You gotta have faith.  What a performance by our Fightin Phils!  We played as a team and it was my first full night of sleep all week!  Some of my favorite parts of the game included Jayson Werth throwing out Cody Ross at third, Jayson Werth’s solo home run for some insurance and J Roll managing to get every ball that came his way! (again!)  I watched the game with rookie Bonnie, who was able to keep a cool head throughout the whole game – and was there to celebrate and cheer with me when it was all over.

Tomorrow’s game is another opportunity for us to support Oswalt and show him why we wanted him in Philadelphia so badly.  Jayson Werth mentioned after the game in an interview that tomorrow’s game will be different because it is our field and our fans and we have to live up to that reputation.  Come tomorrow with your rally towels, high energy and most importantly, high hopes!!!

The Phillies ballgirls are beyond proud to say we will be working tomorrow!  The block party starts 3 hours early [since we aren’t totally sure what time it begins] and will be probably the most exciting game you’ve seen to date.  Be there whether you are going to the game or whether you are just supporting the team.   We will be there with plenty of enthusiasm and support for our Phils. 

Patti and Katie will be working the lines tomorrow, be sure to say hello if you are lucky to have tickets to the game!


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