October 2010


You gotta have faith.  What a performance by our Fightin Phils!  We played as a team and it was my first full night of sleep all week!  Some of my favorite parts of the game included Jayson Werth throwing out Cody Ross at third, Jayson Werth’s solo home run for some insurance and J Roll managing to get every ball that came his way! (again!)  I watched the game with rookie Bonnie, who was able to keep a cool head throughout the whole game – and was there to celebrate and cheer with me when it was all over.

Tomorrow’s game is another opportunity for us to support Oswalt and show him why we wanted him in Philadelphia so badly.  Jayson Werth mentioned after the game in an interview that tomorrow’s game will be different because it is our field and our fans and we have to live up to that reputation.  Come tomorrow with your rally towels, high energy and most importantly, high hopes!!!

The Phillies ballgirls are beyond proud to say we will be working tomorrow!  The block party starts 3 hours early [since we aren’t totally sure what time it begins] and will be probably the most exciting game you’ve seen to date.  Be there whether you are going to the game or whether you are just supporting the team.   We will be there with plenty of enthusiasm and support for our Phils. 

Patti and Katie will be working the lines tomorrow, be sure to say hello if you are lucky to have tickets to the game!



This name has meant so much in Philadelphia over the past year.  It meant a brilliant trade, it took the number 34, it gave new excitement for the season, it delivered the perfect game, it made the post season for the first time, it pitched a historical no-hitter and finally today, it means hope.

Tonight’s game against the Giants brings us to a place where we have to believe in what we’ve got, and what we’ve got, is Halladay.

I think I speak for all of the fans waiting anxiously for 7:30 PM when I say, this is when we’ve gotta believe.  We have to have faith.  We have to trust in Roy.

Don’t worry – I still have a plea for the rest of the Phils.  I hope for bats… I hope for runs… I hope for runners in scoring position to make it safely around the bases.   I also hope for defense – strong and consistent.  We’ve spent the year dreaming about this team, and talking about the huge potential, and this is how we’re going to have to show the world our strength, drive and determination.  Most importantly, we’re different because we have heart.  We watched the up and downs from last night – we were excited, we were nervous, we were sad.  We changed seats for good luck, we wore the lucky hats, took them off, put them on again… and with no avail. But we still were there, waiting for our time to shine and our time to rally.

With that being said, we’ve gotta go out there tonight, and play a solid game of baseball. We have to do it for the team, the city and the fans.  After all, we did sell out every game this season.  Phils, we’ve done our part… bring it back home boys.


NLCS Game 2 Recap

Game 2 of the NLCS was a great time for all that attended and watched.  We all enjoyed another wonderful block party and green team – but we also got an added bonus.. dancing on the Phillies dugout!  If you were at the game you got a chance to see the ballgirls bust out some moves to the Cupid Shuffle, and we enjoyed watching you dance along with us!  Kristina and Perrin were lucky to be on the field that night for a great victory over the SF Giants. 

Here’s a couple reactions and some photos to show you how fun it is to have Phillies Playoff Phever!!

Game 2 was a blast– not only were we blessed with some beautiful fall Sunday weather, but the Phillies came away with a huge “W” to even up the series 1-1.  Block party was a success and we ran into many passionate Phans excited for the game (even wandering Eagles fans being apart of the hype)!!!  Some lucky young fans also had the opportunity to dance and sing up on stage during the block party and they made the most of it, while getting the crowd pumped up!  And if you were at the game, you were able to witness the ballgirls dance with the Phanatic in the 7th inning dressed in our jerseys and green team shirts to the Cupid Shuffle! So much fun….even though I’m a pretty bad dancer.🙂 So let’s keep it up Philly Phans!! GO PHILLIES!!!


amanda.nlcs2.JPGKatelyn: Game 2 of the NLCS was unbelievable! The Ballgirls and I were lucky enough to see Oswalt pitch a gem, dance on the dugout, and sell raffle tickets for another successful block party!  After Jimmy Rollins blew away the the Giants with his base clearing double in the 7th, I couldn’t believe how much energy there was in the stadium!  Phillies fans amaze me more every time I am at a game.  I hope the rest of the series is just as exciting! My favorite part of game 2 was definitely being able to dance on the dug out.  I am even happier we were able to dance after the Phillies batted in the 7th; I think the fans liked us a little more after they were on their high from all the runs the Phillies just scored🙂

Game 2 was great!  From the block party to collecting recyclables to dancing on the dugout and all the way to the WIN it was nothing short of a wonderful night at CBP.  Being able to interact with the fans before the game at the block party is one of my favorite parts of the postseason. 












