Baseball 101

A couple of weeks ago, four Phillies Ballgirls had the opportunity to help out with the Baseball 101 program.  The program is a wonderful experience for the women who cheer on the Phillies each and every game!  Baseball 101 provides a behind the scenes experience unlike any other, and raises an extraordinary amount of money for Phillies Charities.  This August Becca, Brittany, Katelyn and myself were able to work this amazing event – and document it!!  Thus begins a photo tour of another wonderful day at the ballpark!

First, the teams were split to Team Howard, Rollins, Ibanez and Moyer.  Once the ladies were split up, it was tour time… first stop ? the clubhouse!  Here’s a shot of Team Howard and Team Moyer enjoying the Clubhouse!

clubhouse101.JPGThen it was off to the outfield for some stretching activities led by the wonderful women at Curves!

stretching101.JPGTeam Moyer’s first stop was the baserunning station led by resident expert Davey Lopes! He was kind enough to explain the proper way to touch a base, and what to expect when you are out in the field.

lopes101.JPGNext stop for Team Moyer was a lesson on the infield play, courtesy of Sam Perlozzo.  This station was full of laughs and a few ladies had their first experience putting on a glove and making a catch! [Due to the excellent lesson of course!]

perlozzo101.JPGTeam Moyer then moved to the bullpen (which was exciting enough to sit in!) and learned all about pitching from Rich Dubee.  It was great to watch the ladies learn all about the pitching styles and different grips on the baseball.

dubee101.JPGLast stop of the morning for Team Moyer was a trip to the Phillies batting cages, where Pete Mackanin was able to scout the talent in Philadelphia!!  The ladies really brought the heat and improved their hitting skills during their time here.  They were especially excited to see Erin Romero put on a show in the batting cages!

mackanin101.JPGFinally lunch arrived and members of Team Moyer Katie and Mandy enjoyed a talk from many Phillies front office staff members, Jamie Moyer and Erin Romero.  After lunch we moved into the media room for a special press conference from Charlie Manuel,  a major league umpire and the Phillies TV team!

teammoyer.JPGThanks to all that participated – the ballgirls were so excited to be a part of your special day at the ballpark!!!


A few reminders….

1)  If you would like to become a Phillies Ballgirl for 2011, don’t forget to send in your applications!  The deadline is October 4, 2010.


2) Shane Victorino is nominated for the 2010 Roberto Clemente Award which is given to a player who gives back to his community.  Vote for Shane now!



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