Red October Begins!

There is nothing else to say aside from the fact that we are so excited for the playoffs to begin.  Our starting rotation is hands down the best in baseball, our bats have finally reappeared and our fans are amazing.  Let’s get started!

Here is our wishlist for the NLDS, and our pick for series MVP!  Do you agree with us??

Series MVP: 
Ryan Howard – 3
Halladay -2
Placido Polanco -1
Oswalt – 3
Chase Utley – 3
Carlos Ruiz – 4

Looks like the ballgirls have picked Carlos Ruiz!  Bonnie adds that “his numbers are really impressive, especially for someone batting towards the bottom of the lineup. What’s more, he’s come through with a number of clutch hits this season when games were on the line.”  Hopefully he will continue this kind of play in the playoffs!!!

Ballgirl NLDS Wishlist:

This series I hope to see…  lots of homeruns (only Phillies of course) so we can see the bell go off and continue to hear Harry’s voice echo around the ballpark!  And of course complete domination by H2O! (Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt)  – Amanda

This series I hope to see…  Lidge return to the dominance he demonstrated in ’08.- Bridgette

This series I’d like to see… Brad Lidge continue with his come back. He’s been really strong lately and I’m hoping for a repeat of 2008 postseason. – Tori

This series I hope to see…  us sweep the Reds! – Kami

This series I hope to see…  Howard regain his power stroke from last years national league playoffs. – Katelyn

This series I hope to see… another homerun by a pitcher like Blanton did before – Jess

This series I hope to see…all my BG’s! and Ruiz return to the lineup free of injury for some clutch at bats  – Patti

This series I hope to see… Jimmy Rollins back for good and healthy for the rest of the playoffs.- Katie

This series I hope to see… Every player, 1 through 9, hit well/be aggressive on offense! – Becca

This series I hope to see… us bring consistent offense and shut down the Reds in three games – Perrin

This series I hope to see… Two strong wins at home to start the playoffs right! – McKenzie

This series I hope to see… only 3 games!! – Lindsay

This series I hope to see… Halladay pitch a complete game win. -Kristina

This series I hope to see… a Phils sweep and the starting pitching carry the lowest ERA in post season history. – Fehran

This series I hope to see… Of course, all Phillies fans are hoping for shutouts, given the strength of our rotation, but I would love to see the Phillies play aggressively by stealing bases and forcing the other team to step up their game. The Phillies are a fun team to watch, and I’m sure that this series is going to be exciting from start to finish. – Bonnie

Also – the ballgirls will be working on Citizen’s Bank Park Way beginning at 2 pm today – be sure to catch the postseason pep rally and our raffle before the game.   Good luck to McKenzie and Katelyn who will be “down the lines” tonight!!

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