September 2010


“It was fun, but it’s only gonna get funner” – Roy Halladay

What a celebration and what a season so far!! Everyone is talking about our 4th straight NL EAST Championship!  So much work went into this team and this season – and it is so nice to see the smiles all over Philadelphia today.  Halladay had an amazing game yesterday and even though we didn’t clinch at home, its still just as sweet!  Here’s the reaction from the ballgirls – as we are looking forward to our trip to the PLAYOFFS!!!

Perrin: We did it….AGAIN!!!! I can’t say I will ever get tired of watching the Phillies pop the champagne and celebrate yet another NL East victory. I think we should make a run for Atlanta’s record of 14 consecutive NL East crowns. We still have a long road ahead but this team looks poised and focused to make another run at the World Series!

Kristina: What a season, I am so excited for Red October!  I am ready for the Phils to come back to Citizens Bank and witness the energy the fans give to the stadium.  Can’t wait!

Jess: I’m just pumped that we clinched since so many people doubted the Phils would get here this season because of all the injuries.  I’m so pumped for playoffs.  I cannot wait to see Philadelphia painted in red as the support the Phillies through the playoffs again!

Bonnie: It’s finally official, and the Phillies have won the NL East. All I have to say is that I’m excited to watch our team do what they do best…play their hearts out until the end. Can’t wait for October. It’s gonna be something to remember, that’s for sure.

Brittany: Words cannot even describe how excited I am; so I’ll just keep it simple and say: RED OCTOBER!!  And.. RALLY TOWELS!!

Tori: Last year I was at the clinching on September 30, 2009 and although I was not at the game this year watching it on tv with my family was just as great.  The whole game was so exciting and you could tell that the guys came out to win.  Obviously my playoffs hopes are that we go all the way to the World Series and win!!  I want another parade🙂

Katelyn: I was most excited to see Roy Halladay clinch so now he has FINALLY made it to the playoffs!

Lindsay: I can’t wait for the playoffs.  I was starting to feel the energy this past week during our last homestands as the rally towels started to come out and the fans started to get even louder than ever.  Now that we have secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs, I can’t wait to start working the block parties and games with the other ballgirls!  Our fans are the best and we can’t wait to watch our Phillies continue to dominate!!!

Kami: I’m so excited that not only did we clinch, but we also secured home field advantage for the NLDS! I’m also really glad that Halladay, Sweeney and Oswalt will get to have their first appearances in the post-season!

Becca: With the clinch this evening, I am most excited about experiencing playoffs at the ballpark. The veteran Ballgirls have assured all the rookies that it is an unbelievable atmosphere. I look forward to cheering on the Phils at home with my fellow Ballgirls and thousands of Phillies fans and of course, RALLY TOWELS!

Katie: I am very excited that the Phightin’s got to the playoffs again this year. Way to go fellas!! As for the postseason, I’m most excited for the. pre-game festivities like the block party and the flares that are shot off during the anthem among other special ceremonies they plan. I think the organization does a great job at making the playoffs a very fun time for phans of all ages. Come on out! See you there!!

Patti: I’ll be most excited that the ballgirl season gets stretched a little bit longer, and we’re one step closer to my Christmas wish!🙂

McKenzie: Even though it would have been awesome to have the Phillies clinch at home, I was excited that the clinching game was such a reward for Roy Halladay.  It’s just another great accomplishment after his perfect game! Clinching the NL East this early means the players can get a little more rest and relaxation and be ready to dominate the playoffs!!

Thank you, Fans!!

Well Phillies fans – It’s been a long run.  We’ve attended and worked many games, eaten (too many) hot dogs, collected thousands of recyclable bottles and fielded many foul balls…. but we aren’t ready to hang up our jerseys yet!!  We wanted to thank all the fans for the many messages on our blog and other websites [yes we see them!] and for supporting the Phillies all year.  Seeing the fans with their rally towels waving proud this week has been a wonderful experience, one which we hope to continue into the next month.
This weekend will be very busy for the ballgirls as we will be celebrating the final homestand of the season against the NY Mets.  We can’t wait to see you all on Sunday for Fan Appreciation Day!!
Let’s Go Phillies!!!!!!