Bonnie: The Phillies were looking looking great Sunday night, and the whole atmosphere was
bonnie.nlcs.JPG awesome. I’m sure most of the ballgirls will say the same thing, but the highlight of the night for me (besides Rollins’ big double) was having my first experience of dancing on the dugout with the Phanatic. My dancing skills are slightly lacking, so Katelyn has been trying to show me some of her fancy footwork. I don’t think that I got the cupid shuffle dance down like some of the other ballgirls, but I had a great time trying. Now that the Phillies are in SF, we’re all enjoying the games from the comfort of our own homes, and we’re cheering for them all the way!







Patti: Game 2 was awesome! Much better than game 1, simply because it ended with a win. Initially Phans seemed to be in low spirits, not fully recovered from the day before, but I think the block party was just what they needed to be brought back to life.  Mr. Greengenes, some stellar raffle prizes, complimentary Graham Slam ice cream, and thousands of diehard Phillies phans assembled together to bleed red (figuratively of course), how could you not be amped up? The crowd was again the 10th man during the game, and I always like to attribute their enthusiasm to a solid win. Let’s keep it going!

Bridgette: Not only was game two a blast because the Phils pulled out an exciting victory over the Giants, but because we were also very busy around the ballpark partaking in lots of post season activities. We started off selling raffle tickets at the block party and getting pumped up with the greatest fans in baseball. Next we took on Green Team and collected recyclables from the stands in between innings. Finally, the most fun part of the night arrived: doing the Cupid Shuffle on the dugout accompanied by the Phanatic! It was definitely a moment I’ll never forget.

The ballgirls banded together for game 2 and did our hair similar to show our faith in the Phils. We spent a few mintues pregame braiding our hair in the front, and then found out we’d be dancing on the dugout too! Anyone who knows me knows that this is a huge deal for me!! I was so excited!  The pregame party was wonderful, and also rare that all 16 ballgirls were in the same place at the same time.  It was such a  fun night and the victory just made it that much sweeter!!


Becca: Being at the park for playoffs has been so amazing! The atmosphere is incredible and it’s a great way to get pumped for the game whether you are heading into the park or not. There is something for fans of all ages, great music, food and of course, the Ballgirls selling raffles for Phillies Charities. Hoping the Phighting Phils win and come back to Philadelphia for some more block party fun! See you there Phils

Jess: Game 2 was awesome!  It was so much fun dancing on the dug out and seeing Oswalt prove why he was brought here.  Hoping the Phillies will keep it up and win in San Fran

Brittany: NLCS game 2 was a blast!! I was surprised to see how many fans attended the rally, especially for a Sunday night. The city of Philadelphia had the pheeling it would be a great game.  I think that’s why so many of our great phans came out and supported our figthin phillies at the rally! My favorite part about the rally is being able to meet all our the fabulous fans and seeing all of the great Philadelphia spirit.   I can’t wait for the series to come back home and so San Fran what the fightins are really made of!! See ya’ll at Game 6!

Emily: The pep rally for game 2 was so amazing to be a part of.  I had so much fun watching all of the little kids up on the stage during the concert!  It was adorable to see the tiny and yet extremely enthusiastic little Phillies fans.  After the pep rally we got to Green Teaming…we had so much fun because every Ballgirl was there to help out, which is a rare occurrence.  Green Team was great because we were able to keep an eye on the game as we recycled, and the energy in the stadium was unbelievable.  The fans seemed to be extra excited to recycle too…our bags filled up really quickly!  Overall it was another amazing playoff night, especially because we ended on a Phillies win!  Lets hope they keep up the good work!    

Game 2 on Sunday was an all around GREAT day.  I worked the pregame party selling raffle tickets (included action shot of Bonnie and myself) to benefit Phillies Charities while witnessing the excitement of Phillies fans.  I was lucky enough to view the game from the field down the first baseline and it was a great show!  The Phillies were hitting, Roy Oswalt was outstanding, they were the team we’ve been watching all year.  The stadium was so loud it was unbelievable!  Now the Phillies are in a tough spot, but this is where championship teams shine.  I have confidence the Phillies will pull through!

