“It was fun, but it’s only gonna get funner” – Roy Halladay

What a celebration and what a season so far!! Everyone is talking about our 4th straight NL EAST Championship!  So much work went into this team and this season – and it is so nice to see the smiles all over Philadelphia today.  Halladay had an amazing game yesterday and even though we didn’t clinch at home, its still just as sweet!  Here’s the reaction from the ballgirls – as we are looking forward to our trip to the PLAYOFFS!!!

Perrin: We did it….AGAIN!!!! I can’t say I will ever get tired of watching the Phillies pop the champagne and celebrate yet another NL East victory. I think we should make a run for Atlanta’s record of 14 consecutive NL East crowns. We still have a long road ahead but this team looks poised and focused to make another run at the World Series!

Kristina: What a season, I am so excited for Red October!  I am ready for the Phils to come back to Citizens Bank and witness the energy the fans give to the stadium.  Can’t wait!

Jess: I’m just pumped that we clinched since so many people doubted the Phils would get here this season because of all the injuries.  I’m so pumped for playoffs.  I cannot wait to see Philadelphia painted in red as the support the Phillies through the playoffs again!

Bonnie: It’s finally official, and the Phillies have won the NL East. All I have to say is that I’m excited to watch our team do what they do best…play their hearts out until the end. Can’t wait for October. It’s gonna be something to remember, that’s for sure.

Brittany: Words cannot even describe how excited I am; so I’ll just keep it simple and say: RED OCTOBER!!  And.. RALLY TOWELS!!

Tori: Last year I was at the clinching on September 30, 2009 and although I was not at the game this year watching it on tv with my family was just as great.  The whole game was so exciting and you could tell that the guys came out to win.  Obviously my playoffs hopes are that we go all the way to the World Series and win!!  I want another parade🙂

Katelyn: I was most excited to see Roy Halladay clinch so now he has FINALLY made it to the playoffs!

Lindsay: I can’t wait for the playoffs.  I was starting to feel the energy this past week during our last homestands as the rally towels started to come out and the fans started to get even louder than ever.  Now that we have secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs, I can’t wait to start working the block parties and games with the other ballgirls!  Our fans are the best and we can’t wait to watch our Phillies continue to dominate!!!

Kami: I’m so excited that not only did we clinch, but we also secured home field advantage for the NLDS! I’m also really glad that Halladay, Sweeney and Oswalt will get to have their first appearances in the post-season!

Becca: With the clinch this evening, I am most excited about experiencing playoffs at the ballpark. The veteran Ballgirls have assured all the rookies that it is an unbelievable atmosphere. I look forward to cheering on the Phils at home with my fellow Ballgirls and thousands of Phillies fans and of course, RALLY TOWELS!

Katie: I am very excited that the Phightin’s got to the playoffs again this year. Way to go fellas!! As for the postseason, I’m most excited for the. pre-game festivities like the block party and the flares that are shot off during the anthem among other special ceremonies they plan. I think the organization does a great job at making the playoffs a very fun time for phans of all ages. Come on out! See you there!!

Patti: I’ll be most excited that the ballgirl season gets stretched a little bit longer, and we’re one step closer to my Christmas wish!🙂

McKenzie: Even though it would have been awesome to have the Phillies clinch at home, I was excited that the clinching game was such a reward for Roy Halladay.  It’s just another great accomplishment after his perfect game! Clinching the NL East this early means the players can get a little more rest and relaxation and be ready to dominate the playoffs!!

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