2010 Regular Season Memories…so far

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Phillies Ballgirl? If you’ve been following our “Down the Line” blog all season, you probably know a lot about what the Ballgirls do – and if you would like to try to become a Phillies ballgirl, now is the time to try!  We are currently accepting applications for the 2011 Team and it could be you!  I wanted the ballgirls to share their favorite memories from the season so that you Phillies fans could hear just how exciting and special it is to have this job.  See information at the bottom of the blog for sending in your application – see you at tryouts!!

Patti: My favorite memory about being a ballgirl is the time I got to spend with the sixteen greatest girls in Philly.  Being thrown into some pretty unique situations and events is an amazing experience but you never know what to expect, and having gone through it all while making long lasting friends is truly what makes it a one in a lifetime experience. We’ve had the opportunity to work the baselines, recycle our hearts out, play with the awesome kids of Phillie Harmony Fan Club, participate in charity softball games, sell tens of thousands of raffle tickets for some pretty great causes, showcase historic Phillies memorabilia, speak as representatives for various events and causes, meet countless passionate Phillies Phans – all generations with all kinds of stories, and soak in some pretty great baseball. The greatest luxury being doing it all alongside all sixteen of the other ballgirls with whom I’ve shared countless laughs, cries, embarrassing moments, funny stories, unique wardrobe changes, theme songs, somewhat impromptu nicknames, and spectacular life changing moments. I can’t think of a better way to spend baseball season.

Katie: My favorite ballgirl memory is difficult to choose.  I’ve had so many and I’ve been so thankful to be able to do all these new and exciting events.  Although there are many moments and memories that are held dear to me, one of those would be being on the field during a World Series game last year.  The atmosphere was electric and was one I’d never been in before.  I was ecstatic just to be there in the stadium and talk to our super-knowledgeable phans!  I hope the Phillies will be there again this year!

Bonnie: I have to say that this year of ballgirlin’ has been full of great memories and wonderful
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for ST.tarp.JPGfriends. If I had to pick just one memory to share, it would be our ballgirl trip to Clearwater (see our blog about the trip×450-24273711.jpgarchives/2010/03). We organized this trip just for fun this past March, which was before many of us knew each other very well. The weekend was a crash course get-to-know-each-other kind of weekend. All of us enjoyed some great bonding times on the beach and at the Phillies games. We even braved a rain delay game in pink and yellow princess ponchos that we bought to try to wait out the storm. During the weekend, Lindsay and I somehow managed to navigate our way around Clearwater in our lovely rented minivan, which kept even the shortest trips exciting. The weekend was full of adventure and definitely a time I’ll always remember.

Jess: It’s hard for me to pick one favorite ball girl memory.  I mean I have had so much fun meeting the team of girls and getting to become friends with them.  I’ve also have had a blast working at the stadium for the home games whether its on the field or off doing green team as well as doing all the charity events and meeting the people the Phillies help.  But I think my favorite memory is meeting all the Phillies fans.  I’ve had some hilarious conversations with fans while I’m on the field or simply walking to and from the stadium.  This position has allowed to meet some very interesting people that I will never forget.

McKenzie: I have had so many amazing experiences and moments over the last two years as a Phillies Ballgirl, but since my very first game my favorite feeling has never changed. The thing I will never forget is the National Anthem at every game. Standing at home plate, next to the Phanatic, looking around at the 40,000 Phillies fans there to cheer on the team is definitely a once in a lifetime experience that I was lucky enough to have and will never forget. My other favorite ballgirl memories are just to be able to think of how many kids we were able to meet and have an impact on their lives, no matter how small of an effort it was. I have definitely had so many amazing opportunities that I never would have gotten the chance to experience if I wasn’t a ballgirl, and it is two years of my life I will never forget!