Perrin:  Game 2 was a huge win for the phightins! The night started off with a bang at the block party. We met tons of excited fans eager to avenge our game 1 loss and even up the series. I have to admit when I hit the field I had a few butterflies in my stomach. I forgot just how different the energy of a playoff game looked and felt, but needless to say I was pumped. Kristina and I held down the baselines, but the foul balls were few and far between. The one Cody Ross HR throwback was actually a fake foam ball that someone must have planned to throw back and keep the real ball. Luckily, the Phils produced behind Oswalt’s gem and I am officially 2-0 in the playoffs now spanning from last year. Hopefully our boys can find a way to regain momentum and stay in the series!

NLCS Games 1 & 2 Updates Coming Soon….

We are working on getting all the behind the scenes info for you from Games 1 & 2 of the NLCS…Keeping checking back.  It will be up in the next day or so.


In the meantime….

TO pkujawa991:  Thanks for the congrats!

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And to everyone that checks out our blog, thank you so much and we really appreciate it!

Talk to you in a few days.


Go Phils!

An NLCS Preview

Have you seen the photos of the grounds crew painting the NLCS logo onto the field?  We have gotten quite excited on our few days off about the upcoming series against the Giants.  We’ve had a little less than a week to prepare for this weekend – and it seems like we have done all that we can.  The ballgirls have been eager to get back to Citizens Bank Park for the games this weekend.

Patti and Katelyn were working the Pep Rally at Citizens Bank in Center City on Thursday and were so impressed by the number of fans who came out and braved the rain.  Tom McCarthy & Scott Palmer did a great jump pumping up all the dedicated fans as well.  The rain certainly did not ruin this event.  Here’s Patti and Katelyn just as the rally came to an end!

patti.kately.peprally.JPGOnto this weekend….

We strongly encourage all fans to attend the pre-game block party.  In fact, we want you to come so badly, that we made a list of the top reasons to attend the NLCS Games 1 & 2 block party:

1. Katelyn – My favorite reason to go to the Phillies block party before the game is the opportunity to be apart of the amazing energy and best phans in Philly.
2. Lindsay – Our block parties are the best in baseball.  We have food, drinks, entertainment, prizes, radio stations, merchandise sales and so much more.  Come out and buy some raffle tickets from the ballgirls and hang out with all the other fans to celebrate our return to the NLCS!!
3. Fehran – The pre-game block parties provide an amazing atmosphere around the ball park during the post season.  You can literally feel the buzz in the air from all the fans and it’s awesome!
4. McKenzie –  Mr. Greengenes is the best cover band in Philly and they will be putting on a show to get us ready to continue our post-season run!!
5. Brittany – I suggest attending the block party before the game because who wouldn’t want to rally with the greatest fans in America; along with some of the most fabulous ballgirls!!
6. Bridgette –  Favorite reason to be at a post season block party: Mr. Greengenes!! And the opportunity to raise money for Phillies Charities by purchasing raffle tickets
7. Patti – My favorite reason to go the the Phillies block party is to see all the diehards come together emphatically to spread Phillies phever to all.
8. Perrin – Everyone needs to come check out the block party because the ballgirls will be there…duh!
9. Emily – I think a great reason to go to the Phillies block party before the game is to be around hundreds of other die-hard Phillies fans and feel the excitement of the NLCS before the game even starts! 
10. Bonnie – Last Friday was my first block party event, and I have to say the place was hopping. Probably the best part was that Mr. Greengenes was playing. I’ve heard he was awesome, but I wasn’t expecting him to be that good. Everyone was having a great time jammin’ to the tunes and eating some Turkey Hill ice cream. Not to mention, we ballgirls were raffling off some cool Phillies stuff. Who wouldn’t want to be there?!
11. Amanda – All Phillies Phans attending the game, look for your favorite ballgirls pre-game out at the block party.  We will be walking around selling raffle tickets in which you can win some VERY COOL autographed prizes.  Plus it’s an opportunity to collect all of our Phillies Ballgirl trading cards ;)  All money benefits Phillies Charities so help us towards a great cause!! We love meeting and talking with all the excited Phans and can’t wait for the weekend!
12. Katie – There will be fun events for phans of all ages- even if you don’t have tickets to the game! Come join us!
13. Kristina – My favorite reason to go the the Phillies block party before the game is ….to see Phillies fans dressed in crazy attire.
14. Victoria –  One reason I suggest coming out to the Phillies block party is not only to spend time with your friends and support your favorite team but it also gives you an opportunity to meet other dedicated Phillies fans. Its a great way to get pumped up for the games which ultimately helps the players.

