Our Favorite Pairs

The Phillies Ballgirls believe that October goes best with Baseball.. and that got me thinking, who is my own favorite pair of Phillies? There are so many wonderful combinations within our lineup this year.  I had to ask the other girls who they most enjoy watching together. 

We will be watching the games this weekend and anxiously preparing for the playoffs!! Let’s sweep Atlanta!!!

Go Phils!

When I think of the perfect Phillies pair I immediately think of the pitcher and catcher since they are the battery of the team.  Then I started thinking about Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins since they work so well they work together.  I thought of Charlie Manuel and Pete Mackanin… Davey Lopes and Sam Perlozzo. They are ALL great pairs, but the one that stuck out in my mind has to be Carlos Ruiz and Brad Lidge.  Even when Lidge is going through his toughest of times, Ruiz is out there encouraging him.  When Lidge is on fire, Ruiz is the first one out to congratulate him.  By far the best moment between this pair (and probably the main reason I chose this pair) is of course this picture:



Amanda: Rollins and Howard

Brittany: After viewing  their “Take Me out to the Ballgame” rap in the 2008 World Series champion DVD and their MLB fantasy camp video, my favorite Phillies pair is Ryan Howard & Jimmy Rollins.

Tori: My favorite pair is Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley because they have such great chemistry in the infield and they do and awesome job turning double plays.

Jess: I’m not going with a pitcher-catcher combo for favorite pair, I’m going with Utley and Howard…They make double plays seem like its nothing and then have them back-to-back in the lineup when they’re both hot and forget it

Katie: I think my favorite Phillies pair is Ruiz and Halladay, because of how dominant they are as a “battery”.  I may be biased because I was a pitcher myself so I am always thinking of what pitches are thrown.  I think these two work very well together.  They are effective at keeping batters off balance with the mix of pitches and locations.  I’m glad I will get to see more of this combo in the playoffs!

Emily: My favorite Phillies pair would have to be Carlos Ruiz and whoever is on the mound
emily.pair.JPG when something exciting happens.  This is definitely my favorite “pair” because Ruiz seems pretty serious and reserved when he’s playing most of the time, so when something big happens and he jumps up to hug the pitcher with a huge grin on his face it’s amazing!  Examples of my favorite “Ruiz and pitcher” pair moments are from when Ruiz ran up to hug Lidge after the Phillies won the World Series, and when Ruiz hugged Halladay after his perfect game.  Moments like that show how much the players love the game and care for one another as teammates.  Classic!







Lindsay: My favorite pair of Phillies players recently has to be Chooch and Brad Lidge.  They both get so fired up when the Phillies win and the celebration is shared by all the fans watching at home as well!

Kristina: One of my favorite things about the game of baseball is watching double plays.  My favorite Phillies pair is short-stop and second base whether its Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins or Wilson Valdez.  Every time a hit has double play potential this pair always finds a way to turn that double play and make it look so easy.  Turning double plays in key situations has been a big reason why the Phillies defense has been so successful.  I believe that many people would agree with me, this pair is awesome!

My favorite Phillies pairing this season is Halladay and Ruiz. 21 wins, 4 shutouts, 1 perfect game, NL East Championship clincher…only one more championship to go.






Becca: One of my favorite pairs on the Phillies is Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins. Their chemistry on and off the field brings a electric feel to the club that I believe any fan of baseball would enjoy watching.

McKenzie: My favorite Phillies pair would have to be the Phanatic and Phoebe! We don’t get appearances from them together often enough, so it is always a special treat that the fans love!!

Bridgette: Sorry to be completely unoriginal however my fav pair honestly is Halladay and Chooch!

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