Words can’t describe how much fun I’ve had this past year being a ballgirl. From our first team outing at Go Vertical where we took on some intense rock climbing, to Christmas in July where we played Mrs. Claus for the day and danced in the Diamond Club after an hour long rain delay, to all of the awesome games I’ve gotten to witness from the best seat in the house, I’ve loved it all. Hands down though my favorite memory thus far would be the weekend of the Allentown Patriots Old-Timers softball game. The fun began the night before the game at Lindsay’s house where we all hung out, indulged in countless tasty treats, and played goofy games until the wee hours of the night. The next day after a hearty homemade breakfast including fresh waffles and Bonnie’s delicious egg casserole, we made our way to Allentown for the game. Now at first glance one might not take our opponents too seriously being that their average age was about 60-70, BUT man can they play! Each team had a great time playing against each other and it was all for a great cause, Donna’s Dugout which raises money and awareness to defeat ALS disease.

Kristina: My favorite moment as a Phillies Ballgirl was participating in July 4th Independence Day Parade. This event was held in center city Philadelphia and there were about 11 of us ballgirls who represented the Phillies. We walked behind the Miss New Jersey, Miss Philadelphia, and Miss Pennsylvania, floats and in front of an awesome group of young people dancing to drums. A few of us were even lucky enough to be invited to get a sneak peak in an army vehicle that was also in the parade. The energy that surrounded the streets that day was unreal. It was then I realized the passion this city has for one of the best teams in Major League Baseball. I was proud to not only wear my Phillies red but wave the flag of our very special country.

Katelyn: My favorite memory as a Phillies Ballgirl would have to be the Softball games we’ve
all of us.JPG played together.  I love playing softball, so to be able to do it with 16 other girls that I have become really close with makes it even better!  As a Ballgirl, I get to be on the field for the games, participate in numerous charity events, and even rebuild old houses for Habitat for Humanity.  However, nothing is better than some good old fashioned competition! I really enjoyed the opportunity to play all different types of positions that I never thought I’d get the chance to play.  I love to see all the people that come out to our games.  The Ballgirls get to spend a lot of one on one time with the biggest Phillies fans out there.  Each game we play benefits a different charity which is only an added bonus!  Most people don’t realize that the 17 Ballgirls do more than just field foul baseballs.  We are a team on and off the field.  Through our softball games we’ve played together, we’ve learned how to work together and play to each others strengths.  It is rare for all of the Ballgirls to get together for an event, so I always look forward our Softball games because I know it’s a chance to get to spend time with my teammates. There isn’t one thing as a Ballgirl that I haven’t enjoyed, but I will say this; Anytime I get a chance to spend time with almost everyone together, it just makes being a Ballgirl all the sweeter🙂

rollins basebowl2.JPGLindsay:
There really are too many amazing memories of being a 2010 Phillies Ballgirl – but one thing that I have enjoyed most is being able to meet the fans and challenge them to a game of slow pitch softball.  We have traveled far and wide this year to play some great teams.  From the first game in Shawnee, NJ to our final game in Hatboro, PA we have met some incredible fans, and people.   I included a photo from last weeks game against the 380 Screwballs.  There we met some great people and lost a close game after a grand slam in the 7th inning!  Not only were they great competition, but provided us with wonderful entertainment and our very own flyover!  It’s incredible being able to help out in our local community.

flag.JPGWe also were able to get most of the ballgirls together to help with the Jimmy Rollins BaseBowl event in Philadelphia a few months ago.  Anytime we are all able to work an event, it is a great time.  Luckily we were also able to help raise a considerable amount of money for the Jimmy Rollins Family Foundation.  It was my second year in a row at the event, and even better the second time.  It’s wonderful to see all members of the Phillies organization working together for a great cause!

Brittany: There are so many great moments I’ve had while being a ballgirl it was hard to pick a favorite.  Being a ballgirl made me experience so many great things, and having some of the greatest girls with me all the time made it that much better! Besides making new friends for life with some of the most fabulous gals I have ever met, I think my favorite ballgirl memory (besides receiving my very own jersey) was habitat for humanity. I loved the fact that an ordinary girl, like myself, could help make such a big difference in someone’s life. Although it was a dirty job, on one of the hottest days of the year, I still had a blast!