Plus, on a windy night, there is no better place to be than dancing to the music of Mr. Greengenes and chanting “Lets Go Phils” until your throat hurts.  Come out and see us on Saturday and Sunday 3 hours before the game!!

Moving onto the games.  We will be seeing some amazing pitching (who hasn’t heard this by now) but most importantly, the Phils are going to need to get some hits.  It’s definitely time to ring the centerfield bell with some home runs this weekend.  Among other things, we have made a list with what we would like to see this weekend.  We hope the fans and the Phillies agree with our “suggestions” and deliver two wins and two games to be proud of.  See you Saturday with the rally towels waving proud!!!

This weekend the ballgirls would like to see….

This weekend I’d like to see the Phillies come out strong with the bats and their defense and take these first 2 home games. – Victoria

This weekend I’d like to see the solid Phillies defense we’ve watched all year – Kristina
This weekend I’d like to see tons of fans come out to support the Phils at the block party before the games this weekend at CBP.  – Katie

This weekend I’d like to see ALL the players get hits off of Tim Lincecum Saturday. And most importantly walking away from the weekend being up in the series 2-0.  -Amanda

This weekend I’d like to see….more like what I don’t expect to see. I don’t expect to see the ever-anticipated pitcher’s duel on Saturday night. I highly expect our great offense to show up big time. – Bonnie

This weekend I’d like to see another unforgettable Halladay win in game 1! – Emily
This weekend I’d like to see the Phils knock around Lincecum while Halladay throws a back to back no hitter. Wishful thinking? Maybe. – Perrin

Some stellar Phillies offense and rally towel support.  – Patti

This weekend I’d like to see our pitching in command and offense to back it up! – Bridgette

This weekend I’d like to see the Phillies get the most hits off of Lincecum, and increase his ERA. I’m also predicting that the Phillies will do so well, that they won’t have to play the bottom of the 9th inning. – Brittany

This weekend I’d like to see the Phillies take the first two at home just like the NLDS! For the crowd to be even louder and give the Phillies more momentum, all of the fans should go to the block part on Citizens Bank Way before the game!  McKenzie

Just like everyone else, I’m so, so excited to see the matchup between Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum.  Their pitching styles and the way they work batters are so different from each other. – Fehran

This weekend I will be so excited to see Lincecum walking off the mound towards the dugout earlier than expected.  In game 2 I’d love to see Oswalt with a win. – Lindsay

This weekend I’d like to see the Phillies take out Lincecum in the 5th inning with a couple of homers🙂 – Katelyn

See you this weekend.  Ballgirls for the weekend will be Fehran and Bonnie on Saturday and Kristina and Perrin on Sunday!!!  LETS GO PHILS!!

Onto the NLCS…

October baseball is incredibly exciting, need I say more?

I’m going to go ahead and brag a bit, I called the sweep.  [ See the “Red October Begins” blog – “This series I hope to see… only 3 games!! – Lindsay” ]  It’s exciting to make predictions when you end up being correct!  Some of the other ballgirls were close with their predictions as well… though I did want to see a pitcher homerun! (Jess’s prediction)  H20 certainly did not disappoint all the eager fans out there, J Roll made it back into the lineup, Ruiz was a force to be reckoned with, we saw 2 shutouts, a no hitter and all the ballgirls back at the ballpark.  What an exhilarating few days!!

A Game 2 Recap –
lindsay.nlds.JPGI was lucky enough to work Game 2 for the pre-game block party and then later down the third baseline.  Rookie Emily was on the first baseline.  [Since we are all sort of superstitious, we both couldn’t decide which side to take… and it looks like we chose correctly!]   The block party was again a huge success; we worked hard selling raffle tickets for Phillies Charities and met many eager fans.  The block party was extra special for me, because we found out all of the ballgirls Christmas in July wishes came true – I passed the bar exam!!

During the party we met some fans who were on their way to the game and some who were
montyg.JPG just coming to enjoy the playoff atmosphere – but all of them had their Phillies gear on and were dancing and singing along with Mr. Greengenes!

bonnieband.JPGAnother band was playing in front of the RF gate, which many fans (and Bonnie!) enjoyed while waiting to enter the ballpark.








