This name has meant so much in Philadelphia over the past year.  It meant a brilliant trade, it took the number 34, it gave new excitement for the season, it delivered the perfect game, it made the post season for the first time, it pitched a historical no-hitter and finally today, it means hope.

Tonight’s game against the Giants brings us to a place where we have to believe in what we’ve got, and what we’ve got, is Halladay.

I think I speak for all of the fans waiting anxiously for 7:30 PM when I say, this is when we’ve gotta believe.  We have to have faith.  We have to trust in Roy.

Don’t worry – I still have a plea for the rest of the Phils.  I hope for bats… I hope for runs… I hope for runners in scoring position to make it safely around the bases.   I also hope for defense – strong and consistent.  We’ve spent the year dreaming about this team, and talking about the huge potential, and this is how we’re going to have to show the world our strength, drive and determination.  Most importantly, we’re different because we have heart.  We watched the up and downs from last night – we were excited, we were nervous, we were sad.  We changed seats for good luck, we wore the lucky hats, took them off, put them on again… and with no avail. But we still were there, waiting for our time to shine and our time to rally.

With that being said, we’ve gotta go out there tonight, and play a solid game of baseball. We have to do it for the team, the city and the fans.  After all, we did sell out every game this season.  Phils, we’ve done our part… bring it back home boys.


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