Becca: I do not have one favorite Ball girl moment, but rather numerous, minute, favorite moments. From my childhood, I have so many fond memories with the Phillies and the city of Philadelphia. The main reason I wanted to become a Ballgirl was so I could give back to the city of Philadelphia, that has given me so many great memories. As a Ballgirl, I have had the opportunity to do this time and time again. My favorite moments as a Ballgirl are interacting with the young fans. It is so funny to me that when I am wearing those red and white pinstripes, kids treat you like a superhero! Giving a fan a foul ball, signing a trading card, or even flashing them a smile is so simple, yet means so much to them. It is all the little moments like this, that are my favorite part about being a Ballgirl.

Emily: It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite memory as a Ballgirl because I’ve had SO
hotpants2.JPG many amazing experiences throughout the season.  But, if I really MUST pick, the event that stands out a lot to me in my mind is Retro Night at the stadium.  I explained Retro Night in a previous blog, but basically Bridgette, Bonnie and I got a chance to dress in awesome vintage “hot pants” outfits to help bring the retro spirit to the park.  This event really sticks out to me when I think back throughout the season because we got a chance to wear really fun outfits, and we had a super fun dance party with the 80s girls!  Retro Night was just a very fun and goofy night with my fellow Ballgirls.  I also have to mention events such as our awesome softball games and our help with reconstructing a house for Habitat for Humanity as some other events that I absolutely loved.  And of course, for those of you who know my family, the night that I was on the third base line and Mickey (my brother) danced on the field with the Phanatic…it was unforgettable and so much fun!  If I could I would definitely re-live my Ballgirl experiences that I’ve had so far over again because I’ve had such a blast throughout the entire season!  I’m looking forward to even more amazing experiences in this last stretch of the regular season, and hopefully I get a chance to experience post-season as well (knock on wood)!  =)

Baseball 101

A couple of weeks ago, four Phillies Ballgirls had the opportunity to help out with the Baseball 101 program.  The program is a wonderful experience for the women who cheer on the Phillies each and every game!  Baseball 101 provides a behind the scenes experience unlike any other, and raises an extraordinary amount of money for Phillies Charities.  This August Becca, Brittany, Katelyn and myself were able to work this amazing event – and document it!!  Thus begins a photo tour of another wonderful day at the ballpark!

First, the teams were split to Team Howard, Rollins, Ibanez and Moyer.  Once the ladies were split up, it was tour time… first stop ? the clubhouse!  Here’s a shot of Team Howard and Team Moyer enjoying the Clubhouse!

clubhouse101.JPGThen it was off to the outfield for some stretching activities led by the wonderful women at Curves!

stretching101.JPGTeam Moyer’s first stop was the baserunning station led by resident expert Davey Lopes! He was kind enough to explain the proper way to touch a base, and what to expect when you are out in the field.

lopes101.JPGNext stop for Team Moyer was a lesson on the infield play, courtesy of Sam Perlozzo.  This station was full of laughs and a few ladies had their first experience putting on a glove and making a catch! [Due to the excellent lesson of course!]

perlozzo101.JPGTeam Moyer then moved to the bullpen (which was exciting enough to sit in!) and learned all about pitching from Rich Dubee.  It was great to watch the ladies learn all about the pitching styles and different grips on the baseball.

dubee101.JPGLast stop of the morning for Team Moyer was a trip to the Phillies batting cages, where Pete Mackanin was able to scout the talent in Philadelphia!!  The ladies really brought the heat and improved their hitting skills during their time here.  They were especially excited to see Erin Romero put on a show in the batting cages!

mackanin101.JPGFinally lunch arrived and members of Team Moyer Katie and Mandy enjoyed a talk from many Phillies front office staff members, Jamie Moyer and Erin Romero.  After lunch we moved into the media room for a special press conference from Charlie Manuel,  a major league umpire and the Phillies TV team!

teammoyer.JPGThanks to all that participated – the ballgirls were so excited to be a part of your special day at the ballpark!!!


A few reminders….

1)  If you would like to become a Phillies Ballgirl for 2011, don’t forget to send in your applications!  The deadline is October 4, 2010.


2) Shane Victorino is nominated for the 2010 Roberto Clemente Award which is given to a player who gives back to his community.  Vote for Shane now!