As Emily, Becca, Bridgette and I
pregame.JPG headed down to the field level for the pregame introductions.  We were so excited about what was to come.















becca bridgette.JPGBecca and Bridgette were our Green Team captains for the day. 
















greenteam.nlds.JPGWe still work diligently to collect recyclables during the playoffs as well – we are so lucky to be able to be here during these crucial games! Here are McKenzie, Katelyn and Bridgette as they were working Green Team!

From the moment we stepped onto the field, I knew there was no way we were going to lose the game.  The crowd was electric.  We had a flyover, a wonderful performance of the National Anthem, the rally towels were waving proudly from the Diamond Club to the 400 level and not a seat was open in the whole place.  Over 46,000 people were there to see the Phillies take the second game, and we did.  Here’s a photo from the game – do you see anyone sitting down!?

stadium shot.nlds.JPGFrom our vantage points, we got to see a few ups and downs.  The leadoff home run by Brandon Phillips was certainly a downer, but a few good hits, strong defense and smart baseball lead us to a  7-4 victory.  It was quite a night.   This is a photo of me working the third base side during the game in my newly purchased Playoffs 2010 hat!! 

Overall, we can now look forward to the NLCS.  The Giants will be heading into town this weekend, but with a few days rest, the Phillies will be ready to do it all over again.  If it is anything like the NLDS, we are in for quite a ride.

Where were you when history was being made???

Last night the Phillies fans got to see a historic moment! Roy Halladay threw a no hitter and earned a Game 1 victory for the Phils.  Lets hear from the ballgirls and fans who were able to attend this amazing game!!!  I think we can all officially say it has been a beautiful DOCtober so far!!


Amazing. Unbelievable. Unreal. Phenomenal.  Epic.  All these words do not do justice to what Roy Halladay accomplished last night.  All Phillies Phans and the nation last night were witnesses of something extremely special and very, very rare in baseball.  Last night is a moment none of us will ever forget as we all watched with goosebumps and chills!! And to think this is only the beginning…Go Phillies!!!!!!!

I was fortunate to be on the first base line for last night’s no hitter, and I can honestly say it was the best game I have worked in the last two years. The excitement and energy started early when the Phillies scored their first run and Halladay had a hard hit to left field, but it only got louder as the game went on. The weather was not the best, it rained pretty hard for a few innings, but hardly any fans left their seats to take cover which just shows Philly’s dedication! By the 6th inning I really started hearing chatter in my section about the no hitter. I think one of the most exciting and amazing things about his pitching was almost every first pitch to a batter was a strike. The second the pitch crossed the plate, the ralley towels were swinging and the stadium was so loud. I was able to be at many of the playoff games and World Series games last year, and the sound and energy of the stadium did not even compare to last night. As soon as Brandon Phillips hit the last pitch of the game, I was halfway out of my chair, and by the time Ruiz made the throw to first I was jumping up and down along with the other 46,000 fans in the stadium! Congratulations to Roy and the Phillies.. let’s keep it going for the rest of the series!!

Jess: Last night really showed how much Philadelphia loves and supports the Phillies.  From the very beginning, the fans were into every pitch and every swing.  You could feel the excitement growing with every inning.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many grown men jumping up and down and high five-ing each other like they were kids again.  The players are right.  The fans really are the 10th player in the game, and they made sure to know they were present and supportive last night when they witnessed something truly remarkable.  Way to go fans!  Way to go Doc!  1 down, 10 more to go!

Let me start off by saying, being able to see Roy Halladay’s no hitter is one of the best experiences I have ever had!  I was lucky enough to be on the field to witness the masterpiece.  The energy from the crowd was surreal.  I felt like I was living in a moment that I had only ever dreamt about.  I kept having flashbacks of the test I took on the day of Ballgirl tryouts.  One of the questions was “Who was the last Phillie to pitch a no-hitter?”.  Not only did I witness to most recent no hitter of a Phillie, but I witnessed a no hitter by a Phillie during PLAYOFFS.  As you can imagine, fans are already pumped up because it’s playoffs, but they were even more so for this game.  Each fan zoned in on every pitch, every play, every hit.  It just reminded me that Philadelphia has some of the best sports fans out there :)  On the day of the game, my parents purchased some last minute tickets near where I was sitting on the field. 
nh.katelyn2.JPGI mentioned to a fan that I felt badly for them when it started raining, because it seems everytime my parents come to a game, it rains on them! As the game went on and on… I started thinking to myself…”Hmm I don’t feel so badly for them anymore!”.  Not only did they get to be a part of history as well as the 45,000 other fans, but they snapped a couple of pictures of the experience as well!  I am so thankful for everything that has come with being a Ballgirl.  Halladay’s no hitter was just icing on the cake🙂 I couldn’t be happier, I still can’t stop smiling!

