Phillies alum. As a kid, watching the hordes of fans in the 700 level of the Vet donning wolf masks and howling after strike outs was the highlight of all of Randy’s starts. I miss the camaraderie of both the Wolf Pack and Padilla’s Flotilla, two groups whose novelty never really carried over into Citizens Bank.



Katie: My favorite Phillies alum is definitely Jim Eisenreich. I loved his swing and the way he played the game. Although not a power hitter, he had a good average and was able to place the baseball where he wanted. As a kid, I would go to the Vet as the gates opened to watch him take BP. He had a quiet demeanor and just played smart baseball. I’m excited to see some Phils alumni this weekend! See you there!

Amanda: My favorite Phillies alumni would be Scott Rolen! Growing up he was a huge role model and idol for me and inspired me to play third base.  Even though he no longer is on the Phillies, I still look up to him and am grateful for his impact on me as an athlete!

My favorite Phillies alumni has to be Bobby Abreu. I used to love buying tickets for games out in right field just so I could cheer him on. I definitely miss his big smiles out there in the outfield.

















Bridgette: When it comes to Phils alumni, one of my favorites that comes to mind is former first basemen, Jim Thome. Prior to Ryan Howard’s debut, Thome lit up the sky with his impressive home run streaks, one of which included his 400th career homer, that he hit at none other than Citizens Bank Park. I got to personally witness a few of his home runs at the park, and as a kid there’s nothing more exciting than your favorite player go yard. I also always admired his modesty and cheerful demeanor off the field, both of which I believe contribute to the fact that he still gets applause from the fans whenever visiting CBP.

Katelyn: Mickey Morandini is my favorite Phillies Alumi because despite his size, he played the game incredibly hard and everyone knew what to expect when his name was penciled in the lineup.  The way Harry Kalas announced his named helped a little with his appeal, too🙂

Who wouldn’t put John Kruk on their top ten list of most memorable Phillies player? Not only was he a consistent hitter, but he also had a contagious personality that helped bring the last-place Phillies in 1992 to the World Series in 1993. He was definitely a fan favorite and was always fun to watch. Even someone that didn’t love baseball (hard to imagine) couldn’t help watching when he was on the field.







My favorite Phillies alumn is #4 Lenny Dykstra who played in the early 1990s.  He was such a fun player to watch.  Dykstra was an awesome lead off hitter and outfielder who had remarkable numbers during his time with the Phillies. 













Perrin: One of my favorite Phillies alumni is Mike Lieberthal. Lieby may not have put up eye popping career numbers but he had a great 12 year run with the Phillies. I had the privilege of meeting him in person and getting his autograph when I was 13. I remember thinking he was much handsome in person. One of his greatest career highlights was catching Kevin Millwood’s no hitter in 2003. Most importantly he still holds the record for most games caught then anyone in Phillies history (1,139)

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