NLCS Game 2 Recap

Game 2 of the NLCS was a great time for all that attended and watched.  We all enjoyed another wonderful block party and green team – but we also got an added bonus.. dancing on the Phillies dugout!  If you were at the game you got a chance to see the ballgirls bust out some moves to the Cupid Shuffle, and we enjoyed watching you dance along with us!  Kristina and Perrin were lucky to be on the field that night for a great victory over the SF Giants. 

Here’s a couple reactions and some photos to show you how fun it is to have Phillies Playoff Phever!!

Game 2 was a blast– not only were we blessed with some beautiful fall Sunday weather, but the Phillies came away with a huge “W” to even up the series 1-1.  Block party was a success and we ran into many passionate Phans excited for the game (even wandering Eagles fans being apart of the hype)!!!  Some lucky young fans also had the opportunity to dance and sing up on stage during the block party and they made the most of it, while getting the crowd pumped up!  And if you were at the game, you were able to witness the ballgirls dance with the Phanatic in the 7th inning dressed in our jerseys and green team shirts to the Cupid Shuffle! So much fun….even though I’m a pretty bad dancer.🙂 So let’s keep it up Philly Phans!! GO PHILLIES!!!


amanda.nlcs2.JPGKatelyn: Game 2 of the NLCS was unbelievable! The Ballgirls and I were lucky enough to see Oswalt pitch a gem, dance on the dugout, and sell raffle tickets for another successful block party!  After Jimmy Rollins blew away the the Giants with his base clearing double in the 7th, I couldn’t believe how much energy there was in the stadium!  Phillies fans amaze me more every time I am at a game.  I hope the rest of the series is just as exciting! My favorite part of game 2 was definitely being able to dance on the dug out.  I am even happier we were able to dance after the Phillies batted in the 7th; I think the fans liked us a little more after they were on their high from all the runs the Phillies just scored🙂

Game 2 was great!  From the block party to collecting recyclables to dancing on the dugout and all the way to the WIN it was nothing short of a wonderful night at CBP.  Being able to interact with the fans before the game at the block party is one of my favorite parts of the postseason. 












Bonnie: The Phillies were looking looking great Sunday night, and the whole atmosphere was
bonnie.nlcs.JPG awesome. I’m sure most of the ballgirls will say the same thing, but the highlight of the night for me (besides Rollins’ big double) was having my first experience of dancing on the dugout with the Phanatic. My dancing skills are slightly lacking, so Katelyn has been trying to show me some of her fancy footwork. I don’t think that I got the cupid shuffle dance down like some of the other ballgirls, but I had a great time trying. Now that the Phillies are in SF, we’re all enjoying the games from the comfort of our own homes, and we’re cheering for them all the way!







Patti: Game 2 was awesome! Much better than game 1, simply because it ended with a win. Initially Phans seemed to be in low spirits, not fully recovered from the day before, but I think the block party was just what they needed to be brought back to life.  Mr. Greengenes, some stellar raffle prizes, complimentary Graham Slam ice cream, and thousands of diehard Phillies phans assembled together to bleed red (figuratively of course), how could you not be amped up? The crowd was again the 10th man during the game, and I always like to attribute their enthusiasm to a solid win. Let’s keep it going!

Bridgette: Not only was game two a blast because the Phils pulled out an exciting victory over the Giants, but because we were also very busy around the ballpark partaking in lots of post season activities. We started off selling raffle tickets at the block party and getting pumped up with the greatest fans in baseball. Next we took on Green Team and collected recyclables from the stands in between innings. Finally, the most fun part of the night arrived: doing the Cupid Shuffle on the dugout accompanied by the Phanatic! It was definitely a moment I’ll never forget.

The ballgirls banded together for game 2 and did our hair similar to show our faith in the Phils. We spent a few mintues pregame braiding our hair in the front, and then found out we’d be dancing on the dugout too! Anyone who knows me knows that this is a huge deal for me!! I was so excited!  The pregame party was wonderful, and also rare that all 16 ballgirls were in the same place at the same time.  It was such a  fun night and the victory just made it that much sweeter!!


Becca: Being at the park for playoffs has been so amazing! The atmosphere is incredible and it’s a great way to get pumped for the game whether you are heading into the park or not. There is something for fans of all ages, great music, food and of course, the Ballgirls selling raffles for Phillies Charities. Hoping the Phighting Phils win and come back to Philadelphia for some more block party fun! See you there Phils

Jess: Game 2 was awesome!  It was so much fun dancing on the dug out and seeing Oswalt prove why he was brought here.  Hoping the Phillies will keep it up and win in San Fran

Brittany: NLCS game 2 was a blast!! I was surprised to see how many fans attended the rally, especially for a Sunday night. The city of Philadelphia had the pheeling it would be a great game.  I think that’s why so many of our great phans came out and supported our figthin phillies at the rally! My favorite part about the rally is being able to meet all our the fabulous fans and seeing all of the great Philadelphia spirit.   I can’t wait for the series to come back home and so San Fran what the fightins are really made of!! See ya’ll at Game 6!

Emily: The pep rally for game 2 was so amazing to be a part of.  I had so much fun watching all of the little kids up on the stage during the concert!  It was adorable to see the tiny and yet extremely enthusiastic little Phillies fans.  After the pep rally we got to Green Teaming…we had so much fun because every Ballgirl was there to help out, which is a rare occurrence.  Green Team was great because we were able to keep an eye on the game as we recycled, and the energy in the stadium was unbelievable.  The fans seemed to be extra excited to recycle too…our bags filled up really quickly!  Overall it was another amazing playoff night, especially because we ended on a Phillies win!  Lets hope they keep up the good work!    

Game 2 on Sunday was an all around GREAT day.  I worked the pregame party selling raffle tickets (included action shot of Bonnie and myself) to benefit Phillies Charities while witnessing the excitement of Phillies fans.  I was lucky enough to view the game from the field down the first baseline and it was a great show!  The Phillies were hitting, Roy Oswalt was outstanding, they were the team we’ve been watching all year.  The stadium was so loud it was unbelievable!  Now the Phillies are in a tough spot, but this is where championship teams shine.  I have confidence the Phillies will pull through!

Perrin:  Game 2 was a huge win for the phightins! The night started off with a bang at the block party. We met tons of excited fans eager to avenge our game 1 loss and even up the series. I have to admit when I hit the field I had a few butterflies in my stomach. I forgot just how different the energy of a playoff game looked and felt, but needless to say I was pumped. Kristina and I held down the baselines, but the foul balls were few and far between. The one Cody Ross HR throwback was actually a fake foam ball that someone must have planned to throw back and keep the real ball. Luckily, the Phils produced behind Oswalt’s gem and I am officially 2-0 in the playoffs now spanning from last year. Hopefully our boys can find a way to regain momentum and stay in the series!

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