Last night was the kind of game that I will never ever forget.  First we started off the night working the pep-rally selling raffle tickets to benefit Phillies charities.  Even then at 2:00PM there was fans all over Citizens Way getting pumped about postseason.  It was a blast when we went on stage with the band and were able to throw signed squishy baseballs out the fans.  I couldn’t even believe how many people there were!  The energy of the fans was incredible to be a part of from the moment I began working the pre-game pep rally, but it must’ve multiplied by 1000 after Halladay completed his no-hitter.  It was absolutely epic!  I’ve never been to a World Series game, but I would imagine that it would be similar to the way the game felt last night.  Between the fireworks, the rally towels, and the history being made, I was in baseball heaven.  Lets see another game like that on Friday boys!  Go Phillies!


nh.blockparty.JPGPatti: You know the pressure you feel on your body when you’re deep underwater? That’s the best way to explain Phillies playoff energy. From Halladay’s first pitch the crowd was insane and carried it all the way through until his last pitch. With his RBI single you couldn’t even hear chanting or yelling anymore, it all turned into white noise, and you felt the pressure of 50,000 phans on their feet, frantically waving rally towels in one cohesive ball of red and white fire. It’s so chaotic it’s harmonious…

I witnessed 8 spectacular innings of baseball before I had to leave. On the mile hike to my car, I could still hear the crowd cheering belligerently after every out. With one pitch left, I reached the parking lot stopped and faced the stadium. A wave of cheers erupted, and fireworks shot in the air. I drew one long breath of Philadelphia air sweetened with the victory of a history-making postseason NO HITTER, and smiled. 

nh.gameover.JPGWe hope to see you all back at Citizen’s Bank Way on Friday for another amazing night!!!

Where were you when history was being made???

The ballgirls’ account of last night’s amazing game coming soon….

Red October Begins!

There is nothing else to say aside from the fact that we are so excited for the playoffs to begin.  Our starting rotation is hands down the best in baseball, our bats have finally reappeared and our fans are amazing.  Let’s get started!

Here is our wishlist for the NLDS, and our pick for series MVP!  Do you agree with us??

Series MVP: 
Ryan Howard – 3
Halladay -2
Placido Polanco -1
Oswalt – 3
Chase Utley – 3
Carlos Ruiz – 4

Looks like the ballgirls have picked Carlos Ruiz!  Bonnie adds that “his numbers are really impressive, especially for someone batting towards the bottom of the lineup. What’s more, he’s come through with a number of clutch hits this season when games were on the line.”  Hopefully he will continue this kind of play in the playoffs!!!

Ballgirl NLDS Wishlist:

This series I hope to see…  lots of homeruns (only Phillies of course) so we can see the bell go off and continue to hear Harry’s voice echo around the ballpark!  And of course complete domination by H2O! (Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt)  – Amanda

This series I hope to see…  Lidge return to the dominance he demonstrated in ’08.- Bridgette

This series I’d like to see… Brad Lidge continue with his come back. He’s been really strong lately and I’m hoping for a repeat of 2008 postseason. – Tori

This series I hope to see…  us sweep the Reds! – Kami

This series I hope to see…  Howard regain his power stroke from last years national league playoffs. – Katelyn

This series I hope to see… another homerun by a pitcher like Blanton did before – Jess

This series I hope to see…all my BG’s! and Ruiz return to the lineup free of injury for some clutch at bats  – Patti

This series I hope to see… Jimmy Rollins back for good and healthy for the rest of the playoffs.- Katie

This series I hope to see… Every player, 1 through 9, hit well/be aggressive on offense! – Becca

This series I hope to see… us bring consistent offense and shut down the Reds in three games – Perrin

This series I hope to see… Two strong wins at home to start the playoffs right! – McKenzie

