An NLCS Preview

Have you seen the photos of the grounds crew painting the NLCS logo onto the field?  We have gotten quite excited on our few days off about the upcoming series against the Giants.  We’ve had a little less than a week to prepare for this weekend – and it seems like we have done all that we can.  The ballgirls have been eager to get back to Citizens Bank Park for the games this weekend.

Patti and Katelyn were working the Pep Rally at Citizens Bank in Center City on Thursday and were so impressed by the number of fans who came out and braved the rain.  Tom McCarthy & Scott Palmer did a great jump pumping up all the dedicated fans as well.  The rain certainly did not ruin this event.  Here’s Patti and Katelyn just as the rally came to an end!

patti.kately.peprally.JPGOnto this weekend….

We strongly encourage all fans to attend the pre-game block party.  In fact, we want you to come so badly, that we made a list of the top reasons to attend the NLCS Games 1 & 2 block party:

1. Katelyn – My favorite reason to go to the Phillies block party before the game is the opportunity to be apart of the amazing energy and best phans in Philly.
2. Lindsay – Our block parties are the best in baseball.  We have food, drinks, entertainment, prizes, radio stations, merchandise sales and so much more.  Come out and buy some raffle tickets from the ballgirls and hang out with all the other fans to celebrate our return to the NLCS!!
3. Fehran – The pre-game block parties provide an amazing atmosphere around the ball park during the post season.  You can literally feel the buzz in the air from all the fans and it’s awesome!
4. McKenzie –  Mr. Greengenes is the best cover band in Philly and they will be putting on a show to get us ready to continue our post-season run!!
5. Brittany – I suggest attending the block party before the game because who wouldn’t want to rally with the greatest fans in America; along with some of the most fabulous ballgirls!!
6. Bridgette –  Favorite reason to be at a post season block party: Mr. Greengenes!! And the opportunity to raise money for Phillies Charities by purchasing raffle tickets
7. Patti – My favorite reason to go the the Phillies block party is to see all the diehards come together emphatically to spread Phillies phever to all.
8. Perrin – Everyone needs to come check out the block party because the ballgirls will be there…duh!
9. Emily – I think a great reason to go to the Phillies block party before the game is to be around hundreds of other die-hard Phillies fans and feel the excitement of the NLCS before the game even starts! 
10. Bonnie – Last Friday was my first block party event, and I have to say the place was hopping. Probably the best part was that Mr. Greengenes was playing. I’ve heard he was awesome, but I wasn’t expecting him to be that good. Everyone was having a great time jammin’ to the tunes and eating some Turkey Hill ice cream. Not to mention, we ballgirls were raffling off some cool Phillies stuff. Who wouldn’t want to be there?!
11. Amanda – All Phillies Phans attending the game, look for your favorite ballgirls pre-game out at the block party.  We will be walking around selling raffle tickets in which you can win some VERY COOL autographed prizes.  Plus it’s an opportunity to collect all of our Phillies Ballgirl trading cards ;)  All money benefits Phillies Charities so help us towards a great cause!! We love meeting and talking with all the excited Phans and can’t wait for the weekend!
12. Katie – There will be fun events for phans of all ages- even if you don’t have tickets to the game! Come join us!
13. Kristina – My favorite reason to go the the Phillies block party before the game is ….to see Phillies fans dressed in crazy attire.
14. Victoria –  One reason I suggest coming out to the Phillies block party is not only to spend time with your friends and support your favorite team but it also gives you an opportunity to meet other dedicated Phillies fans. Its a great way to get pumped up for the games which ultimately helps the players.

Plus, on a windy night, there is no better place to be than dancing to the music of Mr. Greengenes and chanting “Lets Go Phils” until your throat hurts.  Come out and see us on Saturday and Sunday 3 hours before the game!!

Moving onto the games.  We will be seeing some amazing pitching (who hasn’t heard this by now) but most importantly, the Phils are going to need to get some hits.  It’s definitely time to ring the centerfield bell with some home runs this weekend.  Among other things, we have made a list with what we would like to see this weekend.  We hope the fans and the Phillies agree with our “suggestions” and deliver two wins and two games to be proud of.  See you Saturday with the rally towels waving proud!!!

This weekend the ballgirls would like to see….

This weekend I’d like to see the Phillies come out strong with the bats and their defense and take these first 2 home games. – Victoria

This weekend I’d like to see the solid Phillies defense we’ve watched all year – Kristina
This weekend I’d like to see tons of fans come out to support the Phils at the block party before the games this weekend at CBP.  – Katie

This weekend I’d like to see ALL the players get hits off of Tim Lincecum Saturday. And most importantly walking away from the weekend being up in the series 2-0.  -Amanda

This weekend I’d like to see….more like what I don’t expect to see. I don’t expect to see the ever-anticipated pitcher’s duel on Saturday night. I highly expect our great offense to show up big time. – Bonnie

This weekend I’d like to see another unforgettable Halladay win in game 1! – Emily
This weekend I’d like to see the Phils knock around Lincecum while Halladay throws a back to back no hitter. Wishful thinking? Maybe. – Perrin

Some stellar Phillies offense and rally towel support.  – Patti

This weekend I’d like to see our pitching in command and offense to back it up! – Bridgette

This weekend I’d like to see the Phillies get the most hits off of Lincecum, and increase his ERA. I’m also predicting that the Phillies will do so well, that they won’t have to play the bottom of the 9th inning. – Brittany

This weekend I’d like to see the Phillies take the first two at home just like the NLDS! For the crowd to be even louder and give the Phillies more momentum, all of the fans should go to the block part on Citizens Bank Way before the game!  McKenzie

Just like everyone else, I’m so, so excited to see the matchup between Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum.  Their pitching styles and the way they work batters are so different from each other. – Fehran

This weekend I will be so excited to see Lincecum walking off the mound towards the dugout earlier than expected.  In game 2 I’d love to see Oswalt with a win. – Lindsay

This weekend I’d like to see the Phillies take out Lincecum in the 5th inning with a couple of homers🙂 – Katelyn

See you this weekend.  Ballgirls for the weekend will be Fehran and Bonnie on Saturday and Kristina and Perrin on Sunday!!!  LETS GO PHILS!!

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