Where were you when history was being made???

Last night the Phillies fans got to see a historic moment! Roy Halladay threw a no hitter and earned a Game 1 victory for the Phils.  Lets hear from the ballgirls and fans who were able to attend this amazing game!!!  I think we can all officially say it has been a beautiful DOCtober so far!!


Amazing. Unbelievable. Unreal. Phenomenal.  Epic.  All these words do not do justice to what Roy Halladay accomplished last night.  All Phillies Phans and the nation last night were witnesses of something extremely special and very, very rare in baseball.  Last night is a moment none of us will ever forget as we all watched with goosebumps and chills!! And to think this is only the beginning…Go Phillies!!!!!!!

I was fortunate to be on the first base line for last night’s no hitter, and I can honestly say it was the best game I have worked in the last two years. The excitement and energy started early when the Phillies scored their first run and Halladay had a hard hit to left field, but it only got louder as the game went on. The weather was not the best, it rained pretty hard for a few innings, but hardly any fans left their seats to take cover which just shows Philly’s dedication! By the 6th inning I really started hearing chatter in my section about the no hitter. I think one of the most exciting and amazing things about his pitching was almost every first pitch to a batter was a strike. The second the pitch crossed the plate, the ralley towels were swinging and the stadium was so loud. I was able to be at many of the playoff games and World Series games last year, and the sound and energy of the stadium did not even compare to last night. As soon as Brandon Phillips hit the last pitch of the game, I was halfway out of my chair, and by the time Ruiz made the throw to first I was jumping up and down along with the other 46,000 fans in the stadium! Congratulations to Roy and the Phillies.. let’s keep it going for the rest of the series!!

Jess: Last night really showed how much Philadelphia loves and supports the Phillies.  From the very beginning, the fans were into every pitch and every swing.  You could feel the excitement growing with every inning.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many grown men jumping up and down and high five-ing each other like they were kids again.  The players are right.  The fans really are the 10th player in the game, and they made sure to know they were present and supportive last night when they witnessed something truly remarkable.  Way to go fans!  Way to go Doc!  1 down, 10 more to go!

Let me start off by saying, being able to see Roy Halladay’s no hitter is one of the best experiences I have ever had!  I was lucky enough to be on the field to witness the masterpiece.  The energy from the crowd was surreal.  I felt like I was living in a moment that I had only ever dreamt about.  I kept having flashbacks of the test I took on the day of Ballgirl tryouts.  One of the questions was “Who was the last Phillie to pitch a no-hitter?”.  Not only did I witness to most recent no hitter of a Phillie, but I witnessed a no hitter by a Phillie during PLAYOFFS.  As you can imagine, fans are already pumped up because it’s playoffs, but they were even more so for this game.  Each fan zoned in on every pitch, every play, every hit.  It just reminded me that Philadelphia has some of the best sports fans out there :)  On the day of the game, my parents purchased some last minute tickets near where I was sitting on the field. 
nh.katelyn2.JPGI mentioned to a fan that I felt badly for them when it started raining, because it seems everytime my parents come to a game, it rains on them! As the game went on and on… I started thinking to myself…”Hmm I don’t feel so badly for them anymore!”.  Not only did they get to be a part of history as well as the 45,000 other fans, but they snapped a couple of pictures of the experience as well!  I am so thankful for everything that has come with being a Ballgirl.  Halladay’s no hitter was just icing on the cake🙂 I couldn’t be happier, I still can’t stop smiling!

Last night was the kind of game that I will never ever forget.  First we started off the night working the pep-rally selling raffle tickets to benefit Phillies charities.  Even then at 2:00PM there was fans all over Citizens Way getting pumped about postseason.  It was a blast when we went on stage with the band and were able to throw signed squishy baseballs out the fans.  I couldn’t even believe how many people there were!  The energy of the fans was incredible to be a part of from the moment I began working the pre-game pep rally, but it must’ve multiplied by 1000 after Halladay completed his no-hitter.  It was absolutely epic!  I’ve never been to a World Series game, but I would imagine that it would be similar to the way the game felt last night.  Between the fireworks, the rally towels, and the history being made, I was in baseball heaven.  Lets see another game like that on Friday boys!  Go Phillies!


nh.blockparty.JPGPatti: You know the pressure you feel on your body when you’re deep underwater? That’s the best way to explain Phillies playoff energy. From Halladay’s first pitch the crowd was insane and carried it all the way through until his last pitch. With his RBI single you couldn’t even hear chanting or yelling anymore, it all turned into white noise, and you felt the pressure of 50,000 phans on their feet, frantically waving rally towels in one cohesive ball of red and white fire. It’s so chaotic it’s harmonious…

I witnessed 8 spectacular innings of baseball before I had to leave. On the mile hike to my car, I could still hear the crowd cheering belligerently after every out. With one pitch left, I reached the parking lot stopped and faced the stadium. A wave of cheers erupted, and fireworks shot in the air. I drew one long breath of Philadelphia air sweetened with the victory of a history-making postseason NO HITTER, and smiled. 

nh.gameover.JPGWe hope to see you all back at Citizen’s Bank Way on Friday for another amazing night!!!

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I was lucky enough to be at the game. It was the first time I have ever been to any postseason sporting event and I think I can safely assume I will never see a greater game than that. The fans created such a amazing environment with the cheers and the twirls of their rally towels as Halladay sat each batter down again and again. I am keeping my ticket and my rally towel, and will boast the story for years to come about how I saw Roy Halladay have one of the best performances in Philadelphia sports history.

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