This series I hope to see… only 3 games!! – Lindsay

This series I hope to see… Halladay pitch a complete game win. -Kristina

This series I hope to see… a Phils sweep and the starting pitching carry the lowest ERA in post season history. – Fehran

This series I hope to see… Of course, all Phillies fans are hoping for shutouts, given the strength of our rotation, but I would love to see the Phillies play aggressively by stealing bases and forcing the other team to step up their game. The Phillies are a fun team to watch, and I’m sure that this series is going to be exciting from start to finish. – Bonnie

Also – the ballgirls will be working on Citizen’s Bank Park Way beginning at 2 pm today – be sure to catch the postseason pep rally and our raffle before the game.   Good luck to McKenzie and Katelyn who will be “down the lines” tonight!!

Our Favorite Pairs

The Phillies Ballgirls believe that October goes best with Baseball.. and that got me thinking, who is my own favorite pair of Phillies? There are so many wonderful combinations within our lineup this year.  I had to ask the other girls who they most enjoy watching together. 

We will be watching the games this weekend and anxiously preparing for the playoffs!! Let’s sweep Atlanta!!!

Go Phils!

When I think of the perfect Phillies pair I immediately think of the pitcher and catcher since they are the battery of the team.  Then I started thinking about Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins since they work so well they work together.  I thought of Charlie Manuel and Pete Mackanin… Davey Lopes and Sam Perlozzo. They are ALL great pairs, but the one that stuck out in my mind has to be Carlos Ruiz and Brad Lidge.  Even when Lidge is going through his toughest of times, Ruiz is out there encouraging him.  When Lidge is on fire, Ruiz is the first one out to congratulate him.  By far the best moment between this pair (and probably the main reason I chose this pair) is of course this picture:



Amanda: Rollins and Howard

Brittany: After viewing  their “Take Me out to the Ballgame” rap in the 2008 World Series champion DVD and their MLB fantasy camp video, my favorite Phillies pair is Ryan Howard & Jimmy Rollins.

Tori: My favorite pair is Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley because they have such great chemistry in the infield and they do and awesome job turning double plays.

Jess: I’m not going with a pitcher-catcher combo for favorite pair, I’m going with Utley and Howard…They make double plays seem like its nothing and then have them back-to-back in the lineup when they’re both hot and forget it

Katie: I think my favorite Phillies pair is Ruiz and Halladay, because of how dominant they are as a “battery”.  I may be biased because I was a pitcher myself so I am always thinking of what pitches are thrown.  I think these two work very well together.  They are effective at keeping batters off balance with the mix of pitches and locations.  I’m glad I will get to see more of this combo in the playoffs!

Emily: My favorite Phillies pair would have to be Carlos Ruiz and whoever is on the mound
emily.pair.JPG when something exciting happens.  This is definitely my favorite “pair” because Ruiz seems pretty serious and reserved when he’s playing most of the time, so when something big happens and he jumps up to hug the pitcher with a huge grin on his face it’s amazing!  Examples of my favorite “Ruiz and pitcher” pair moments are from when Ruiz ran up to hug Lidge after the Phillies won the World Series, and when Ruiz hugged Halladay after his perfect game.  Moments like that show how much the players love the game and care for one another as teammates.  Classic!







Lindsay: My favorite pair of Phillies players recently has to be Chooch and Brad Lidge.  They both get so fired up when the Phillies win and the celebration is shared by all the fans watching at home as well!

Kristina: One of my favorite things about the game of baseball is watching double plays.  My favorite Phillies pair is short-stop and second base whether its Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins or Wilson Valdez.  Every time a hit has double play potential this pair always finds a way to turn that double play and make it look so easy.  Turning double plays in key situations has been a big reason why the Phillies defense has been so successful.  I believe that many people would agree with me, this pair is awesome!

My favorite Phillies pairing this season is Halladay and Ruiz. 21 wins, 4 shutouts, 1 perfect game, NL East Championship clincher…only one more championship to go.






Becca: One of my favorite pairs on the Phillies is Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins. Their chemistry on and off the field brings a electric feel to the club that I believe any fan of baseball would enjoy watching.

McKenzie: My favorite Phillies pair would have to be the Phanatic and Phoebe! We don’t get appearances from them together often enough, so it is always a special treat that the fans love!!

Bridgette: Sorry to be completely unoriginal however my fav pair honestly is Halladay and Chooch!