Glove Love

Ever wonder what kind of glove the ballgirls use on the field? This past week I was on the field and happened to glance down at the signature on my glove.  Since it was my Dad’s glove, I had no idea who it was!  I used to own a Jose Conseco glove, but that one somehow walked out of the garage and this year its been my Dad’s old one. I asked the ballgirls to describe their own gloves, since I was so shocked that I didn’t know too much about my own.  Thanks to Rick from Jersey for letting me know who my Dad was supporting when he bought the glove!!! Plus, the glove is a little cooler now that it has been on the field at Citizen’s Bank Park for a World Series game!!


lindsay.glove.JPGJess’s glove doesn’t have a signature, and Perrin thinks the best way to tell you about her glove is to just show you.  This is Perrin’s obviously very cool glove…. And the rest of the ballgirl glove stories as well! 



Patti: Unfortunately for this blog, I do not have a signature glove. Fortunately for me, I have the greatest glove on the face of the earth.🙂 I picked my glove with my Dad 13+ years ago and it hasn’t been benched a single inning… seriously best glove ever.

Kami: I have tons of gloves (well, okay..three) and I like to use them on a rotating basis. My current glove for this homestand is a Nike Diamond Elite model, but not a player series. I think Roy Halladay has a similar glove. Believe it or not, I used to be a catcher for my tournament team so next in my glove rotation is my old kangaroo-hide catcher’s glove. Keep an eye out!

Victoria: My glove is a Dot Richardson RMP 34 made by Rawlings.  It’s a 13 1/2 inches
tori.glove.JPGwhich is a little larger than what most girls use but it comes in handy in the outfield, or when your fielding foul baseballs in front of 45,000+ people ;)  I got this glove when I was freshmen in high school, so this it’s has been through 9 seasons of softball since then.  I take good care of it and couldn’t imagine playing with anything else. 

Bonnie: One of the nearest and dearest pieces of sports equipment for me has to be the baseball glove because a favorite glove is irreplaceable. I was devastated when I lost my glove a couple years back. So this past year, my dad took me out and helped me pick a new one out for Christmas. I think he enjoyed it more than me when he found out his 25 year old daughter wanted a new glove for Christmas. I picked my specific Easton glove because I just like the fit. I’m still working on making it fit like my old one, but I’m sure with time, I’ll love it.

Becca: I actually didn’t choose my glove because of the name on it, but rather because I needed to finally get a first base glove. I have played first base my whole life and when I got to high school and started trying out for college teams, my coach forced me to turn in my favorite warn out glove. Although I don’t like my new Mizuno as much as my old Rawling, it was about time I got a big girl glove for my position.

Kristina: The current glove I am using now is not a single person’s signature glove but my previous glove was one by Jennie Finch.  I chose this glove because it was so perfect for softball.  It had a big pocket but yet fit snug on my hand.  Also, she is definitely an idol for women in athletics, she’s amazing!

Brittany: Sadly, the only signature on my glove is my last name. I’ve had my glove since 8th grade and I think it was my dad’s because I randomly found it in my house.  Since it “fit like a glove” and I had some great plays with it that year I just claimed it as mine.

Bridgette: The glove I use on the field has been with me since my freshman year of high school. Interestingly enough it does not have a signature on the inside like most gloves- only my last name written in permanent marker by mama dukes!


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